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Nanashi is dead, long live Nanashi! After six years, I no longer had the time and the motivation to run the fanfiction contest. However, some brave soul has decided to take on the task of continuing the tradition, over at: Nanashi 2.0. Please visit and give encouragement!

This site will remain open as an archive.


This site will contain lemons, as well as yaoi and yuri fan fiction in the archive of nominees. If you don't know what yaoi, yuri, or lemons are, you probably shouldn't be here any way. Please don't read the lemons if you're under 18, or, since I can't stop you, you little hentais, if you ARE under 18 and you read the lemons, just don't tell me about it. No flaming of authors, judges, or the webmistress of this site will be tolerated. Gundam Wing belongs to the people it belongs to, not me, not the authors, not the fans, and not the judges no matter how much we might wish it otherwise. Most of us have little or no money, we aren't worth the time it would take to sue.

Website, idea, and layout by KnM 10/2/99. If you actually consider stealing any of this at all, you need a life.

Step inside, enjoy the fics, and please, submit some of your own.