Snog #3

Snog #3: Samba

Word Count: 795
Pairings: Quatre/Hilde
Warnings: Very, very silly.
Notes: The title is in honor of a certain Cowboy Bebop episode...

Hilde meandered up the grassy hill, a small smile on her lips. She was in no hurry for once; day off from work, the house she shared with Duo was clean, and it wasn't her turn to take the dog for a walk. She stopped to pick the dandelions and let the white fuzz from them drift into the wind.

The grass was even softer than she thought it would be. She lay back and sighed contentedly, watching the glimmers of defense satellites dive across the sky. What a lovely evening...

"Ms. Schbeiker?" someone said nearby.

She sat up quickly. There was now a young man with bright blonde hair in front of her. He wore a pink shirt. She squinted, trying to remember where she'd seen him before - his cute face was certainly familiar enough. "You're Duo's friend Quatre, right?"

He smiled brightly. "That is how you know me."

"What's up, then?"

"I've been watching you, Hilde - may I call you that? - since the beginning of the war. And I've come to the conclusion," here, he spread his hands out dramatically, "that you are the woman I've been looking for. You are worthy."

Her jaw dropped. "What?"

"I am not of this planet," he smiled, sadly, "though I sometimes wish I was. No, I was sent here by my people as an emissary. We're in terrible trouble, Hilde, on the brink of being invaded."

Hilde continued to stare at him, open mouthed.

"We made a great and terrible war machine to fight off the threat, but we discovered all too quickly that the only people who are suited to pilot it are humans."

"Woah, woah, wait a sec." Hilde shook her head. "Assuming for just a minute that I actually don't think your crazy, why aren't you giving this cracked speech to Heero? He's the best pilot around."

Quatre shook his head sadly. "The pilot must be female."

"Right. Okay, I know Duo put you up with this, very funny..."

"It's okay. You'll believe me soon enough." Quatre smiled beatifically. There was a massive ripping sound, and immense angel wings sprang from his back. He flapped them a few times, filling the air with dandelion fuzz.

"No fucking way." Hilde said, rubbing her eyes.

"Please, come to me. We must hurry." He held a hand out.

"Oh, what the hell..." she muttered and stood, grabbing his hand. He pulled her tightly against him.

"One moment..." he pulled a small purple container of bubble solution out of his pocket and began to blow a bubble. It grew large and larger, impossibly not popping, until was big enough to fit both of them. He stepped back into it and then pulled her along, somehow not popping it. "Ready?"

She nodded, speechless.

The bubble began to levitate, then shot into the night sky, quickly cutting through the atmosphere. A moment later, they were surrounded by the darkness of space, with the Earth beneath them. The colony chains at their LaGrange points were bright silver arcs overhead. Colors began to flow down the side of the bubble as they gained speed.

"I must confess," Quatre murmured in her ear, his lips brushing, "that there was another reason I chose you. You are the most beautiful human woman I've ever seen."

"What? No - " she didn't get another word out before her covered her lips with his, tangling his hands in her hair. The kiss was like electricity, jolting from head to toe. His tongue traced her lips, and then he pulled away, diving back to kiss down her neck, unbuttoning her shirt at the same time.

Hilde moaned and leaned back against the wall of the bubble, which now felt oddly springy, like a couch. All she could think as deft fingers unhooked her bra and a line of marzipan fruit danced the samba through space next to them, was that certainly explained why he was the only man she'd ever seen in pink...

* * *

"Duo? What's wrong with Hilde?" Heero asked, looking down at her. She was mumbling in her sleep, and?blushing. He bent down for a closer look.

"Hell if I know. I wasn't home most of the day." Duo opened the fridge. "Oh man, I think she drank the last beer."

"Duo, a question. Dr. J gave me some anti-torture measures during the war..."

"Yeah, same here. Enhanced LSD. My doc was nice enough to put it into some marzipan for me."

"Do you still have it?"

"You know what a pack rat I am. I've got it hidden - "

" - in an orange tin with a pink elephant on it?"

Duo stopped, hand in the air. "Yeah. Wait a second. You don't mean..." he looked at his partner, who nodded. "Oh, she's gonna fucking KILL me..."