Snog #2

Snog #2: I'm Sorry

Word Count: 796
Pairings: Wufei/Relena
Warnings: None
Notes: This is a tiny part of a much larger epic I've got sitting in my head. Hopefully it makes enough sense, in a snoggy sort of fashion. ^_^

Wufei paused, the cloth hanging limply from his hand. The metal of the fighter's wing was spotless; the cleaning had been an excuse to get his mind off of his problems.

"Well?" he asked, at length. "What do you need?"

"I don't need anything." She said.

He turned to look at her, straightening the front of his khaki uniform out of habit as he did so. As he'd known from the moment the hanger door opened, it was Relena. He blonde hair had an odd blue sheen in the artificial light. "Oh? Then what brings you in to my domain on such a fine day?" he did his best to keep the bitterness from his voice, but wasn't entirely successful.

Most men didn't take well to having their hearts broken. Warriors liked it even less, probably because it was so hard for them to admit they were capable of feeling in the first place. It had been years since she'd shattered him without even knowing, throwing the letter he'd written back in his face, but the wounds still throbbed like they'd been made yesterday.

"I'm glad I caught you. Sally said that you'd filed a flight plan for today."

"Correct. I have things to do."

"I know." She looked down at her sensible black pumps. "I remember what happened seven years ago."

"Then if you'll excuse me "

"No, wait." The words burst from her in a jumble. "I'd like to go with you, please. You shouldn't have to be alone today."

Those words made his chest hurt, which in turn annoyed him. He threw the cloth down on the floor. "What makes you think I don't want to be alone?"

She took a hesitant step forward. "Please, Wufei."

If he'd spoken right then, he would have cried or screamed. Instead, he nodded, jerking his chin to the rack where the flight suits hung. She knew the routine; it wasn't her first visit to the base, though she'd never come to see him before.

Relena sat as co-pilot when they took off, not looking up from the disabled control panel. In perfect silence, he set the course to LaGrange point five, to where his home had once been.

It was awkward. He shouldn't have given in. That was another peculiarity of warriors and of men - they wanted to mourn alone.

"Is Heero well?" he asked, aware that he should be making some sort of polite conversation.

"I believe so. I haven't seen him in a while."

"Oh. I thought..."

"You and almost everyone else." Her smile was dry. "I did as well, unfortunately. Until he left Earth to join Duo on L2."

"I'm sorry."

She shook her head, her hair a halo around her. "No need to be. I was the fool. It's something I'm quite used to."

Wufei looked at her. There was a suspicious softness to her eyes; tears. "We were comfortable pretending we'd never met, Relena. Why did you come for me today?"

"I had a dream. Of the day you gave me the letter." She said. "I remembered, really remembered, the look on your face. I was too angry before now to admit it to myself."

"I don't know - "

"I was a child, Wufei. A frightened child. Not of you, but of what you were trying to do. I thought you were going to go off and get yourself killed by starting another war." She shook her head, the silver globes of tears flying away from her eyes. "So I tried to get your attention in the only way I knew. Because I was foolish and I forgot that you're as stubborn as I am."

"Relena - "

"Let me finish, damnit!" the curse didn't sound natural. "I was wrong, and I was stupid. And God, Wufei, I'm sorry."

The words were a symphony, an angelic choir. It had to be a dream; and like a man in that dream, Wufei's fingers found his safety harness and unclipped it, the sharp snick unbelievably loud.

Relena had enough time to look up, her eyes wide and startled, before he cupped her face in his hands and took her lips. She tasted of vanilla and the sharp undertone of salt and tears. For a moment, she was held paralyzed and then she surrendered to him, parting her lips. The skin of her neck was like silk under his callused fingertips.

She moaned softly as he pulled away for a moment, still caressing. Wufei smiled as she shivered, curving her neck this way and that.

In the background, the autopilot began to beep, trying to tell him that they would be arriving soon. It could go to the thousands hells, as far as h e was concerned. "I'm sorry too." He whispered, before he lost himself in her again.