Snog #1

Snog #1: Together

Word Count: 797
Pairings: Duo/Wufei
Warnings: Duo's got quite a mouth on him...
Notes: This is a bit odd, but I'm writing a fanfic of my own fanfic. Pathetic, huh? This is written as if in the Atropos/Borealis universe, but should not be considered part of the timeline. I recently started editinng those two stories, and I feel like there's all sorts of UST between Duo and Wufei, so I had to get it out of my system.

At first, I thought that the blinding ache in my head was emitting the high-pitched squealing. Nope, it was the floor, which was also vibrating. The moment I realized that, I wished that it was my head.

Vibration equals movement. Considering I already didn't know where we were, getting moved was only going to make that worse. Fucking hell.

"Are you awake, Duo?" Wufei asked.

"Unfortunately." I had to concentrate on keeping my voice down; I could barely hear myself over my ringing ears.

"Good. Try not to move. I just got the bleeding from your scalp laceration stopped." He touched my forehead, his hand warm.

"Thanks, man." I smiled. "I swear, you spend more time patching me up..."

"I know. That's what I get for being the smart one, I suppose."

I decided to risk opening my eyes. It was dim, and didn't make my head feel worse. Point for me. "Hey now!"

Wufei came into view. He was disheveled and a little dirty, but in better shape than me. "Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps you should save the fighting for when it would do us some good?"

"You're such an asshole." I laughed. "It's a religious thing."

He snorted. "Right."

"Duo's commandment, number eleven: thou shalt kick unholy amounts of ass." I said. "Depending on how you interpret that, I'm required to kick the ass of every vampire I see...because if those buns aren't unholy, I'll eat my own hair."

"I suppose you have a point. Hair eating should be avoided. It's unsanitary."

"I wash it every day, you know." I said, in my most hurt tone. The conversation ground to a halt; we'd apparently used up our daily allotment of banter between this and the fight earlier. "So do you have any idea where we are or where we're going?"

"We're in a transport."

"That's not too bad."

"A colonial transport."


Colonial transport equaled going into space. Double fuck.

"You could definitely say that."

"You think the guys are going to be able to find us?"

"I doubt it." Wufei said.

"I can't currently do anything. No one dead that I can reach. What about your...uh..."

Wufei's mouth quirked into a bitter smile. "Unfortunately, no. This room isn't big enough, and if we're in space I'd rather not breach the hull."

"Good point."

"So we wait." He sounded unhappy.

"Seems like it." I said. Wufei's expression was closed. "What's wrong, man? Other than being in a tiny room on the way to God knows where with God knows what unspeakable tortures in store, that is."

"I don't like waiting." Wufei said. "Waiting is being at someone's side, watching them die."

He seemed so hurt an alone. I couldn't begin to guess what kind of demons he had lurking in his mental closets; if they were anything like mine, he had my sympathy. I grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze, then sat up.

His eyes were lost, and it kind of scared me. "No one's dieing here, Wu. We're both badass motherfuckers, and we're going to make it out fine. You'll watch my back, I'll watch yours. We're together."

I don't know what was behind what I did next. Maybe it was the pain and loss I knew we shared. Maybe it was just because the darkness of his eyes, the hair that hung in dark lines across his high cheeks, was just too sexy for words. Maybe it was because I'd wanted to do it ever since he'd gone into the woods with me, when we almost died. I kissed him, pressing him back until he was laying on the floor with me on top of him.

I don't know what the bigger shock was; that he didn't try to kill me or that he just gave in so easily, fiercely. His tongue traced my lips, sending shivers down my spine as I pulled his hair completely out of its ponytail. He arched his back when my lips traced the heated curve of his neck, and he clawed my shirt out from my pants, his fingers tracing warm lines up my spine until I wanted to purr. I brought my lips to his again, reaching for the waistband of his pants...

Footsteps. Motherfuck!

We rolled away from each other and pretended to be asleep like it was a well thought out plan. A door on the other side of the room opened, admitting a long line of light.

"Come out, boys, I know you're awake." Hissed an all too familiar voice.

Wufei was on his feet first, offering me a hand up. He didn't let go, instead weaving his fingers in mine. "Remember your own words, Maxwell." He said. "No one is dieing here."

I nodded. "We're together."