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Lookee! My fics got an award! :)

Series Fiction

Acherontia Atropos
An alternate reality fanfic, belonging in the Shadow World. Duo's world is turned violently upside-down one day when he finds that the supernatural element of the world is alive and well, and vampires are hunting at his school. Sucky description not withstanding, a lot of people have said they liked this one. ^_^(Yaoi, Violence, Bad Language, Blood Sucking) [15 parts, now complete]

Pyractomena Borealis
An alternate reality fanfic, belonging in the Shadow World. It is the sequel to Acherontia Atropos. Six months after the end of Atropos, the supernatural once again inserts itself roughly into the lives of the pilots, this time in the form of the Master of Tokyo. (Yaoi, Violence, Bad Language, Blood Sucking, Spontaneous Combustion) [23 parts, now complete]

Anax Tristis
Alternate reality fanfic, sequel to Pyractomena Borealis. After the events of Borealis, the boys are split up between three cities. Duo and Wufei, remaining in Tokyo, become involved in investigating a bizarre series of murders that seem to center around supernatural creatures. Even as they prepare for a mission and work on stalking the killer, the killer might be stalking them in turn... (Yaoi, violence, bad language, etc.) [16 parts, now complete]

One Shots/Shorts

8th of November (07/31/06)
AU Vietnam War setting. Wufei deals with the aftermath of an ambush and his emotional turmoil. 2nd place winner in the 2006 Anime Banzai fanfiction contest.

Dialogues (02/15/06)
Duo x Wufei, 1 Sentence challenge.

Swallows It Down With His Tears (02/06/06)
Written for GW500. Vietnam war setting; this eventually became 1/3 of 8th of November.

I Want to Breathe (01/31/06)
Written for GW500. Quatre fic bit.

Wishing to Soar (01/31/06)
Written for GW500. A shortfic about Noin's childhood dream.

Dropped in the Jungle (01/23/06)
Written for GW500. Vietnam war setting; this eventually became 1/3 of 8th of November.

Never Again (01/18/06)
Written for GW500. Duo slept with a married man...

Floating (01/18/06)
Written for GW500. Long had she adored him from afar...

The Only Thing Better Than a Man in Uniform (01/09/06)
Written for GW500. 2x5 silliness.

Letters From Home (01/09/06)
Written for GW500. Before the events of Endless Waltz, Wufei receives letters from his friends.

Prison Break (12/15/05)
Written for GW500, but I got a bit overzealous and ran way over on word count. Duo and Heero escape from a prison in the middle of winter.

Stealing the Tree(07/04/05)
A story of Duo Maxwell's Childhood.

An Explanation(02/03/05)
Written for GW500. Duo explains his predicament to an office of the law.

Getting the Hell Out of Dodge (02/17/05)
Written for GW500. They always said they'd love me forever. What they really meant was it was time for me to get the hell out of Dodge.

The Devil's Triangle (03/01/05)
Written for GW500. Even the God of Death needs a vacation sometimes.

Talking With God (07/21/03)
I've never seen a miracle, but I've seen a lot of dead people...
This fic won 1st place in the Anime Fest 2004 fanfiction contest!

Breathe (09/24/03)
This is my first real Wufei/Duo romance, and I'm very pleased with it. This story was written for the Amazing Kiss Songfic Contest, where it won second place. It's not a songfic, though, I swear!
It also won Best Drama in the 2005 Destati Fanfiction contest.

Snogs (12/05/02)
These six little mini-fics were written for 101 Ways to Snog En Route to a Colony. See the webpage for more details and rules. I'm very happy with how they turned out for such a severe word limit. I'm also very enthused about the project and glad that I got in on it during the early stages. So please, visit the project and enjoy all of the snogs!
Together | I'm Sorry | Samba | Waiting | Sparring Session | Sugar or Plain

Stigmata (05/15/01)
Things are not always as they appear to be...

Butteflies of Light (11/21/00)
An experiment on my part. Good luck.
2001 Best Drama award from Nanashi: The Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest

East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Rewritten 10/11/01)
East of the Sun and West of the Moon is one of my favorite fairy tales. See me murder it, Gundam Wing style. (Yaoi, Slightly Fluffy)
2001 Best Faery Tale award from Nanashi: The Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest
This fic got reviewed by Slap to the Head. Check it out!

In Sickness and In Health (Rewritten 7/12/01)
I can't really describe this story except to say that it's the hardest, most difficult thing I have ever written--my testimony that the world is never fair using Gundam Wing as a vehicle. (Shounen Ai, Severely Depressing)
1999 Best Drama/Angst award from Nanashi: The Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest
Heavyarms Prize for Fiction skill from Second Dance
Annie wrote a French translation of my story! (WAI!) [DOC format only]

Falling Reflections (10/12/99)
A little's...well...yeah. Just read it and let me know if you figure it out, because I have NO idea. (God only knows)

Beautiful: Hate (10/18/99)
A short vignette, written in first person present tense, similar to Falling Reflections. Can you tell who's viewpoint it's from? :) (NON-yaoi *gasp*)

Night Walker (11/2/99)
A little short fic that I wrote in honor of Halloween. A bit different from what I normally write, I'll admit, as far as subject goes. This is written in first person present like Falling Reflections and Beautiful: Hate.

Song/Video Fiction

Gee...ever get the impression that I'm slightly obsessive about musice? That maybe, just maybe, I write too many song/ ^^;;;;

I-25 Will Never Be the Same (10/24/99)
Just a little something I wrote up to "Bad Habit" by Offspring. (Bad language warning, weird!)
Sinian has written a German translation of this story!

Angels Would Fall (10/6/99)
Heero, man, this is for you! (Angst, Unadulterated Sap, Yaoi)
Sinian has written a German translation of this story!

hurt (9/29/99)
A Trowa-centered fic. Song fic forthcoming, slowly. [Video clip fic done to "hurt" by Nine Inch Nails] (Yaoi, Non-consensual and Consensual Sex With No Details, Extreme Angst, Disturbing)

The Full Gundam Part 1: The Seduction of Duo (10/5/99)
Part one of the full Gundam. Heero shows Duo the meaning of "Rough Love." ^^ [vidclip fic done to "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Tom Jones] (Yaoi, Weird, Tasteless, Lotsa Leather, Falling Pastry, Spontaneous Combustion)
Woohoo! This vidfic inspired sb to draw two piccies!!! WHOOO! These are piccies of Bondage Heero(tm). You have been warned. Piccy 1 and Piccy 2 Wai! Thank you, sb!

The Full Gundam Part 2: The Seduction of Trowa (9/28/99)
A sick little fic I did for a three part vidfic series to music from "The Full Monty," whence the name. ^^ Quatre will stop at nothing to get into Trowa's pants. [Video clip fic done to "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate] (Yaoi, Weird, Tasteless)

Zutto Kimi no Soba de (9/28/99)
This is the first 2x3 anything that I've written. The song is in Japanese, but I attempted to do a translation of it, which sucks, but you get the general idea. [Video clip fic done to "Zutto Kimi no Soba de" by the Oystars] (Yaoi, Angst, Bad Translation)

Gundam Las Vegas (9/13/99)
The Gundam boys head out to Sin City for several nights on the town! [Video clip fic done to "It's a Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base] (Yaoi, Weird, Complete Fluff, and...uh...WEIRD)
Sinian has written a German translation of this story!

I Can See Clearly Now (9/1/99)
See??? I TOLD YOU that Relena lives in her own little world! [Video Clip fic done to "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash] (Yaoi, Violence, Yuck Factor, Complete Fluff)

Let My Love Open the Door (9/1/99)
Video clip fic to the tune of "Let My Love Open the Door" by Pete Townshend. My little view of Duo and Heero's relationship. (Yaoi, Extreme Mush Factor)

The Ocean Songfic Trilogy
A series of three songfics about what happens to the Gundam Boys in the ten years after the war...and about the boys finding out who they are. Is the ending good or bad? You decide. (Angst, mush, angst, more mush, and yaoi)
Yundah (9/8/99) | Swim (9/8/99) | All Soul's Night (9/17/99)
Guess what! This story won the 1999 Best Poetic award from Nanashi: The Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest. It also got an honorable mention for Best Drama/Angst!


All of these songs were written for or inspired by Gundam Wing. There are no names named, and with a few exceptions, no real details given on the people that the songs are about, because I felt that the audience should draw their own conclusions on who the song is about. I will say, however, that I am a huge Yaoi fan (can't you tell?) so the pairings in the songs will most likely be male/male. If you want to know who I was thinking about for a specific song, feel free to e-mail me and ask. ^_^Also, I've had a couple requests like this, so I'll come out and say it: feel free to pillage at will, as long as you give me credit and a link to my main site, If you want to write a songfic or a video clip fic to one, please do! Just send me a copy when you're done so I can archive it on this page along with the songs! :) There IS one exception to this rule: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OR USE "DROWNING IN SILENCE"!! Drowning in Silence was my wedding present to my most favorite cousin on earth, Ashley, and thus, it belongs to her and her husband, and if you want to use it, you have to ask them. ^^
Silence (8/13/99)
Not actually a song, this is the one and only poem that I wrote for this series. ^^

Angel of Death (8/14/99)
The first song I ever wrote. Gee, I wonder who it could be about? ^^

Fill Me Up (8/17/99)

Drowning in Silence (8/18/99)
As I said above, please do not take/use this song. It belongs to my cousin and her husband, since I did give it to them for their wedding present. I asked their permission to put it up on this page. ^^

Little Child Lost (8/19/99)

Touch the Moon (8/20/99)
My first real love song. :) It's mushy. Dear god is it mushy.

The Coming Storm (8/27/99)
This is perhaps the song I'm proudest of, and my favorite out of all of them.
Miyomi wrote a Video Clip Fic to this song! WAI!! [DOC only]


Here's all the stuff that didn't really fit into the other categories.

How To Pill a Gundam Pilot (6/14/01)
This is an answer to a challenge that someone put forth, which dealt with writing a story about Heero trying to give Duo a pill. They didn't get quite what they'd expected, I think. Yes, I need professional help. Why do you ask?

Self-Destructo Boy (11/02/00)
My newest filk, a charming little piece sung to the tune of "American Pie" by Don Mclean.

Fifty Ways to Kill Relena (9/30/99)
A little filk I wrote to "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" which is by Paul Simon, if I remember right. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This was all Darkchylde's idea. ^^ (Silly, Relena Bashing)

Bath House Riot
I will some day get around to writing an entire fic about the events described in this little filk. ^^ This is the second time I've filked "Zoot Suit Riot." I guess the Cherry Poppin' Daddies did something in a previous life that pissed me of. ^^ Note: This is not a completely faithful filk; I added an extra stanza, because dangit, the original song is just too short! (Silly, Everybody finds out)

My Duo's Eyes (10/23/99)
A little filk I wrote to "My Lady's Eyes" which is a song from the "Last Herald Mage" series by Mercedes Lackey. (Utter drivel, silly)


Here's all the stuff that didn't really fit into the other categories.

Chang Wufei, Sensitive, New-Age Kind of Guy
This is actually not fan's a rant I wrote on the common misconception that Wufei is a jerk. He is anything but...and here are my reasons why...(Ranty, Bad Psychobabble)

Wow, Is Trowa Messed Up Or What?
Another character oriented rant, this one about Trowa. (Ranty, more bad psychobabble)

Gundam Wing Observations (10/15/99)
I finally watched Gundam Wing completely through, start to finish, in order. Here are a few of my notes...I took 40+ pages (handwritten) ;)

My Final Word on Pairings (10/15/99)
Another part of my Gundam Wing notes...this is my final estimation on the possible pairings of Gundam Wing. Note, this is only MY opinion, not anyone else's, if I diss your favorite pairing, please don't whine at me. Note that this will be reflected in my writing...I don't do unrealistic pairings unless it's for parody purposes or a dare. ;)

The Relena Death List (10/15/99)
Yet another product of my Gundam Wing notes. A bunch of us Relena haters watched the series and came up with this...the many deaths of Relena. We will be adding to it when we go through the series again. Please do not read it if you intend to take it seriously; this is the result of our sick sense of humor. Severely Relena bashing. Flames will be laughed at.