Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Duo x Wufei
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: NC-17 for a couple smexy sentences.
Notes: I'm much happier with this set, though I think that it still needs a great deal of work. Some if it's rather too contrived.

Written for 1 Sentence.

#01 - Ring
"It's not an engagement," Wufei said gruffly, looking at the gravel beneath their feet, the clear blue sky, anything but the painful intensity of Duo's eyes that reflect the simple gold band, "Men don't marry each other, so think of it as a promise."

#02 - Hero
"We're not heroes, Wufei, we never were - what we promise means nothing, and no one will ever fucking thank us for it!" Duo shouted, flinging the empty vodka bottle to shatter on the pale concrete walkway.

#03 - Memory
Wufei reached out to touch one flower's petals gently, trying to find a way to answer Duo's question, and said, "She was a true hero, I think - with the sun and the flowers and all these tears, how can I not honor her memory?"

#04 - Box
"I'll bury you in a coffin made of your goddamn honor," Duo said, pressing his forehead against the cool glass window of the hospital room's door, the antiseptic stench stinging his already watering eyes.

#05 - Run
"And I'll tie your shoelaces together, if that's the only way to stop you from running," Wufei replied, the unfamiliar feel of a gentle smile on his lips as he squeezed Duo's hand.

#06 - Hurricane
Duo stared at the drink he'd ordered, feeling nothing but revulsion for it, himself, and everything, and said, "I think I can't stop because it's like I'm caught in this never ending gale, this hurricane, and if I can just fight my way to the eye, I'll be okay."

#07 - Wings
"You can fly through any storm, Duo, weather any disaster, because I believe in you," Wufei whispered to the sleeping young man; he wished that hope could be woven into something as tangible as wings.

#08 - Cold
Duo grinned, the words hissing out between chattering teeth, "Hell of a thing, ain't it - we make it through two fucking wars and here we are, freezing to death because we were too damn stupid to admit we were lost."

#09 - Red
"I am not lost!" Wufei shouted, aiming a punch straight at Duo's grin - the only thing he could see in a red-clouded world.

#10 - Drink
"Okay, Wufei, I think you've really had enough to drink," Duo said, dodging the young man's badly aimed grope, "when you're so drunk that you forget you're straight, it's time to call it a night."

#11 - Midnight
Wufei stared at the clock - it was two minutes to midnight on the longest night of his year, and it felt like an eternity had passed since the hands last moved - and said, "That has nothing to do with it, Duo, and you know it."

#12 - Temptation
"Hey, man, I'm not a god, you can't expect me to resist temptation forever," Duo replied, his smile as unrepentant as only Duo could manage, a can of whipped cream still in his hand.

#13 - View
"You're the one that always talks about being the God of Death," Wufei observed, looking out the window, but watching Duo's reflection rather than the view, "So you tell me."

#14 - Music
"It's like music, all this death and destruction," Duo answered, listening to the crackle of the campfire with a half curious ear, "it's almost beautiful, in its own way, and I don't know if I'm normal or quite sane to think that way."

#15 - Silk
Wufei went though the form with his eyes closed, concentrating on the flow of movement and the whisper of silk against his skin, doing his best to forget the hungry look in Duo's eyes when they had last spoken.

#16 - Cover
"Um, buddy, you might want to cover that up," Duo said, pointed in the general direction of Wufei's pants while pretending not to look, covering his amusement at Wufei's curses with a fit of coughing.

#17 - Promise
"Promise that you won't tell anyone," Wufei whispered, squeezing Duo's hands tightly as another thrust filled him, spilling over into a soft, low moan.

#18 - Dream
Duo's hand tightened as he stroked himself faster, harder, imagining an open mouth and a cloud of unbound black hair, even as angry tears spilled down his cheeks; he growled, "Fuck you, you stupid bastard, I won't let you destroy my only dream."

#19 - Candle
His hand shook as he lit the candle, the flame trembling, and he murmured, the words automatic, "I'm sorry, Duo, I didn't know you felt that way," as he fought to absorb the implications of what Duo had just admitted.

#20 - Talent
"You know, you have a real talent for destroying that which you love," Duo snapped, regretting the words the moment they left his mouth and he saw the stricken look on Wufei's face.

#21 - Silence
Wufei wished that his silence could be a thing of eloquent disdain, a way to shame Duo into apologizing, but the truth was that the man's words struck him like blows, scattering all thoughts of language from his mind.

#22 - Journey
"Just shut up," Duo growled and kissed him again, drinking in Wufei's heat, the warmth and sweetness of his mouth oases water at the end of a desert journey.

#23 - Fire
"Please... don't stop," Wufei moaning, lust finally winning over discipline and propriety, battering down all his fears as Duo's hands moved across his body like tongues of fire.

#24 - Strength
Every motion Wufei made was his invitation; Duo lost himself in rhythm, pounding against Wufei as he held him down with all his strength.

#25 - Mask
Wufei shook his head, hoping his mask of neutrality was staying in place, "Last night... I don't know what you're talking about."

#26 - Ice
"Right," Duo said, his eyes narrowing, their color uncomfortably close to arctic ice; there was no warning before his fist lashed out and connected solidly with Wufei's jaw.

#27 - Fall
Wufei didn't fight the fall, tumbling down the snow-covered embankment until he finally struck a clump of coarse bushes at the bottom; he'd almost forgotten how good it felt to fall, even if the crash at the end was agony.

#28 - Forgotten
Duo shook his head, staring down into his drink so that he wouldn't have to meet Wufei's eyes, and said flatly, "Fuck you, you don't understand a thing... you don't know what it's like to be forgotten."

#29 - Dance
"I never forgot," Wufei said, watching a red maple leaf dance across the ground, vivid against the dark, artificial grass, "I was... too afraid to admit that I remembered."

#30 - Body
"Maybe you body remembers this," Duo murmured in Wufei's ear, then nipped at the soft skin of his neck as he slid his hands down Wufei's pants, wrapping his fingers around the throbbing erection he found there.

#31 - Sacred
Duo had once said that he didn't think sex was sacred unless you were fucking in a church, but as Wufei listened to the slow tide of Duo's breath, the flutter of his heartbeat under his cheek, he knew that it must have been a joke.

#32 - Farewells
"Too bad," he said, moving to stand in Wufei's path again, "because I haven't said my farewells.

#33 - World
"What is it like, this world you live in?" Wufei sputtered, his calm shattered by the frustration of trying to figure out what it was Duo really wanted.

#34 - Formal
The formal Mandarin words felt strange on, but he stumbled through them as best he could, trying not to notice how close his horrible pronunciation had Wufei to laughter, "I wish for a life with hope..."

#35 - Fever
Anger and shame heated his face, washing over him in a fevered wave as he hastily put on his pants, the violence of his motions tearing one of the seams in two; he had expected many reactions from Duo when he'd mistakenly used the word 'love,' but laughter hadn't been one of them.

#36 - Laugh
"I don't mean to laugh so much, Wu," Duo said, picking up a stone and sent it skipping across the calm lake surface, pausing until it had sunk under the water with a final plink, "it's just, when you grow up on the streets, you learn to laugh so that no one knows you're scared."

#37 - Lies
Wufei shook his head even though Duo couldn't see him and spat out, "I've had enough of your lies," before he slammed the phone receiver down, sending shards of white plastic skittering across his desk.

#38 - Forever
"You know me - I may run, and I may hide, but I never lie," Duo said, leaving it at that; those words were his forever, his only truth.

#39 - Overwhelmed
The words overwhelmed him, as did the hesitant touched that followed; Wufei reached out and grabbed Duo's shirt, the fabric bunching between his fingers, and held on as tightly as he could.

#40 - Whisper
Duo pulled Wufei into his arms, resting his cheek on the man's silky hair and listening to his peaceful breathing, like a whisper of prayer for happiness.

#41 - Wait
"I don't think we should wait, Duo," Wufei said, looking up from his book with a raised eyebrow, "when we've already delayed enough with your excuses."

#42 - Talk
Hey, let's talk it out, let's not be hasty," Duo said, grabbing Wufei's shoulders, his grip tightening when Wufei didn't stop walking, "If you rush headlong into this, you'll get yourself killed."

#43 - Search
"This isn't the war," Wufei growled, searching for a spark of strength and anger to help him push Duo away; he was enjoying the touch far too much.

#44 - Hope
"No shit," Duo rolled his eyes, grabbing a piece of candy out of the half finished bag in his lap and flinging it at Wufei, "today we have hope - and cookies."

#45 - Eclipse
Wufei sighed, looking back out the window at the blood red lunar eclipse, an uncomfortable reminder of Operation Meteor, and said, "I don't understand you, Maxwell - go or stay, fight or run, you never take a stand on anything."

#46 - Gravity
"This is where I stand, Wufei, and I won't be moved," Duo said, his tone one of uncharacteristic gravity; he took Wufei's hands in his and softly kissed him on the lips.

#47 - Highway
Wufei enjoyed the kiss, his eyes half shut, and his smile took on a smug quality as Duo's hands fumbled at his pants; all he could think of was the song that Duo had made him listen to recently - 'Highway to Hell' - maybe that was what they were on too.

#48 - Unknown
"Hell is just a big unknown," Duo said, pulling Wufei's hair loose from its ponytail, "I've been there, and it can't hurt you unless you're scared."

#49 - Lock
"I'm never afraid," Wufei stated flatly, feeling at the locks on his manacles again; he was simply glad that it was dark enough that the other pilot, this Maxwell, wouldn't be able to see his hands shake.

#50 - Breathe
"I'm glad - I'm not afraid any more, either," Duo said, and slipped a ring of his own into Wufei's hand; the pain and pleasure of this hope tightened his chest until he could hardly breathe.