Pyractomena Borealis


Warning: Story contains shounen ai, Bad language, violence, and pretty much everything deemed as "unwholesome" by Focus on the Family. (My Arch Nemesis...) If you are easily offended, do not read. Also, extra warning is attached to this due to the "YUCK!" factor during some scenes. This is an AU, split off from the TV series at some indeterminate point, and should be treated as such. Many thanks to Laurel K. Hamilton for writing the Anita Blake novels, which inspired much of this and are occassionally borrowed from.

"Every new installment is another gem..."

"Your rendition of his [Duo's] voice has all the sarcastic-cheer-in-the-face-of-horrible-danger-ness that makes him so charming in the tv series. Cheerful tragedy. Makes me laugh and breaks my heart."

" was freaky in a supernatural way..."
--Heero no Miko

::imitates Angelic Layer's Icchan nyoro nyoro wave:: Good good good good good.

|| The Story ||

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|| Fanart ||
By: Kristen
Chibi Shinigami | Shinigami

By: Teri
Chibi Gundam Boys, a la Borealis

|| The Name ||

Borealis So What IS Pyractomena Borealis Anyway? Borealis

Pyractomena borealis is what is commonly named a firefly. ^_^ Yep, the wonderful little bugs with butts that glow. They can be found in many places in the world, including (you guessed it) Japan.

Lloyd's Fla Ent 6-97
Some pictures and commentary.

Picture of firefly sex. Can't get better than this. :P

Greatest Bioluminescence
Interesting stuff about glowy bugs.