Title: Songs at Midnight

Author: Stacey-Marie

Warnings: bit of angst and oddness….

Disclaimers: Gundam Wing and all of it’s characters, mecha and other miscellaneous stuff isn’t mine so don’t sue me because you have a better chance of finding a live cabbit in my room than something of value.

Note: I actually wrote this while trying to come up with an idea for my English class…so it’s odd…was thinking about Poe’s "the Raven"…once upon a midnight dreary, while i…..

Songs at Midnight

In the seas of midnight

I floated through an endless song

The stars, they dance

And mirror my tears

In bits of metal, flashing bright

I can see dead souls this night

Darkness closing

I pray this war will not last long

For innocent blood ebbs and flows

Like seas in the clouds of midnight

Through the clashing swords of light

A hail of bullets sings its song

Madness flows through one’s mind

As blood claims another’s thoughts

The fire of a friend burns bright

And quickly one mind is cleaned

Darker shades of blood run

For the last warrior

Revenge is won through darkness

With last glimpses of the sea


some notes: this takes place in that ep where Quatre is off on the ZERO-System. The first stanza is Trowa’s Pov, after he’s blown up and just floating there. the second one talks about Quatere and Heero fighting and the last lines are about when Heero passes out. Any questions?…