Last updated/changed: 02/23/01


  1. Before submitting a story, READ ALL RULES. Any story that does not comply with the rules will be deleted.

  2. Stories may be nominated by anyone.

  3. Any given author may only have three (3) stories per category.

  4. A given story may compete in a maximum of three (3) categories.

  5. No person may nominate more than ten (10) stories total (their own or other people's), for the sake of the webmaster's sanity. Any nominations beyond the tenth will be ignored.

  6. There is a cap of sixty (60) stories per category. Slots in a category will be decided by the order in which nominations are received. If a story is removed from a category for any reason, the next nomination in line will take its place.

  7. The minimum requirement when nominating is: Name of fic, name of author, name of nominator (if different), e-mail address of author, e-mail address of nominator (if different), category, and URL/text file of the fic. If any one of these is missing, I will delete the nomination e-mail.

  8. A previously nominated story may not be nominated again.

  9. No judge will be given a category that they have a story in.

  10. Only text files (*.txt) or html files (*.htm, *.html) are acceptable as nominations. DO NOT paste the story into the e-mail and send it to me to turn into a text file! Any entries I receive that are like that will be deleted.

  11. If a link is given for a story, the link must be DIRECT or the entry will be deleted. No links to someone's fanfiction index. No links to someone's archive.

  12. No incomplete multipart stories will be accepted. Just hold on to it until you finish it--there is always next year. It's very difficult for judges to evaluate a story that's only half done.

  13. If the fic contains Lemon scenes, you must tell me. Fics containing lemon will be marked with a [Lemon]. No judge under the age of 18 will be given a category that contains lemon stories, because Katsu believes in covering her butt.

  14. There must be at least four nominations in a category for it to be run.

  15. Once a nomination is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the author. If the confirmation e-mail bounces, the e-mail address given on the nomination will be considered bad, and the nomination will be deleted.

  16. Nominees have the right to deny nomination of one or all of their works for any reason.

  17. If a story is deemed to be in an inappropriate category by two or more judges performing screening on nominations, it will be removed from the offending category.

  18. When posting stories on the nominee page, title, author, and name of the person that submitted the fic if that person is someone other than the author. Unless specifically requested to do otherwise by the author, I will not post e-mail addresses.

  19. All corrections or alterations to the nominee list must be in to the webmaster by the contest deadline. The html for the nominee list will not be altered in any way after the deadline.

  20. Any stories by the contest supervisor [Katsu] cannot be nominated.

  21. There is a zero tolerance policy regard plagiarism. If an entry is plagiarizing from another story, it will be removed and the offending author will be permanently banned from the contest.
    Clarification: Stories known as "Fusions" - attempts to meld GW and some other story line, be it TV, movie, or written - are not excepted from this rule. A story line may be followed closely without being copied exactly. In fusions, an absolute maximum of five occurences of of text (either dialogue or prose) from the original story will be allowed. Large blocks of copied text or passages in which only the names and a few small details have been altered will be considered plagiarized and acted upon accordingly.

  22. The decision of the judges is FINAL. No whining at or flaming of the judges will be tolerated! No whining at or flaming of the founder of Nanashi will be tolerated! Keep in mind that all judges, and the founder, are volunteers, and that they have more constructive things they could have been doing with their time, and if you don't like it, then too bad.


  1. In most categories, the winner will be decided by the average score that comes from the score that each of the judges gives.

  2. In order for scoring to be completed on a given category, at least three (3) judges must have reported in.

  3. The major award of the contest, Best Overall, will be selected from the top 10% (rounded up) of scoring stories of the contest. Once all categories have reported in, the scores will be examined. The highest scoring stories will be placed into the Overall category, and each judge will be given three votes to cast on those entries as they see fit. A judge may not cast votes in that category if they have a story in it.

  4. Stories will be scored by the following criteria:
    • Grammar and Spelling: 15%
    • Flow: 20%
    • Characterization: 25%
    • Interest: 10%
    • Gut Reaction: 30%
    Also: Music Fics and Video fics will be judged on use of lyrics and comedy will be judged on weirdness/insanity.
    Non-fiction Criteria is as follows:
    • Grammar and Spelling: 20%
    • Coherency: 20%
    • Accuracy: 20%
    • Quality of argument: 20%
    • Gut/Entertainment Factor: 20%

  5. All scoring will be recorded on an Excel spreadsheet, which will be kept by the webmaster for records purposes.

  6. All scoring by judges is anonymous; only the webmaster has access to judge/category listings and all scores.

  7. Winning story will be determined by highest average. If two or more stories have the same score, they will all be considered winners.

  8. Honorable mentions are stories that fall with in five tenths of a point (.5) of the winning story.

  1. Please make sure that the work is nice and neat before submitting it. So no strange inserted characters, no missing punctuation due to web browser errors, and if you send text files, put in line breaks so that the judges don't have to scroll back and forth to read. Also, it's in your best interest to make sure that your story has been proofread.

  2. Before you nominate something, make sure to check the nomination list to see if the fic has already been nominated for the category you are sending it in for, has hit the limit of categories, has been nominated in a previous year, or if the author has already reached their limit in that category.

  3. Since the number of categories a story may be nominated in is limited, make certain that it is appropriate to the category you wish to nominate it to.


NOTE: This set of rules is by no means final and will be subject to change and modification with no warning when necessary!

Crappy HTML done by Katsu no Miko 10/2/99.

If you are actually considering stealing any of this, either the concept, the name, or the html, you need a life.