I don't remember how to do self-mailing CGI forms at the moment, so you'll have to do this the old fashioned way and just send it to me for now. Gomen! Please send all entries/queries to Katsu no Miko. I will reply and put the entry up on the web page as quickly as possible. Just remember...You can submit your fics, as well as those belonging to others, and I only accept text files (with text wrap) or html files.

To submit a fic, send the following information to katsu@katsudon.net:
Name of Fic (required)
Name/Handle of Author (required)
E-mail Address of Author (required)
Name of Nominator (if different from author)
E-mail Address of Nominator (if different from author)
Category (if you are submitting the fic for multiple categories, list all that you wish it to compete in)
URL of fic (if applicable)

Read the rules carefully before submitting. If what you send me does not comply with all of the rules, I will simply delete it without informing you. This applies to all rules, including the one that states you must warn me if it's a lemon.

If you don't have a URL for the fic, attach the text or html file to the e-mail that you're sending to me. The e-mail addresses are purely for my records. I will not post them on any of the pages unless specifically asked to do otherwise. If you are giving me a URL for the fic, I will be simply linking directly to the fic unless asked to do otherwise by the author.

And that's that! It's simple, ne? As soon as I get the submission and have a spare moment, I will put it on the page and notify the author (if nominator and author are two different people.)

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


Crappy HTML done by Katsu no Miko 10/2/99.

If you are actually considering stealing any of this, either the concept, the name, or the html, you need a life.