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Other Fanfiction Contests (GW)

The Bad Sex Contest
Giving out awards for bad sex! I love contests like this.

Baisuke Fanfiction Contest
A multi-category fanfiction contest, named after a plush tiger.

Before the Beginning
Challenge for fics that are set before the first episode of the series. Closed for this year, will hopefully be back next year!

Devil With an Angel's Face
For fics that involve either Duo or Quatre being EVIL! Now in its fifth year.

Gundam Wing Addiction Contest

See rules under the FAQ section.

GW Menage a Trois
Challenge contest for wonderful smut that involve Trowa and two others of your choice. OTP Novella Challenge
A multi-fandom contest where you get 7 months to write a minimum of 25,000 words!

Hana Hide Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfic Contest

Another theme contest; one of the characters must be a gang member.


The original 1x2/2x1 contest, still going strong!

A Little Piece of Gundam Wing
An absolutely wonderful contest.

Moments of Rapture
A very cool theme contest/challenge.


The latest incarnation of Death and Passion. The contest is closed for this year.

SDDI Contests
A twice-monthly contest run by the Society for the Defense of Duo's Intelligence. Stories must feature a smart/witty Duo, and each contest has a particular theme. This link is not direct--it takes you to Gundam Wing Addiction, where you can get to the SDDI page.

Yaoiful Yuletide Contest

Just what it sounds like - opening soon and running through the beginning to the year!

Other Fanfiction Contests (Non GW)

A-ano~ is the Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction contest, which inspired this contest. The creator of it, Ritz, was extremely helpful to me when I was setting this contest up. Arigatou, Ritz!

Rurouni Kenshin Reader's Choice Fanfiction Awards
Yearly awards for Rurouni Kenshin fics!

A Digimon fanfic contest

The Fucked In the Head Contest
Created and run by the one and only Talya Firedancer! Please go to the site and read the story requirements - it's a fun one! (No restriction on fandoms.)

Terror Unknown
A multi-fandom contest for horror and other evil stuff.

Anime Conventions With Fanfiction Contests


Anime Fest
Great contest! I entered in this one myself this year ('01). Well run, and cool enough, one of the few convention run contests that allows multiple story entries from the same author.

Anime North

Nan Desu Kan
AKA "The con that ate my life." This is the Colorado anime convention, which I was somehow insane enough to volunteer to be staff for. Awesome fanfiction panels.

Sakura Con

Yaoi Con
Yaoi fanfiction only, of course. ~.^


Yahoo Groups
First Onelist was eaten by E-groups. Then E-groups was eaten by Yahoo. Still, there are quite a few good GW/Yaoi Fanfic/Non-yaoi Fanfic mailing lists can be found here.

Anime Web Turnpike
All things anime may be found here, most notably many good GW links. ;)

Terrorist Reviews
A website that specializes in reviewing Gundam Wing websites. They gave me a nice review, so I like them. ^.^

I'm attempting to gather a comprehensive list of fanfic contests. If I've missed one, let me know! Please give me the URL, tell me what series it's for, and if it's a yearly, a one-shot, or apparently defunct. Thanks!


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