Best Comedy/Insane
This is the category for weird and funny fics. Basically, the one that makes the judges laugh the hardest will win. Self insertions are allowed, but try not to make it too blatant. Songifcs/vidclip fics are also acceptable...heck, anything OTHER than lemon is acceptable, as long as it's funny.

Best Cross Over
A cross over is a fic where characters from two or more different and completely unrelated anime (or TV, for that matter) series end up interacting. For the purposes of this contest, the fics should be mostly Gundam Wing, or the Gundam Wing should have at least equal time with the other series in the crossover. Fusions are also considered to be crossovers.

Best Drama
A fic that focuses on the dramatic. Good dramatic stories have bits of comedy for relief, and while they are dramatic, they are not dark, depressing, "everyone and their dog DIES" stories. If you think in terms of Shakespeare's plays, I would count "Henry V" as drama.

Best Tragedy
A category for the dark and depressing; for angst fics, deathfics, torture fics...the list goes on. If you think in terms of Shakespeare's plays, this would be "Hamlet."

Best Horror
A category for horror and suspense. Only scary things need apply. Stephen King, eat your heart out!

Best Music Fic
A category for songfics, which are fics that have the words to a song interspersed in it. It's a good idea to make sure that the song relates well to the fic.

Best Poetic
A category for vignettes, monologues, etc. Anything...well...poetic. ^^

Best Alternate Universe Fic
Alternate Universe fics are stories taking place on a timeline that is either significantly different or completely removed from the actual Gundam Wing timeline, while the characters remain fairly true and in character.

Best Romance
Can be a multi-part, can be a one-shot, can be a music fic...can be a comedy, can be an angst fic, just so long as the main focus of the story is romantic in nature, not blatantly sexual. Limes are acceptable, lemons if they are part of a larger overall story. No PWPs, please.

Best Lemon
Ok, all you hentais, here it is, the best lemon category. Lemons are stories with graphic sexual content, also called "PWP" which stands for "Plot? What Plot?"

Best Non-Yaoi
I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, most of the Gundam Wing fanfiction out there is Yaoi, or featuring male/male relationships. So I thought I should give the numerically disadvantaged "other camp" (where the pilots actually sleep with women instead of each other ;) an award all their own. (Note: I have been told that non-yaoi is also considered, heterosexual relationships only!)

Best Yuri
On the request of some authors, we're giving this category a try! Yuri fics are those involving lesbian relationships. (Two women.)

Best Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale fics are either serious, or more often, completely silly retellings of fairy tales using the characters of Gundam Wing.

Best Poem/Song
A new category for this year, mostly because I notice that there have been quite a few GW-inspired poems written recently. The poem/song can be silly, serious, or whatever. If we get several filks, I'll probably split those off into their own category.

Best Non Fiction
A category for non-fiction such as essays, research papers, and rants - provided they are relatively inoffensive.

The Three Major Awards

Best One-Shot
A one-shot is a short story, or a story told in only one part. The content can be anything at all.

Best Multipart/series
A story that is told in more than one part. There is no limit on the number of parts. Please, submit only completed multiparts.

Best Overall
This is no longer a category that is open for nomination; rather, the top 10% scoring stories of the contest are put in this category and then voted on.


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