And For Our Winners...(1999)

Well, here they are, what everyone's been waiting for! All awards except for the wonderful (and currently invisible ^^;;;) Naked Samurai Award are courtesy of Reishin! Thank you so much, Reishin! [If you'd like to pay a visit to Reishin's web page, which is awesome, go here.

Best Comedy
What Keeps You Awake At Night
-- Wufei glared at Quatre's plate, noticing that the blonde's food wasn't touching. His food touched. Where was the justice in that!? He glared at his own plate and didn't eat.
Best Crossover
The Death Arc
-- "Ahaha! You've seen Shinigami! Now you gotta come and meet Death! Wooo!" The thermal blade cut a swathe of destruction through the straggling troops, decimating more of them.
Best Drama/Angst
In Sickness and In Health
-- "Aa." I shrugged. "Maybe you and I understand death the best."
Quatre laughed softly. "I should hope you do. You're the one sleeping with him."
"Baka." I snorted.
Best Music Fic
Angel On Vacation
-- "Why did you do that?" he asked, and while his face was as cold and impenetrable as always, his voice shook, and he leaned against the sink for support. "Why?"
I couldn't help but grin at him.
"Because I wanted to," I said.
Best Poetic
I Drove All Night
-- The Night devoured him, prepared to claim him as Sleep played his soft tunes of lull and deception. Heero shook it off, bound by a call stronger than needs of his body, determined not to fail his lover by succumbing to his more shallow brethren, who would desert him when they were done, leaving him bereft of eternity.

Ocean Songfic Trilogy
-- "I don't dream." I said flatly.
It was true. How could I dream? The dead don't sleep. The merely rest until it is time for them to move again.

Best Alternate Universe
The Spirit of Shinigami
-- Hel snorted, and a small rat stopped to watch her its whiskers twitching. She snarled silently, and the creature scurried off to find safer territory. It was depressing. The great spirit of Deathscythe Hell reduced to scaring off rats. A cat would have been just as effective.
Best Romance
-- He flushed more deeply, out of humiliation this time. How could he have been so weak? Showed such base emotion. Allowed himself to crumble like that?
"I am never drinking again," he moaned into his pillow.
Beside him, Duo snickered. "I say th' same thing ev'ry time," the American boy slurred, then rolled over without really waking.

Blaze of Glory
-- I stagger feebly. "How could you tell? It's not like I'm faint with hunger or nothin'! Have I lost weight? Is that it?" I stop and turn sideways. "Do I look thinner to you? Am I losing my girlish figure?" I twirl in place, and he catches hold of my braid just before it hits him. "Peanut butter and banana sandwiches only last so long, and they're terribly slimming you know."

Best Lemon
Never Again: A Beginning
-- Treize watched him until he was sure he would not return, supporting himself on the door jam. Once sure Zechs was gone, he staggered into his quarters, closing the door. "Oh, Gott..." he muttered, feeling a wave of nausea hit him as his legs faltered, and he leaned against the wall. /Tomorrow... I'll ask Zechs to shoot me if he ever finds me drinking like that again./
Best Non-Yaoi
3 am
-- "You were talking in you sleep." He finally said, without preamble, his dark violet eyes meeting Trowa's. Trowa stiffened, shoulders hunching forward, drawing into himself. His face spasmed before becoming smooth and mask-like. Long, slender fingers wrapped themselves tighter about his mug.
Best Faery Tale
Swan Lake
-- When Heero cautiously opened his eyes again, he suddenly feared he had finally gone mad. His fingers clenched tight on the curved wooden bow and he drew the string back another inch, ready to let the arrow fly at any moment if the apparition before him made so much as a single wrong move.
Best One Shot
-- I looked back at the statues and tried to imagine Solo that way. She said that the angels were thinking about me, and that they loved me and wanted me to live a good life. I think Solo loved me - and I really loved him, too. He would be a good angel. I think.
Best Multipart/Series
Acherontia Atropos
-- The coat went over it, and he looked like little, innocent Wufei again, not the walking one-man knife show. Little innocent Wufei after he joined the mafia, that is. I snorted and grabbed a knife to tuck up my sleeve. You never can be too careful these days.
Best Overall
Maxwell's Demon
-- "WHAT monster?" Heero growled ominously.
"HIM!!!" she replied, pointed a quivering finger directly at Duo.
For once, Duo was left totally speechless, his clear, blue-violet eyes widening in utter disbelief...Finally, all Duo could do was wiggle his fingers in little circling motions beside his head in the familiar gesture denoting total insanity.

Duo's Braid
-- Duo buried his face in his folded arms. "Why me Lord?" he muttered. "Why do I have the most chicken-shit dog on the fuckin' colony?"
"Duo your dog just bit the crap of me."
Glancing over at Heero's bleeding hand, Duo said sharply, "Get out from under my bed before you ruin the floor. And don't get blood on the rugs, a friend made them for me."

Naked Samurai Award
Awarded to one and only one fic per contest, the fic that catches the eye of the Katsu, creator of the contest. This is the only judge specific award in the entire contest.
Award picture courtesy of Kitsune.
Awarded to: Reflections
Nanashi Participant
For all of you that participated and helped make this contest possible; nominees, nominators, and judges alike. Love you guys!


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