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Best Comedy
-- The Factual Truth - The Lowdown on the Upper Crust, Online


Quatre Winner (19), CEO of Winner Enterprises, was overheard whining about the tightness of his waistband at the reception dinner for the Earth Sphere Trade Conference. Since Mr. Winner is certainly rich enough to afford proper tailoring, one wonders if overindulgence is the cause of the complaint. Tut, tut, Mr. Winner - have you been feeding at the trough a little too often?

Best Crossover
What Is Your Pleasure, Sir?
-- Wufei could not let such injustice stand. "The first design was not flight worthy. By increasing the wing width and adding a curve here," he said, picking up one of the cranes and pointing, "I managed to create more lift. I also had to modify the neck design, since it made it unbalanced. Finally, each fold must be perfect. Otherwise, one side will overbalance and cause it to crash."

His partner blinked a few times at his explanation before leaning back in his chair and nodding. What he said, though, was unexpected. "We really need to get out of this office, don't we?"

Best Drama
Dance With Demons
-- The man sat with his legs crossed and one hand idly draped over the arm of a chair. Duo's eyes followed the line of his arm, and saw that the unnamed speaker was casually scratching the ears of a very large black panther. The feline blended into the chair so well Duo hadn't noticed it. The cat turned its head, focusing strange green eyes on Duo and baring its teeth in a low growl.

Duo sucked in his breath. "Holy shit! That's a damned panther! That's gotta be illegal."

Best Tragedy
-- " I'm sorry you don't understand. Once you summon me. You have no choice in the matter. Now I will take you all to your first lives. But I warn you now you will see things that you will not like, some that may frighten you and some that may even tax your friendship...but remember this is for growth toward your ultimate goal. I will give you a break between life spans to collect yourselves." The voice said ever calm. Before the boy's could protest the flash of white of light returned.
Best Horror
-- "Nope. Another stalker type? You'd think that after those stupid tabloids broke the story about us, people would leave me alone! What did I do to deserve a stalker?" Duo wailed quietly, poking Heero in the stomach with his index finger. "Come on, remember when Relena wouldn't leave you alone? Share some anti-stalker tips with me!"

Heero just smirked and grabbed the hand that was poking at him. "Of that, I still don't really know what happened. Besides, we're friends now."

"Yeah, that's just because she and Wufei had that huge argument and ended up somehow falling into bed. Of course, they were stone drunk at the time, but I didn't think it would last more than five seconds! That is one couple that almost scares me," Duo replied, trying futilely to twist his hand out of Heero's grip.

Best Music
The Persistence of Memory
-- Myriam removed her golden bangles, placing them by the lamp. Feisal reached to help her loose her tresses, and froze - he caught her hands and turned them palm upwards. Was this real? Her wrists were scored with scars, and as he pushed her sleeves over her forearms the ugly lines chased round them. With a different passion he unfastened her high collar and saw them replicated on her bare shoulders.

"You don't have to ask me," she pleaded. "And I won't ask anything of you."

Best Poetic
White Band Prayer
-- We are Death, we are Pestilence, we are the ones you've been warned about. We're the reason you club your steering wheels, keep your kids home after dark, deadbolt your doors and keep a shotgun under your bed. Because Death comes for everyone. And we are His children. There's a fine line between heroes and madmen.
Best Alternate Universe
-- All shinigami wore thrallstones, each attuned to the property to which he or she was bound. Each stone had a Finder. Shinigami were technically under the jurisdiction of the Church, so Duo's was kept in the Abbey on nearby Cinnamon Mountain. It would sound the alarm at once if Duo trespassed his approved borders.

Once, long ago, he had done so, completely from ignorance. The priests had found him and what they had done to him still lived in his nightmares.

Best Romance
Willing Slave
-- "Violet eyes," Heero murmured, stunned that he was actually seeing them. "I'd heard they existed, but I never thought I'd see them..." He placed his hands on Duo's face and tilted him even further up. The bruise on his cheek marred the overall look, but nothing could truly hide the boy's beautiful features or the light in his eyes.

"You belong to me," he said in a whisper. "You are mine. You are my slave, with no freedom or rights save that I will not beat you to death or torture you. In return, I will keep you safe and sound. No one will touch you but I. Is that clear?"

Best Lemon
Sudden Showers
-- The lure of the rain was something I hadn't given in to in years. I took a moment to pause at the front door of my apartment and contemplate my coat. It was warm, totally waterproof and would provide protection from the bitter wind. Naturally, I had no intention of wearing it. I chuckled as I let the door bang shut behind me, glancing around before I high-fived the air and skipped towards the heavy double doors at the end of the corridor.
Best Non-Yaoi
-- Relena could practically taste the marinara just stepping into the entryway of Patrizioís Italian Restaurant. And she wondered maybe if she hadnít been transported to another place and time. An old phonograph in the corner brought to life a womanís high soprano accompanied by a piano forte. The melody filled the air with a bittersweet and almost tangible sense of longing. Though Relena didn't know the language, the woman's voice spoke to the heart, and before long, the young nurse had to blink back tears or risk ruining her makeup before her date even arrived.
Best Yuri
The Ashes Stir
-- "Still can't believe it can you?" I ask as I approach her. She turns to me when I put my hand on her shoulder, and she leans in a little into me. I can't believe it either. I'm staring at the Wing Zero replica and I still cannot wrap my head around it. There is something unspeakably perverse about a gundam amusement park.

"Always this fascination with war," Relena moves closer to the Wing replica and brushes her fingers against its metallic surface. The park is funded by private investors and no matter how hard Relena tries she's getting nowhere with them. But she's not giving up. Even as they are delivering the first of the attractions to the park, Relena is still trying to stop the project.

Best Faery Tale
Bad Hair Day
-- "Those bright young things, who ride in with pomp and circumstance and shining boots, to rescue the Princess - and who then ride away when they fail, with rather less pomp, and rather more humiliation, and their metaphoric tail between their legs."

Heero stared down at his new boots and felt strangely uneasy.

"I will succeed where others have failed!" he announced. "I am of a different calibre!"

"Sweet cakes," came the murmured reply, "you're gonna have to be!"

Best Poem/Song
Shooting Star
-- She makes her wish
Pins her hopes and dreams to you
You will not fail her; how can you?
You are her star, her meteorite
You are all things bright and glorious

And short lived.

Best One Shot
Hall of Screams
-- It was called the Hall of Screams, and simply for the lack of such. Only the deadliest of enemies made it to this god-forsaken prison. It was a place to send those that people wanted to forget, a place to send those who people wished to just have fade away from existence.

A small figure sat shivering in the corner of the cell. Humidity clung to the jutting features of her malnourished body, yet chills raced along her skin. Her once golden and flowing hair now fell around her face in a tangled web of dirt-encrusted tendrils. Silent tears strained down her cheeks, splashing onto the grungy cement floor and disappearing into the small, concealed rifts that had formed over time. Dirt caked the palms of her hands, which now clutched the worn sleeves of her jacket.

Best Multipart/Series
-- "That's a hell of a job offer, Howard," I told him, my eyes drawn to pick out all the strange little pictures on his horrendous Hawaiian shirt. Was that a picture of a flying pig in a grass skirt?

"If I was nuts," he retorted, passing me a bottle of beer from the little fridge he kept in his office.

"Well," I drawled, accepting the bottle with a grin, "we've both been accused of that before."

Best Overall
-- What had come over these people? I had known them all a long time and had never thought that any of them were this freaking stupid.

I struggled with the words to make them stop this lunacy. "It's a nightmare out here," I told them bluntly. "The ship is in an elliptical orbit. Erratic as hell. There's some sort of damn gravity wash throwing crap around. I do not have the air to survive that long. Please... please... do not do this."

Naked Samurai Award
Awarded to one and only one fic per contest, the fic that catches the eye of the Katsu, creator of the contest. This is the only judge specific award in the entire contest.
Award picture courtesy of Kitsune.
Awarded to: The Persistence of Memory
Nanashi Participant
For all of you that participated and helped make this contest possible; nominees, nominators, and judges alike. Love you guys!


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