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Best Comedy
How to write good 1x2 fanfiction
-- Heero Yuy may walk in to the room to ogle Duo Maxwell's ass, but Hiiro Yui can just as easily threaten Dou Maxwel with an "omae o korosu" and then stalk out. Then a reborn Duo can bounce after Hiro and become Dou once more. Don't forget to tease poor Wufie and cause the nosebleed because he was caught watching yoai anime, then Duo can chase after hero only to be threatened with a vindictive, "Omae koroso."
Best Crossover
The Eye of Horus
-- Heero smirked smugly to himself. "Well, that was easy enough," he said, strapping the sword to his back. A slight trembling in the room caught his attention, and he barely had enough time to grab the bullwhip at his hip and snap it to a nearby rock when the entire room collapsed around him, sending volcanic dust in all directions, leaving Heero hanging in a void of dust.
Best Drama
Me, Myself, and I
-- So I looked through a Dictionary to find a name. I started at the back. Figured I'd fine more stuff. I found this word "dyad". It means a pair. I kinda like that. I have a pair of lives. The one I don't remember and the one I do. It'll work. Dyad Barton. I need a middle name. Dyad Barton sounds too short. And like someone else. Not as in it doesn't sound like me, but that it actually sounds like someone else's name kinda.
Best Tragedy
The Cadence of Time
-- Years of research and hacking had provided extensive information on 01's death. Having witnessed the event from the vantage of their own Gundams, all knew that if 01 had not been speared by a particular shard of metal from the lining from the outside of his cockpit, then it would have completely possible for him to have survived. The plan was to send someone through the time stream, take their current calculations and speculations, and have the traveler apply them.
Best Horror
-- "Quatre!" He was shouting, now, trying to break through my hysterics. He had gotten to his feet and taken hold of my shoulders, shaking me like a child. "Quatre, we raided the base. I saw the body. We were too late, Quatre!"
"You don't understand!" I screamed at him, the frustration building to an unbearable peak. "I know -- don't you understand? That's not possible! If he were dead I would know it! My Spaceheart would tell me so, and I know I've felt his presence since three months ago!"
Best Music
Big Man With a Gun
-- I still have a scrap of that book. I found it in the rubble, after the last of the fires had finally died away. It’s from the part where the author talked about the restoration project of the late 20th century. One side has a picture of the face of the Delphic Sibyl, half of it clean, the other half still obscured with a few centuries’ worth of candle smoke residue. The other side has St. Bartholomew holding up his flayed skin.
Best Poetic
-- Iuste Iudex ultionis,
Donum fac remissionis
Ante diem rationis.

-- Trowa sat numbly, listening to Quatre arranging to be picked up early by Abdul. He watched in unbelieving silence as Quatre finished dressing. Finally, “So that’s it – you’re going to leave? Just because I slept with a few other people?”

Just the Rain
-- Have you ever danced in the rain? Real rain I mean, from the endless fount of clouds on the Earth. It’s beautiful; the sheets of water pouring down as you spin. I think that cold rain may be the best for dancing in, warm rain is always too short.

Best Alternate Universe
Whispers in the Wind
-- When the sun had begun to slip between distant mountain peaks, there was a sudden flurry of convulsions at his feet. The sleeper did not waken, but arched hard off the ground, clawing at his throat to try and free the silent scream that marred his flawless features. Trowa knelt, laid his hand upon the fevered cheek, and sang a simple song used to calm pain-tormented beasts. After two great hitching breaths, the elf raggedly sighed and opened his eyes.
Best Romance
An Expert in the Field
-- "Clari-bear, you'll dance with me, right? I know Hilde won't." He shot Hilde an unreadable glance that could have been laughter or reproach. "So I won't bug her by asking for the nine-millionth time."
Clari shook her head in regret. "I've got to be getting home, sweetie. Otherwise I'd tear up the floor with you any old time."
"Rejected!" He staggered backward, clutching his chest dramatically. "Augh! The pain!"
Best Lemon
-- "I can't believe you got us LOST," the onscreen Duo said to his companion.
"I am not lost," Heero snapped.
"Oh no? Then what are you? Taking the scenic route?"
Heero shot the braided man a withering look. "Shut up."
"Oooh, testy."
Heero grunted.
Best Non-Yaoi
An Expert in the Field
-- She was dancing again--but alone, this time, arms twining together over her head as she swayed to the throb of an unseen bass. There seemed to be other dancers around her--she could see human shapes out of the corners of her eyes--but whenever Hilde looked directly at them, all she saw were wavering outlines like heat-shimmers over asphalt. It didn't seem worth worrying about, though. Nothing did, here in this warm, safe place.

Drawn for us by Heero's Ferret!
Best Faery Tale
The Bonny Swans
-- Had Fate and the Gods not stepped in, the visit would have taken an entirely different course, Relena would have been crowned Princess, and that would be the end of this tale. But the course of true love has never run smooth. While Relena was dreaming of her wedding, the Gods above were hatching a different plan.
Best Poem/Song
Songs at Midnight
-- In the seas of midnight
I floated through an endless song
The stars, they dance
And mirror my tears
Best Non-Fiction
The Characterization Rants
-- The thing that amazed me most in those early days was the fact that Duo seemed so very *female*. He forgave the most ungodly of sins, all for love. He was uber-uke and would bend over for anybody who wanted to have a little bit of him. He *giggled*. He *bounced*. He drank tons of coffee and was permanently perky, like he'd had one too many little red pills.
Best One Shot
-- "You know what my sister Darla used to do to me?" Quatre suddenly spoke up. "She used to tell me these really creepy ghost stories and try to get me all freaked out. Of course, I always tried to act brave, pretend that it didn't bother me. Then she'd always turn and smile at me, her face a picture of serenity. She said that at 11:11 PM I'd see for myself. Supposedly, at 11:11 everyone can see the dead."
Best Multipart/Series
-- “Wait!” another voice piped up from another corner of the dining hall. “Is it Jesus?”
“The Virgin Mary? It’s got to be her! She’s the one who always shows up to kids! Remember Lourdes? Fatima? Garabandal?”
“Uh—no, not this time.”
Wufei was practically choking on his breakfast. “Oh, for crying out loud,” he said, coughing, quickly grabbing his orange juice and taking a huge gulp of it.
Best Overall
-- “It’s pride, that’s what it is,” Parrish barked, making the students jump in their seats. He waved a finger in the air. “The devil’s pride!”
“The devil’s pride,” echoed—or, rather, hissed—Mr. Gibson, the assistant principal. The man was his superior’s complete antithesis. Short, skeletal, serpent-like, he never failed to give the students goosebumps with his narrow, shifty eyes and hissing speech.

An American WereWolf in Space
-- Duo sat on his heels next to Heero - right next to him, touching. His voice when he spoke was quiet, but seemed to have taken a slightly rougher timbre for some reason. "Heero... I gotta go out for a bit. Check on the Ozzies, make sure they head in the wrong direction, that sort of thing. It shouldn't take too long, and you can get your wind back. But stay where you are, ok?" Heero felt Duo's hands fasten lightly on his shoulders. "Don't go any further into the cave, unless it's a real emergency. It's ok for the moment, but better not to push it. You smell... of fresh blood."

Naked Samurai Award
Awarded to one and only one fic per contest, the fic that catches the eye of the Katsu, creator of the contest. This is the only judge specific award in the entire contest.
Award picture courtesy of Kitsune.
Awarded to: When I Stand Before God
Nanashi Participant
For all of you that participated and helped make this contest possible; nominees, nominators, and judges alike. Love you guys!


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