And For Our Winners...

Best Comedy
Might as Well as Call it Snow Queen
-- And Quatre had to walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk until his rather well made, and almost brand new shoes were worn thin, for the plot could not advance without the soles being worn. There was a lot of walking for they were very well made shoes, made by the forty dancing nekky Magnac shoe elves but that is a thought one might not wish to examine too closely. Really.
Best Crossover
Resurrection Of Angels
-- The rush of aggression surged through his system. Rei wasn't sure why, but the way the boy was piloting the large robot seemed... inefficient. Tentatively she reached out to the machine. The metal felt cool against her, inviting.
Best Drama/Angst
Lovers of the Dead
-- The blond man chuckled. "And I'm not done makin' ya feel stupid yet, either. I wanna make DAMN sure you learn your lesson, this time."
Understanding dawned, and Duo groaned. "You wanted me to figure all this out myself, BEFORE I did something stupid. That's why you sent me the dreams..."
Best Music Fic
Falling for the First Time
-- Duo was pretty sure this experience would be enough to qualify him for sainthood in spite of all his past transgressions. Throughout the next two days, whenever Short-Dark-and-Handsome wasn't sleeping (and looking damn good doing it, incidentally), he was demanding access to his gundam (and, well, still looking damn good). Between the temptation and the annoyance, that guy was a serious threat to Duo's sanity.
Best Poetic
-- In the cold light, sakura blossoms glowed faintly, become pure white, cleansed of their blood-stained blush. The velvet-soft petals rose with the wind, caressing milk- pale skin, enveloping their human dance partner in their sweet scent.

Dancing With My Mirror
-- ::So what happened?:: one of the crew of his mental demons spoke out, it's voice distinct in his mind. The voice was midnight and cinnabar, recognizable as one of the first who began taunting him back in Maxwell Church.

-- I think the smell bothers me most of all. It's cloying-- a dry, sweet scent of flaking blood and gunpowder and ammunition. I mean... he smelled like that. But usually without the blood, and there was a faint hint of vanilla there, somewhere. You know. Purity.

Best Alternate Universe
Mission Arcadia
-- "You can call me Jack," the blond said. "My companion is usually known as the Ripper, but if that seems a mouthful," and there was a clear innuendo in the deep voice, "You could try calling him Rip. If he likes you, he won't kill you for it. And you are Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy."
"Jack... Ripper..." Duo gave a short, sharp bark of laughter. "Ya know, I studied ancient earth history... Are your names supposed to COMFORT me?"
Best Romance
-- There was silence for a long time. Heero took the opportunity to, in a sense, check out Duo. Despite the growing length of his braid, which now reached his knees, he hadn't changed a bit. Duo noticed the attention his braid was being given and shrugged, "Sorry, I can hardly stand trimming my bangs. You think I'm going to cut my braid?"
Best Lemon
Lemon Wing: Heero and Relena
-- She hid a delicate yawn behind one graceful hand. "I was having the weirdest dream," she commented. "About Treize Khushrenada. Ew."
Mission note: Do not use roses in the future.
Research note: Determine which other flowers have rose-soft petals. (Consider tulips.)
Best Non-Yaoi
Soul Healing
-- Relena felt something very cold and wet splatter across her back and legs. She cried out at the frigid water and spun around to face Duo. He had begun whistling as he continued to attend to his horse. Her eyes narrowed playfully.
Best Yuri
In My Eyes
-- She also had everything a princess could possibly want: a glittering castle, guards willing to die for her every whim, even a knight in gundanium armor. Just like a spoiled little perfect princess in a fairy tale.
So I decided to haul her kicking and screaming back to reality.
Best Faery Tale
The Grand Adventure of Sable Ferret Wu-Chan
-- Oh, there was *attraction* at first sight, but love? had to know a person in order to love him. After all, Wufei had found Duo annoying when they first came to live here, and now he was quite fond of-
Woah. Reverse gears. New train of thought.
Best Poem/Song
Every Nameless Soldier
-- Young kids with fighting passion blazing in their eyes
Return, and then that fighting passion slowly dies
Best One Shot
A Reason to Live
-- He sighs. "It's okay. I just remember him telling me to always follow my feelings."
I grin. "A wise advice."
"I feel like I want to die."
"Correction. It happens to be not such a good idea."
Best Multipart/Series
-- "Do you know what happens when you're chafed day in and day out in the same closed environment?" Une allowed him to settle the glasses on her nose, and lightly placed a hand on his cheek.
"What happens?"
"You divide."
Best Overall
-- Mariemaia moved forward and pressed her cheek to the canvas, her small fingers stroking royal blue.
"It's because I understand him. That's the hold I have over him."
A contented exhalation of breath.
"Aren't you proud of me, Father?"
The portrait did not answer, but she could imagine the unwavering smile was one of agreement.
Naked Samurai Award
Awarded to one and only one fic per contest, the fic that catches the eye of the Katsu, creator of the contest. This is the only judge specific award in the entire contest.
Award picture courtesy of Kitsune.
Awarded to: Anatexis
Nanashi Participant
For all of you that participated and helped make this contest possible; nominees, nominators, and judges alike. Love you guys!


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