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Best Comedy
DiD v. KiSA (Damsel in Distress vs. Knight in Shiny Armor)
-- Wufei appeared aghast. "How did you know? I didn't figure it out for nearly a week."

"Yeah, and you're still pissed off about that, Wuffers."

"Do not call me that!"

The not-princess grinned impishly. "Wuffee? It's okay that you kissed me, you know. I like guys."

Wufei turned an interesting shade of red. "Out! Get out!"

Best Drama
Broken Jade
-- "Duo?" Trowa frowned, both at the young man's reaction, and the flinch, followed by trembling. It's like he hurts, every time I call his name, Trowa thought. Sitting back on his heels, he released the collar, saddened to see Duo retain his hold on the collar, clutching it to his chest like a security item. "He's Jade, Heero."


"Jade, call him Jade."

"He's not Jade," Heero hissed. "He's Duo... he's just injured. He's in shock."

"Heero," Trowa snapped. "Stop saying that name. It hurts him. Call him Jade."

Best Tragedy
Break Point
-- Heero had trouble believing his eyes. Mind churning in shock, he was still able to calculate the odds of being there, at the right place, and at the right time, to see a one time war comrade hunting for his dinner in a back alley dumpster. The odds were slim to none. That caused his mind to present Heero with two theories; either it was pure chance or Duo had come to the area where Heero lived and worked for some purpose.
Best Music
Phantom in the Office
-- But as I sit here, recalling the time we first danced at the St. Gabriel Institute, I can almost believe it is. His hands were clammy - as I'm sure mine were - as we waltzed across the floor. Was he nervous? His steps were awkward. Was it his first dance? He caught on quickly to the rhythm emotion pulsing between us, and his moves became fluid and infinitely more confident.
Best Poetic
Softly Stirring
-- "I like it when you smile," he says.

"I like it when you make me smile," you reply.

When your eyes lock, and you know they will, don't shy away. Let the smile stay on your lips until he melts it with kisses.

Best Alternate Universe
Broken Jade
-- He realized there were two pages, and flipped the bill of sale back to look at the sheet attached. It was a list of particulars about the item sold, but his attention was caught by a three-inch square image at the top right of the sheet. It was a photograph. Trowa stared, feeling the room shift around him. He blinked, realizing belatedly that Une had taken the sheet from his shaking fingers.
Best Romance
The Edulcoration of Duo Maxwell
Best Lemon
Special Delivery
-- "Special delivery," Trowa purred.

A feral grin crossed Quatre's lips. "I'll say it is. What's in the box?"

Trowa shrugged nonchalantly and stepped towards the desk. "I wouldn't know, sir - we're not in the habit of opening a customer's package for him."

Best Non-Yaoi
All of Me
-- It wasn't like working for her was a burden; she was a gracious if whimsical hostess. She short-sheeted my bed once, and greased the doorknob on Heero's hotel room. She slicked up the toilet seat when Wufei came to visit, and replaced Quatre's silk ties with joke ties that looked like dead fish. He wore the ties, anyway. He's probably the only one who could carry it off. Trowa fell asleep on-duty once, and Relena snuck under the table and deftly tied his shoelaces together. Believe me, he never fell asleep around her again. The rest of the guys said it was my influence, but I always staunchly proclaimed my innocence.
Best Yuri
-- Relena knew she was supposed to think of Heero Yuy in this moment of crisis, the boy soldier that she had engaged in an intricate dance of danger and intrigue since their meeting. Instead, her mind's eye focused strangely on another person, a girl, with long blonde hair and a wicked smile, incredibly sharp eyes that openly disclosed that they were hiding everything.
Best Non-Fiction
Wufei's Defense
-- The pilot of Nataku is possibly the most wrongfully abused of all the characters in the series, with the exception of Relena Peacecraft. Generally, he is assumed from the first few episodes to be chauvinistic, arrogant and overly obsessed with justice. While it is true that these stereotypes are based on actual events, such as his scorn for Noin when he yells, I dont fight bleeding hearts and women, they are merely a shallow exterior to his actual character.
Best One Shot
All of Me
-- She stood there, still a young woman, her slim blue skirt and neat little jacket with the good luck pin on the lapel that Quatre gave her... and she gave those old men hell. Oh, she was polite about it, but she made it clear that she'd seen her own country go up in flames. The entire Earth Sphere was a battlefield and the world had been on fire, she said. I remember that phrase.

Man, she's still here, but I wish it were all of her.

Best Multipart/Series
The Arrangement
-- "I find myself with an issue." Yuy's voice echoed behind him in the dusty air, flat, slightly nasal. "You may be affected too. I want to suggest a mutually beneficial arrangement."

Wufei turned slowly to face the soldier.

"We are at war and cannot afford distractions." Heero's voice was abrupt, his eyes as cold as ever. "However, adrenaline, hormones and the after-effects of action take their toll on self-control. Sexual tension can interfere with proper functioning. We can help each other with that."

Best Overall
DiD v. KiSA (Damsel in Distress vs. Knight in Shiny Armor)


The Arrangement

Nanashi Participant
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