Not Without Incident: Equilibrium Fanfic

Equilibrium is copyright Dimension Films and distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.

This is a collection of Equilibrium fanfiction. If you haven't seen that amazing movie yet, go out and rent it right now!

The amusing thing about most of this fanfiction is that it started out as fifteen minute ficlets, and sort of took on a life of its own...

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Definition (07.12.03)
Understanding the definition of a single word can be a life goal or a life changing experience. Cleric Preston struggles to understand his own feelings...and to remember the color of her eyes. (Spoilers, no other warnings.)

An End to Loss (07.25.03)
When emotion is gone, what of the artists? (Deathfic)

Into the Light (07.25.03)
The gunfire began as the sun went down, and he prayed.

What the Thunder Said (07.12.03)
Cleric Preston was the first to Feel before the revolution, but not the last. A contemporary of his, Cleric Maria Jabez, is cursed with a temper that forces her to make the easiest and most difficult decision of her life. (Slight squick factor.)

The Awful Daring (07.12.03)
Risk everything, and perhaps there will be everything to gain. The act of daring, daring to feel is what makes us human. And most importantly, sometimes it helps us find that we are not alone. (Sequel to What the Thunder Said.)

Blaze of Glory (07.15.03)
The revolution has come, and Maria is called on to accomplish a vital mission that will pit her against everything she once held dear.

Changing of the Guard (07.16.03)
In the aftermath of the revolution, Maria is left with a leg that may be crippled for life and the realization that life has changed irrevocably. Above it all, one question burns in her mind: What of the Clerics? (Background fic, extreme amounts of dialogue and very limited action.)

Behind the Canvas (07.25.03)
The revolution has brought about the return of art, and once again its beauty touches the souls of the people. Even that of a former Cleric.

The Never Ending Stairway (07.25.03)
When the revolutionaries destroyed the Prozium factories, they never stopped to think what the sudden influx of emotion might do to those unaccustomed to dealing with it. And what of the Clerics, who may have emotions stronger than any average citizen? There was the terrible but ignored possibility that some might not adapt.

The Forgotten God (08.28.03)
Maria and Preston meet in a crumbling cathedral and try to understand themselves while watched by a forgotten God.

Fear and Loathing (02.24.04)
Branston and Maria meet at the funeral of a cleric. Their hearts are full of fear, loathing, and despair, but there may be room for hope as well.

A Murderous Ghost (07.11.05)
Going back in the past slightly, we have the reason why Maria is hunting Branston down - how she came to find out that he was still alive and free.