Basically, just to make my life easy, if you want to check for updates, go here:
That's where I write down all of my site updates, so I don't have to give myself a headache by trying to keep multiple update pages together. ^.^
Alighty...did some updating. The awards page is now updated (whoo! go me!) and I've also got an update on the keepers page done.

Yay! Finally got to my new place in the world! I have finally returned from my long absence, and everyone will notice a lot of differences; I've had to really cut down on some of the things my website offers, because I simply do not have the time to maintain it any longer. Fanfiction has been cut down to fan poetry; there are much better fiction archives out there. I'm currently looking for someone to take over the DFC, because I no longer have time to maintain it. Please don't send me submissions or suggestions for the quote list of the non-quote list any longer. I am still, however, taking submissions for the keepers list, as well as good Duo quotes from fanfiction. As far as the keepers list goes, I have had to access to my worldnet account for quite some time, and by the time I got back to it, it had been spammed to death; I lost everything, including the line-up of who wanted what. So, if no one's taken that over in the meantime, I'll be eagerly awaiting. ^.^ You'll also notice that I decided to kill my guestbook...I don't ever get a chance to look at it, so I miss all the juicy flames. So, all you flamers (*snickersnicker*) out there, if you want to show off you ignorance, you'll just have to e-mail me personally. My e-mail address is: katsu@katsudon.net. I will be more than happy to shred your e-mail and then post it on my main site in the place I have reserved for idiots. ^.^ As far as actual updates, I cleaned up the links page a bit...mostly just killed all the links that were broken and added one or two new. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Huge all over update...pretty much everything. Tons and tons of new stuff. Notably, I didn't update the DFC members list, because I ran out of time before bed. So hopefully, that'll come tomorrow. Also, I added a page on Deathscythe. It's pretty bleh and general for now, but I'll be adding oodles more once I get done translating the pictures...if I ever crawl out from underneath the backlog, that is.


Huge Black Lions update...three new profiles, a bunch of ficcies, and a couple info files I came up with to define the universe we're working in a bit better. *sweat* Now, on to the regular GoD updates, ne? ^^ I'm doing my best, but I just want to warn everyone that I'm now in A+ class, as well as Japanese, so the only nights I have free any more are Friday through Monday, and to be truthful, half my Saturdays are gone and I'm working a bit of overtime. So please be patient with me. ^^ Ganbattemasu!


Added a bunch of new character profiles and a little fiction to the the Black Lions and that's about it...^^


I've been doing little mini-updates when time allowed, but I don't know if anyone noticed, and I didn't log them down...so anyways, I did a BIG update today. I added a whole bunch of new people to the Duo Fan Club Member's List and now we're up to nearly 80! Sugoi! GW on cartoon network has really brought out some new fans! Also, I got some new logos for the fan club. I updated the Keepers List so it's current again (I hope) and got a couple new quotes and non-quotes for Duo-sama. I added a couple new links as well as a few new pieces of fan art and BUNCHES of new fan fiction! And I'm not even done with the fanfics yet...I have bunches and bunches more to add! Yay! Oh, and if you want to see how to handle flamers, check out my guestbook...someone flamed me a bit ago and I answered them publicly. :) Flamers are fun. Anyways... Next up, I'm trying to work up an informational/my own personal opinion page on Duo's dub VA, and I want to write my 1x2/2x1 evidence, except there's a problem...I can't find my notes!!! *panics* I really want that page up so the new American fans can see what's up with the entire yaoi thing...tons of more new stuff that I'm working on, but the rest of it's a secret! WAHAHAHA!!!!


Well...added three new character profiles to the Black Lions and that as about it...^^


Yes, yes I know, I know, I still owe an update for the DFC and the Keepers list. I'm working on it, I swear! Life's just been really busy lately...anyways, as for this update, this is something new I added. I and MnM (my partner in crime) are trying to get a story-style rpg kind of thing going...for more details, check out the new bit of the page...The Black Lions!


As you can see, I decided that since I have a new banner, I might as well have a new layout too. ^^ I also added two things to the Duo Obsession List and I made a teeny little linkpage. ^^ Oh yes...I also made the official God of Death Wallpaper, since I was feeling creative. Let me know if you think they suck. ^^ Content updates should be coming up pretty soon.


Ok, just a little update, but man, I sweated for this one. ^^ First of all, I updated the rules for the Duo Mailing List a little, but that's not the real achievement. Secondly, I made the banner that's on the main page!!!! WAI! I'm so proud of myself. :) If you'd like to link to me, please use that banner!!! :) Thank you!


First update of the new almost millenium! WOOOOO! I hope everyone had a great new year. I'm working on some new material, so that should be up soon...right now, though, I just updated a bunch of stuff. Let's see...where to begin. First, I have a new Duo quote, thanks to Miko no da. I added the new part of Pyractomena Borealis to the fanfic archive and I updated the Keepers List with a bunch of new titles. I updated the big about Duo's History a little bit and I added three new pieces of fan art by Kitsune. Check out her web site! It's awesome. Let's see...last, but not least, there's a major update on the Duo Fan Club. I added a bunch of new members and a new logo by Jacque!


Alrighty, finally a big update! Yay! First, I'm going to blow my own trumpet. ;) I wrote another part of Pyractomena Borealis and added it to the fanfic archive. I updated the Duo Fan Club members list and put up two new logos that were sent to me by Pko! Arigatou! Also, I updated the Duo obsession list with a bunch of stuff that the Duo Mailing List came up with. Love you guys! Lastly, I have started up the gratuitous Duo Property List so as to prevent confusion on who owns what bit of Duo. :)


Yet another mini-update...I admit it, I'm being very lax in putting up new material, because once again my muse is speaking to me and I'm writing on Pyractomena Borealis after several weeks of complete brain blockage. Gomen nasai! I promise that I will do some major updating when I finish my brain dumping! :) Anyways...updated the Duo Fan Club Members page. Bunches of new members! Also, since I did finish Borealis part 4 and it is in the Duo fanfic archive, I'll be evil and self promoting and put the link right here. ;)


Just a little mini update...I added four new member profiles to the DFC, as well as three new logos that wonderful DFC members sent in. ^^ More coming relatively soon. ^^


Happy Halloween!!!! Just a little update, since I was busy trick or treating as Saitou and grabbing lots of loot for Dc's (and my adopted) nephs...but an important update nonetheless as far as I'm concerned. I made the members page for the Duo fan club. I'll be doing more updates ASAP...after I update my other pages. ;)


Added two new sections, since some wonderful people on the GWML expressed an interest. First, there's the Duo Mailing List. I hope there are still interested people. Then, there's the Duo Fan Club. *sweat* We'll see. Also, I added a new piece of fanart that Kitsune sent to me. Thanks, Kitsune!


Two new stories and a filk were added to the fanfiction section! And only one of them (the filk) is mine! The stories are by Madam Blue! Also, I finally made the decision about how I should allocate my space, and so the doujinshi scans are just going to have to wait...I have Duo fan art! WAI! The things Duo would never say page has been updated with one new non-quote. There are also a few new quotes on the real Duo quotes page.

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