So you wanna be in the Duo ML...

The Duo ML [FAQ]

Welcome to the Duo Mailing list. Make sure your tray tables are fastened securely and your seat back is in the upright position. Please keep your seatbelt securely fastened when the seatbelt sign is lit. No smoking, drinking (by minors), flaming, or sex unless you brought enough for everyone. Now, to the safety demonstration.

It is suggested, for your personal safety and convenience, as well as the mental wellbeing of the list administrators, that you comply with the following rules and regulations.

  1. In order to join the DML, you must be a member of Yahoo Groups (the ML provider formerly known as Egroups, formerly known as Onelist.) If you are not, register there first before attempting to sign up for the list specifically.

  2. No flaming is permitted whatsoever. If you do it, you will be summarily kicked off the list by one of the admins. We're all adults or reasonable fascimiles thereof, and let's try and act like it. Everyone has an opinion, and if you want them to respect yours, you respect theirs.

  3. Yaoi and non-yaoi discussion are both allowed. Respect, people...remember respect.

  4. No spamming will be tolerated. We don't care if the virus in the warning sounds nasty and antisocial, and will cause all of your pets to drop dead as well as stealing your significant other and drinking your last beer without buying you a new one. We don't care if little Timmy's leg can only be saved if we send him enough 1s and 0s via e-mail. Let's put it as simply as possible: WE DON'T CARE. This stuff is fake, and if you're actually dumb enough to believe it, kindly remove yourself from the gene pool and DON'T PASS IT ON.

  5. No advertising for mailing lists, contests, whatever will be permitted without the express permission of one of the admins. We actually don't mind, IF YOU ASK FIRST. If you don't, our heads tend to spin in 360 degree circles and we projectile vomit. If you wish to advertise something on the list, e-mail one of the admins.

  6. When you reply to a piece of mail, SNIP IT. Remove all extraneous text, i.e. what you are not replying to directly. We do not want to get 50k of your reply to someone's reply who replied to someone else who was replying to ad nauseum.

  7. DO NOT TRY TO SEND ATTACHMENTS TO THE LIST. KnM, in all her wisdom (amen! amen!) has turned off the onelist option that allows attachments, so don't even try. If you want to share a picture or whatever, upload it onto the web and provide us all with a URL. This decision was made due to space considerations that some people have, as well as the fact that KnM has only a 28.8 connection on a good day at this time, because her local access provider sucks ass. So, she gets kind of touchy about how much of her pathetic amount of bandwidth e-mail uses.

  8. Let's define on topic, shall we? Duo. Deathscythe. Heero and Duo. Heero and Duo and a bottle of whipped cream with a cherry on top (insert lewd sexual comment about what cherry we are talking about here), Gundam Wing in general, reports on Gundam Wing websites, reports on you updating your fanfictions or Gundam Wing website, discussions on ML meetings at cons, or ML business as defined by the admins, newbie introductions, and small personal notes such as someone going on vacation so they won't be around. Now, let's talk about OFF topic. Replies to someone going on vacation. Replies to fanfiction that aren't constructive criticism or analysis that everyone else should see. Do not hold conversations over the ML. That is what AIM, ICQ, and personal e-mail addresses are for. Also, just mentioning Duo in passing in a desperate attempt to make it on topic does not make it so. If you feel the need to do that, you shouldn't be posting the e-mail on the list without permission! If you wander too far off topic, one of the admins will say something, and you had better change your tune or you will be beaten with the rubber hose of discipline(tm). If you want an off topic discussion, ASK FIRST.

  9. Now, let's talk about our most favorite subject...ONE LINERS. We don't know what planet you happen to live on, but on Earth, those sad people, like MnM, who have to resort to a free mail service provider such as Yahoo have only a finite amount of space. If your thoughts only require one line of space, they should probably be sent PRIVATELY to the person they were directed to. And "me too" mails aren't even worth the bits they travel on. If you want express agreement, try to be a little more eloquent and expansive on WHY you agree...and if you can't, then don't send anything at all.

  10. Rules are subject to change without prior warning. When the rules change, this page will be updated and the list will be informed via an e-mail with an [ADMIN] tag. If you see an e-mail with an [ADMIN] tag, we suggest you read because it's probably important. Despite what everyone might say, we aren't power hungry cesspits of evil that enjoy yanking the ML's chain or waving our admin-hood around for no apparent reason.

  11. Here is the current list of admins:
    Kitsune [Active]
    Chichiri no Da [Active]
    Miko no Da [Active]
    Katsu [List owner and Goddess, currently inactive]
    Mikagami no Miko [Active]

There...simple, isn't it? These rules are for your own safety, as it's never a good idea to have a potentially homicidal admin on your tail. IF you decide to ignore the rules, we will take the following action:

  1. First, you will be given a private warning that you have a one day grace period to respond to by modifying your behavior.

  2. IF you don't clean up your act and repeat the offending action within the next five days, you will be temp-banned. We will take you off of temp ban once you write us a spell-checked, grammatically correct 250 or more word essay on what rule you broke, why the rule is there, and why you're sorry that you broke it. Once the essay has been sent to the admin that banned you, you will be allowed back on the list.

  3. After five occurences of temp-banning, you will be kicked off the list.

  4. Flaming, as well as going out of your way to piss off the admins will equal permanent, instantaneous ejection from the ML.

Look, we're not demons, we're not trying to be overly hard on anyone, but we are trying to make this an environment that everyone can live with. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the DML experience.

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