Broken stained-glass windows, the fragments ramble on
Tales of broken souls, an eternity's been won
As critics scorn the thoughts and works of mortal man
My eyes are drawn to you in awe once again

In your picture book I'm trying hard to see
Turning endless pages of this tragedy
Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
You plead to everyone, "see the art in me"

(--From "Art in Me" by Jars of Clay)

Duo Fan Art

Alright, time for some Duo fan art! Please, if you have any Duo fan art you'd like to share, send it to me! Just a note, please send me art work in either .gif or .jpg format...I will be resizing the work so that it fits comfortably on my 800x600 monitor ;) I accept any picture that has Duo in it, really, though Duo should really be the main focus. Yaoi and non yaoi fan art is accepted.

Note: The thumbnails are only a portion or the picture, not necessarily the entire thing, since I wanted them to be nice neat square shapes. ;) Click on the nice thumbnail to see the whole piccy.

Artist: Kitsune

Kitsune is just awesome...WAI! *glomp*

Artist: Katsu no Miko
Artist: sb
Artist: NemisisUsa

I love these piccies!! They're funny! :)

Artist: Anakin Bester

An actual little grim reaper Duo doll! Kawaii!!!!! *grin* I want it!

Artist: Nathalie

Two pages of kawaii Duo doodles!

Artist: Sarah

Check out the's not precisely fanart, but it's awesome!

Artist: Chimera Hunter
Artist: Sonia Leong

All I can say is...I always knew he had a cute bum... ;)

Artist: Michan

This is a real different art style...I love it!

Artist: jessica T
Artist: Meri
Artist: BlueSkyWolf

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