Duo Says the Darndest Things!
"Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
Kann man uns am Himmel sehen
Wir haben Angst und sind Allein
Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein..."

(At first when the clouds go to sleep
The Angels can be seen in Heaven
We are afraid and alone
God knows that I won't be an Angel)

(--From "Engel" by Ramms+ein)

Favorite Duo Quotes

[Note: "Shinigami" can also be translated as simply "Death" or "the Devil." I prefer "God of Death" which is what I used here. All quotes from the American Dub version will be marked with a [D]. All other quotes are translations from Japanese.]

Don't keep making me repeat myself! It's not good for my health!

The God of Death has returned from hell.

Tranto: Come with me. If you resist, you'll die right here.
Duo: Please go right ahead. (All I can think is "Go ahead. Make my day..." --KnM)

If you come up with any ideas, call me. Until then, I'm going to keep fighting.

Actually, for the God of Death, a dark future seems the most appropriate.

Hey, partner, what do you think? Can we still fight? [to Deathscythe]

Guy: We may have to come up with something drastic if you don't cooperate with us.
Duo: Really? Do you think that scares me?

Don't push me if you want to live long.

Hilde: If you join White Fang, you will be treated like a hero.
Duo: I'm not interested in that. I just want to be the God of Death.

Hilde: You are too kind.
Duo: That's why I'm still alive.

Well, I am just too nice. I'm helping the guy that destroyed Deathscythe.

Don't expect too much. I change my mind a lot.

Duo: Then we'll have to force our way through.
Heero: We have no other choice.
Duo: Man, how about using your brain once in a while!
Heero: Same for you.
Duo: *cute, incoherent noises*

Duo: Seems like there's gonna be a big Christmas party...so we're giving them a present.
Noin: Duo, Heero, why don't we join forces again?
Duo: I'll think about it when the time comes. We'll be late for the party. See ya. Ps Don't be upset if we don't leave any food for you.

Duo: See that? Am I impressive or what?
Heero: Yeah, I was depending on your skills from the beginning.
Duo: You've just made my day!

For the peace of the colonies, I'd gladly become the God of Death.

God of Death, huh? Much better than a hero or a mass murderer.

Sally Po: Thanks Duo. You left some food for us.
Duo: That's a tasteless joke, but it's even worse as sarcasm.

If we were going to retreat, we would've been on the run from the start.

Don't let it bother you. We're used to having our asses kicked all the time.

Oh, man, Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner or later, he'll start saying that there's no air in space because he didn't work on it hard enough.

You could have told me you were sleeping. [To sleeping Heero ;)]

If Solo's with me, then we'll be Duo.

I might run, and I might hide, but I never lie.

DIE! Anyone who sees my true form shall DIE!

From the look of things, you must be the bad guy here...

Hey, wait a minute...damnit, now I'M the bad guy...

We really ARE idiots, aren't we.

If we weren't idiots, we wouldn't be soldiers.

But...I'm a GUY...

Well, at least it's a real job...

As long as I'm with Deathscythe, I'm ok.

I know it may sound corny, but all you can do now is trust me. [To Heero]

I saved this guy's life. What was I thinking? He's antisocial, uncooperative, unpredictable... [ABOUT Heero]

For a quiet guy, you're putting on quite a show.

Hey, Wufei, I'm lonely! Keep me company 'til the end!

Everyone stupid enough to get near me dies!

You're going with me to hell!

Heero: Don't come with me. You'll be in my way.
Duo: What did you say? I know it's my fault my body is weak. But can't you find a nicer way to say it?

Wars take many lives away. People never forget the grief, but they also never stop the fighting. Streams of blood and tears are only an ornament for their destructive ritual.

I'm gonna become the God of Death again...well, good night....[passes out]

You'd better come up with some better way to kill yourself than that. [To Heero after Heero's "little fall" at the hospital]

I've had enough! Who else sets his own broken bones? Please, I just had my lunch. [To Heero, after Heero just set his own broken leg]

I am destined to be killed by you. [To Heero] (Now is that love, or what? *snicker*--KnM)

You should let yourself go over the edge every once in a while and enjoy your life.

Boys don't cry!

I'm sorry, but sneaking in without notice happens to be my specialty.

[When he's fighting the Vay Eate and Mercurius] This is like taking them both on at the same time. But no matter how well you imitate them, you're nothing but dolls! You can't be a Gundam pilot if you let mere puppets get the better of you. It's all over. You'd better use MY data if you plan to make more in the future!

Hey! Hey! Death and Pestilence are coming through!

Duo: No ordinary person could fly that thing (refering to Wing Zero)
Heero: I didn't ask you to.
Duo: (incoherent sputtering)
[Thanks to Miko no da!!!]

Anyone who sees me has a date with his maker! [D]
[Thanks to KatyBugg117@aol.com]

Hey, why don't you just give up on pretending to be human? [D]
[Thanks to Marci]

Why did I even Bother rescuing this guy?! He's antsocial, thinks he's Evil Kenivil, and hardly SPEAKS! [D]
[Thanks to Kat]

Yeah, but.. Momma told me real men never scream out loud... [D]
[Thanks to DuoMaxvvelI@aol.com]

Well, excuse me for being a mere mortal! [D]
[Thanks to Jinzouningen18@aol.com]

Man, this is a dinky way to die. [D]
[Thanks to jmstuart@iname.com]

Ahh! This is so lame [refering to them dying because of loss of air in cell] [D]
[Thanks to Ricky Quinn]

Why is it always the quiet guys who end up doing flashy things like this? [when Heero breaks him out of the Oz facility] [D]
[Thanks to Alycatp86@aol.com]

And now, the getaway! [upon escaping from Hilde] [D]
[Thanks to Alycatp86@aol.com]

Well, if you're gonna die Hilde, don't die in vain. [D]
[Thanks to Alycatp86@aol.com]

Guy: I still can't believe the Gundam pilot is just a kid. [D]
Duo: Well, I'm sorry I hurt your pride!! [D]
[Thanks to Alycatp86@aol.com]

There's no black, only shades of gray. [D]
[Thanks to Flamey2348@aol.com]

Favorite Duo Fanfic Quotes
Yep, we finally got one...

Leave the exploding hot dog carts to the professionals.
--From Pyractomena Borealis by Katsu no Miko (^^;;;)
[Thanks to ReganDuo]

"Catch ya later, kid! I've got sharp objects to play with and things to destroy!"
--From Wonderful Someday by Suzene Campos and Mandy Stieger
[Thanks to JR7D1@aol.com]

"Is that a gun your spandex shorts or are you just happy to see me?"
--Spandex Mysteries by: Hana-Chan
[Thanks to MelamoSantaAna@aol.com]

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