You Know You're Obsessed With Duo When...

You Know You're Obsessed With Duo When...

Duo obsession...oooo...SCARY!

  1. You force everyone around you to watch all of Duo's fights in Deathscythe until they, too, bow down before his greatness.

  2. You're growing your hair out so you can put it in a long braid.

  3. You get purple tinted contact lenses.

  4. You've developed this strange fascination with Scythes. In fact, you have them hanging everywhere around your room.

  5. You have a tendency to declare to the world in general that you are Shinigami.

  6. If someone dares to say that you aren't, you then tell them that they are going to hell.

  7. You've started dressing like Duo on a regular basis.

  1. You never go anywhere without your cross, now...and you aren't even Christian.

  2. You've stopped shaking hands. Your new expression of friendship the first time you meet someone? Shooting them. Twice.

  3. You start wondering if there's any humanly possible way for you to shrink down and be Duo's size.

  4. You use every opportunity that presents itself to point out how Duo could kick anyone's ass with Deathscythe.


  5. After stating this, you get into long arguments defending your position. "I don't care if they were piloting Wing Zero. Duo would still kick their ass! Don't you dare bring the show into this!"

  6. You wax long and poetic about how Deathscythe is the coolest Gundam.

  7. You open a shrine to Duo so that all may bask in his holy glow.

  8. You put off going to bed so you can write a list like this.

  9. You start hearing songs on the radio that make you stop and think "that reminds me of the time when Duo..."

  1. You look for any available chance to quote Duo.

  2. Anyone that dares to point out that Duo is only an anime character gets at least a 30 minute lecture from you about how a) that doesn't matter, you'll love him forever anyway, and b) how the hell do they know, since the show is, after all, set in the future.

  3. You start writing to companies in an attempt to get them to make Duo merchandise. "Hey, I think a Duo flame thrower would be cool! I'd buy one!"

  4. You read every available Duo fanfic out there.

  5. Not satisfied, you begin to write your own.

  6. You start writing songs about Duo.

  7. You have deep, meaningful discussions with your friends about who Duo would make a cute couple with. (I STILL think he'd be totally cute with Wufei!)

  8. You've watched Duo's fights on them so many times that you can do play-by-plays for your friends on them.

  9. You start just fast forwarding through episodes to reach the scenes that Duo is in, and then you rewind the scenes and watch them several times.

You want to put whipped cream on my WHAT?
  1. You've had dreams about Duo.

  2. These dreams make you blush.

  3. You join the Duo fan club

  4. You draw fanart of him constantly.

  5. Some of this fan art is not rated PG

  6. You like Heero because Duo hangs around with him so much...and because there are so many Duo/Heero yaoi fics out on the net.

  7. You lead the cheering whenever he appears on the screen.

  1. You lead the heckling whenever he ISN'T on the screen.

  2. You have a little shrine to him hidden away where no unbeliever may lay eyes on it. You know what I'm talking about. It's the one with the candles, the pictures, the holy merchandise, and the 20 dollar a day incense budget.

  3. You wear a Miko outfit whenever you go worship at the shrine

  4. And you happen to be a guy.

  5. You are determined to own every Duo picture that is out there on the internet.

  6. You buy every doujinshi that you see that has Duo in it. Never mind who he's paired with.

  7. You join the Duo Mailing List. Back! Back I say!

  8. You ADMIN the Duo Mailing List.

  9. You STARTED the Duo Mailing List.

  10. You started the Duo Fan Club.

  11. And you're not just the president, you're a member.

  12. You name your car DeathScythe Hell. (Miko no da)

  13. And paint it black. (Miko no da)

  14. With an airbrushed green scythe on the hood. ^_^ (Miko no da)

  15. You see a long braid - any long braid - and immediately glomp the owner, shouting "Duo!" (Miko no da)

  16. Your friends no longer give you funny looks when you do this. (Miko no da)

  17. You stand up in the middle of a final exam and shout "I am SHINIGAMI! WAUHAHAHAHA!" at the top of your lungs (I'm exam-stressed right now, ok? -_-) (Miko no da)

  18. You try to convince your SO to grow their hair like Duo's. (Miko no da)

  19. And they agree, because it means you'll pay more attention to them. (Miko no da)

  20. The words "Omae wo korosu" bring an extra bounce to your step. ^_^ (Miko no da)

  21. You see a sign promoting the Wizard of Oz play at your local theater, and start shouting that its an attempt by Treize to take over. (Miko no da)

  22. Your friends know what you're talking about. (Miko no da)

  23. You're watching Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and have hysterics when Botan-chan introduces herself as Shinigami. (Miko no da)

Oh no...the fans have spotted me!

  1. People in long white lab coats make you nervous. Especially if they have long noses and mushroom-shaped grey hair. (Miko no da)

  2. You name your black cat "Shini." (Miko no da)

  3. Everytime you're watching Rurouni Kenshin and you see his violet eyes, you sigh "Ah, Duo..." (Miko no da)

  4. Your housemate is watching Fushigi Yuugi, you hear Tamahome, Miaka or Hotohori talking from another room, and rush in exclaiming "Where's Duo? Is he in this scene?" [Tamahome, Miaka and Hotohori from FY have the same Seiyuus (voice actors) as Heero, Hirde and Zechs, respectively.] (Miko no da)

  5. You convert to Catholacism, just 'cause Duo is. (Miko no da)

  1. You spend hours on the internet trying to find out when they're going to build the colonies at the LaGrange points, so you can go to L2. (Miko no da)

  2. Just hearing the word "two" or anything related to it makes you squeal. (Miko no da)

  3. Your friends are talking about Star Wars, you overhear and comment "Yeah, Solo's death really busted Duo up." (Miko no da)

  4. And they just sigh and continue the conversation, used to it. (Miko no da)

  5. You got out and get purple contact lenses for your SO, so that you can gaze into those incredible eyes all the time. (Miko no da)

  6. They agree to wear them. (Miko no da)

  7. When you see a person in a loud Hawaiian shirt, you run up to them, slap them on the back and say "Oi, Howard! Shinigami fixed yet?" (Miko no da)

  8. You have a sticker made that says "My other vehicle is a Deathscythe" with a pic of Deathscythe and Duo. (Nuriko)

    Saa, Heero, do you think we've lost 'em?

  9. You've changed your prompt in UNIX to alternate things that Duo says. (Nuriko)

  10. You become one of Toshihiko Seki's screaming idol fans (btw, a new cd with him singing comes out in THREE DAYS!!! *squealies*) (Nuriko)

  11. In every fanfic you write, you insert Duo or a Duo-esque character, because you'd feel dirty if you didn't. (Nuriko)

  12. You "own" something of Duo's, via signature files. (Nuriko)

  13. You actually have arguments with people over what property is yours. (Nuriko)

  14. There's a Duo poster in your room. (Nuriko)

  15. There's a Duo poster on your ceiling. (Nuriko)

  16. And it's life-size. (Nuriko)

  17. And he's not.. wearing anything. (Nuriko)

  18. Your SO actually gets JEALOUS of Duo, because your SO feels you love Duo more than them. (Nuriko)

  19. You dump your SO for Duo. (Nuriko)

  20. You scanned in most of the pictures of Duo that are out on the internet.

  21. You make up little filk songs about Duo. (i.e. "The world looks mighty good to me/ 'Cause Shinigami's all I see/ Whatever it is I think I see/ Becomes the God of Death to me." [sung to the Tootsie Roll Song. ^^ ])

  22. Every time you see Deathscythe get destroyed, tears well in your eyes. (Ani)

  23. Every Gundam story you write, it somehow revolves around Duo, even if it's supposed to revolve around Heero. (Jao)

  24. Somehow, Duo or someone like him is coming into all your stories. (Jao)

  25. You spend your time thinking up Duo humor when your mom is ready to kill you. (Jao)

  26. Your alias sounds remarkably like Duo... (Duo, Jao... try it.) (Jao)

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