You'd Never Hear Duo Say...

Things Duo Would Never Say

First of all, I'll say that this idea was inspired by something I once saw on Ask the Suzaku Seishi which is a really cool Fushigi Yuugi site. ^^ Someone wrote a letter to the seishi containing quotes that you'd never hear the various seishi saying. The one that sticks most in my mind is the one for Chichiri--"Fuck you, no da." ^^ So here's the Duo-esque version. There's very little here to begin with, but I'm hoping more people than just me will contribute. would never hear Duo say...

Hey, that's a nice shirt, man, but can I have it in a pastel?

All this black is too depressing.

Hey! You're interrupting my quiet time!

Would you like fries with that? (Loooooong story. --KnM)

Well, when you come down to it, I guess I don't mind that Relena girl.

[In a barber shop] Forget the trim, man, just shave the whole thing off! (From Madam Blue)

How can you joke at a time like this?! (From Lain)

For the peace of the colonies, I will gladly become the God of Drag! (From Michelle Minikhiem)

Keep your pants on, Heero! (From Michelle Minikhiem)

How should I wear my hair today? Braid, braid, or braid? (From Michelle Minikhiem)

Deathscythes aro SO last season! Now I want a VW Bug! (From Michelle Minikhiem)

Screw fighting, I'm going back to America! (From

Heero, could you please show me how to set my own leg just like you did? (From Tobiasrulz)

Shinigami's such a horrid name. From now on, I'm Fluffy! (From Tobiasrulz)

*Runs in to the four boys* Look! New thing! *Turns around* French Braid! (From Linna Minako)

You know....I want a new look, can you make me look like Sailor Moon...? (From

Hmmn...y'know, maybe my pants are a little too tight... (From Amanda)

*Singing in the shower* Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop... (From Quatherine Rabeka Winner)

Where's my WIG??? (From Jao)

Relena...I love you... (From

The "God of Death" thing is soooo five minutes ago...Why can't I be the God of Love or something? (From Callisto)

Go ahead, Heero, kill yourself! See if I care! (From Callisto)

Boys do cry!(sobs) (From Callisto)

Hey, you're the idiot who destroyed Shimigami! Now you're going' directly to hell! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! *Kills Trowa, then Catherine for good measure* (From Callisto)

Ya know, the hell with the colonies! What'd they ever do for me? (From Callisto)

You know, beneath all that God of Death stuff, I'm a really sensitive guy! [To OZ soldiers] (From Callisto)

Hey Heero, ever consider seeking anger management? (From krís)

I know Rogaine's supposed to grow hair, but this is ridiculous... (From krís)

No one is leaving to fight until I find my lucky jock strap!! (From krís)

But I'm a...*pauses to check* GUY!! (From krís)

[ to hilde ] Can I ask you a question? Do I make you horny?? Do I?? Do I make you randy, babay?! *ala austin powers* (From krís)

My goal in life is to become a mime. (From krís)

Please do not send me new suggestions right now. ^.^ I don't have time right now. Gomen!

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