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Gundam Official
What better way to start out with than the official Gundam site of Bandai?

An absolutely wonderful site with everything 1x2/2x1 [Duo and Heero] in it. (Note: This site is pure yaoi)

Obsessed With Duo Maxwell
A nice little Duo page. :)

Reishin's Corner of Insanity
Reishin onee-sama writes some of the funniest fics around! She also has a gallery of wonderful dj images, many of them of Duo. ;)

Kore ga Mitai: GW Eye Candy
The best Gundam Wing doujinshi site that I've ever seen...includes scans of covers and summaries of the stories.

Wing's Small World of Fanfics
Actually, this site is anything BUT small. Wing's Gundam Wing page contains the largest collection of fanfiction I've ever seen. [Currently Closed for Updating]

Gundam Wing Addiction
Another absolutely enormous fanfiction archive, this one absolutely full of authors that aren't archived too many other places. Also home to the SDDI (Society for the Defense of Duo's Intelligence!)--to get there, follow the link off the main page.

3x5 Theater
Contrary to the initial impression, no, this is not a Trowa and Wufei site. It's actually a little Gundam Wing comic that's drawn on 3x5 note cards. Very funny!

The Shinigami Project
An all around wonderful Gundam Wing page by Kumiko.

The Gundam Project
THE best information site out there for any kind of Gundam you can imagine. Not only do they cover UC Gundam, but AC and all the other Alternate Universes! They have a section on the technology of GW, and an AC timeline. Awesome!

Boys Don't Cry
An absolutely cute Duo shrine! I am so jealous of the layout on this one. Sugoi!

Kitsune's L A I R
Have you seen Kitsune's piccies in the fanart gallery? If not, go look! She has way more than what I have posted...sadly, I don't have enough room for all of go look!

3 Pilots Page
A very nicely laid out GW page...

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