"Colony no heiwa no tame dattara, yorokonde shinigami ni naru ze!"
("For the peace of the colonies, I will gladly become the God of Death!" --Duo Maxwell)

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This website is a shrine devoted to Duo Maxwell, perhaps the best character of the anime series Shin Kidouseki Gundam Wing. Duo Maxwell does not belong to the webmistress of this shrine, no matter how much she wishes he did, and hopefully his true owners will not be offended. There are edited graphics and fanart on this page; please be aware that stealing is extremely rude, and that's just for starters.

This site is as comprehensive as the webmistress could make it, so there is YAOI material present in the form fanart, fanfiction, doujinshi scans, and the expressed opinion of the webmistress. (Hopefully) All yaoi material will be clearly marked. If there are any problems, please address them to the webmistress at katsu@katsudon.net.