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Prototype Mobile Suit Scorpio Specifications


General Specifications

Head height: 15.5 M
Base Weight: 6.5 tons
Power Generator: 3050 kW
Thrusters: 76000 kg total
Armor Material: Titanium alloy base, some Gundanium alloy

Standard Armament

Active cloak x2 (one working, one backup)
Vulcan cannon x2 (head mounted)
Beam Axe x1 (dubbed "The Executioner's Axe")
Beam Tessen x1 (only equipped on some MS)
Beam Cannon x1 (rear mounted)
Self-destruct Device x1 (nuclear explosives)

Gross Ability Levels

Fighting Ability: Lv 120
Weapons Ability: Lv 110
Speed Ability: Lv 180
Power Ability: Lv 140
Armor Ability: Lv 120

The prototype MS Scorpio was designed with skirmishing and espionage in mind, and much of its technology is based upon Deathscythe Hell--it is equipped with an active cloak, like Gundam 02. Because of the scarcity of Gundanium, only certain portions of the armor are made with it; most of the joints are reinforced with the alloy, and the cockpit is completely armored with it. The MS Scorpio is somewhat weak when compared to some modern MS and the Gundams due to the fact that a great deal of armor and weaponry has been sacrificed in the interest of speed and maneuverability, since the purpose of the MS is stealth rather than one on one fighting. In the event that the Scorpio cannot escape, it is hoped that the unusually high amount of maneuverability possible will give the pilot the advantage in a fight. The Scorpio is flight capable and can remain airborne for long periods of time. It has also been designed to be able to handle land, marine, air, and space environments without re-outfitting, though the ability to switch from one environment to another quickly has never been fully tested. Lastly, it is to be noted that the self-destruct devices were installed in the MS under the vocal protests of Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, and Change Wufei, which were overruled by the scientists in charge of the project.

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