Tyr's Intro

Gently easing the sleek ship through the atmosphere, Tyr was surprisingly pleased as she assessed the fruits of her four year sojourn in the Outer Colonies. She was alive and well, with a new traveling companion, new improvements on her MS, a whole barrage of new toys to show Dad when she got back, and just enough money to get back. Considering the disaster that had been her last job, she figured she had come out even. Hell, counting the ship, she was ahead. Popping in a new CD, Tyr propped her feet up and leaned back, grinning. It was one of the "souvenirs" she had managed to acquire on the side. Life was good.

But before she headed to the nearest shuttle port to go back to Earth, there were a few debts she had to settle. Her smile turned into an ill-boding smirk as her current destination slowly emerged from the surrounding greenery.

"Cub, you better get up here and get seated," she said loudly, confident the sound system she had installed earlier was broadcasting her voice in each compartment of the small ship.

A few moments later, when she realized she hadn't heard the door behind her open, Tyr tried again.

"I mean it Bub. Up'n'at 'em."
"Don't make me get up Cub. Get off that lazy ass of yours and come here."
Still nothing.

Giving him another chance, Tyr tried one last time. She turned off the music and sat up without a trace of her previous good-humor.
"Cub, get up. And. Come. Here."
After waiting about a minute, she put the ship on autopilot and went to retrieve her missing friend. Forty seconds later, she found the most aggravating and most loved part of her life, fast asleep.

The byproduct of a thirty year project to breed the "perfect dog," Cub was large, strong, fast, and deadly. And smart. Too damn smart for his own good, which was why he was taking up over half of Tyr's bed 5 light years away from his birth place. For along with his intelligence, he had the annoying ability to detect the necessity behind a command. If he didn't think it was important enough, he ignored it, like now for instance.

With a well placed slap to his rear, and a loud greeting, she woke him.
"Hey Lazy! Up! We're descending in two seconds."
Lifting one eyelid to let her know exactly what he thought of the rude awakening, Cub closed it again, and turned his head. Of course, stubborn as she was, she couldn't let him get away with that. She was about to push him off the bed when her world turned upside-down.