He was lying half on, half off, of his cot...watching everything upside down. At the current moment, he had the room to himself. Which meant he had time to himself and also time to think. After wondering for a minute where Tatakai had gone, his mind travels to another related place.

Khamryn really didn't know what was up with his feelings toward his roomate. It scared him to think they were there at all, partly because of what had happened to Skylar. But when Winter had..well...done what he supposed she'd had to do, he'd felt an odd sensation that had caused him to be by his partner's side before even thinking about it.

Rolling over onto his side, and more onto the cot, he stares at the wall. Whenever Tatakai was around he seemed to lose logical thinking. He wrinkles his nose. It wasn't just that, it was that his roomate was a GUY. He wasn't supposed to feel that way. The way Winter had been looking at him for a few moments had been...entirely odd.

It was like she knew something that he didn't. And that irritated him. Another part of him screamed at him to get a room change. But the part that...apparently liked his roomate...said no. He didn't know what to do. His mind, in paranoia, told him things would be like they had been with his father. Khamryn couldn't quite bring himself to believe that, but it scared him nontheless.

A genius wasn't needed to know that something was wrong with Tatakai. He wanted to know what, and wanted to help...but yet he didn't. He couldn't bring himself to try getting close again. When he'd kissed his roomate, he'd pretended Tatakai was female. Then the man had freaked out and totally changed. What if something like that happened again? But it wouldn't happen again if he could help it. It somehow hurt to distance himself the little he'd been distancing himself from his partner.

The other half of his mind was on a completely different topic, more or less. It was dreaming of how things -could- be. How Skylar had told him things could be. Even though that half of his mind didn't think a world like that was possible, he dreamt of it anyway. It was better then the memories. Khamryn found himself closing his eyes, just thinking about Tatakai. A small smile came to his face unnoticed. Within a few moments he finds himself asleep. Dreaming this time, and not having nightmares.