The Doc makes an entrance/ "This is NOT my day"

by Steph

~ indicates Marin's thoughts

"Shuttle for Yggdrasil will leave in ten minutes at gate six",the voice on the loudspeaker announced, barely being audible in the din of the airport. Those taking that particular flight bustled to finish their business at the stopover. One of these people was a distinctly Asian girl in her late teens. She wore a doctor's lab coat and her jet black, shoulder length black hair in a loose tail.At the moment she was trying to make a call on an amazingly stubborn videophone....

* * *

"Shoot......" Marin mumbled popping money into the videophone for the fifth time already,"I hope I can make this call before the flight leaves...I'd be at another one by now...but this is the only one not being used....."as she said this, the said machine once again ate the money. Finally with a sigh of exasperation, Marin gave the offending machine a good smack, and as if by miracle it started up and connected to it's destination.

"........." was Marin's general response to all this.

Soon the insignia for the Yamakawa corporation flashed on the screen and an Asian woman in her fifties answered it.

"Maru-chan!!!!!" the woman practically yelled on the other end chirpily(due to natural causes or too much coffee)."Where are you calling from now? Are you Ok??" the woman continued oblivious to the fact that she was so loud people were staring in Marin's general direction.

"Er...could you keep it down Mom??" Marin said trying to calm the older woman somewhat, "I'm fine. I'm at a stopover and should reach the base in about two hours....."


"Shuttle for Yggdrasil will leave in five minutes at gate six," the voice on the loudspeaker announced once again with a trace of urgency to spur the passengers on.

"Oh geeze...Mom, sorry to be so brief but I gotta go now or I'll miss my flight...."

"You'd better go now, but don't forget to call me when you can ok dear?You know I worry about you.....Love you Maru-chan!"

"Segi╣, love you too Mom," and with that, Marin hung up and looked for gate six.....which unfortunately was across the waiting rooms.. the crowded congested waiting rooms. Marin sighed. As sure as she was standing here, she'd have a snowball's chance in hell of making it to the gate in time by just walking. So she decided to try something else.....hoping that it would work...she pulled something out of her bag...........


"Thank You, have a nice day," an aging stewardess in her late 60s said to passengers as they went through gate six, with an extremely sappy and fake smile. "God damnit, I absolutely HATE this job.......collecting damn tickets!!" she thought to herself with gritted teeth."Well that's the last one...thank God...",as she was about to signal the pilot she overheard squawks of indignation and several curses being yelled. Curious, as old as she was, she craned her head as high as possible over the crowd and was promptly surprised as a white blur wizzed by into the gate, dropping it's ticket on the pile she was holding,and managing to scatter some all over.

It took the poor woman to register what she'd just seen. A teenage girl. A teenage girl in a doctor's lab coat, wearing black rollerblades......She pulled out a small bottle of Vodka she had hidden in her blouse, and took a swig with two thoughts running through her head 1.) I don't get paid enough for this..... and 2.) Teenagers these days.............


Marin plopped down on her seat in the shuttle with a sigh of relief and started to relax as the shuttle took off. As she sat there sometime later, she allowed her thoughts to wander....all the way back to that day...that horrible day that haunted her in nightmares..........

~It was a riot...Dad had to go there to treat riot victims......he took me with said no...that it was too dangerous... ~ but he still did.....said I needed to see the world......not to see it with rose tinted glasses, not to be a spoiled dad's said yes then........

Marin shut her eyes, not wanting to remember.

~Shit...don't remember this Marin.....too late.....

"Too late....." Marin muttered to herself still shutting her eyes....the thoughts still came, but scattered...

~The stray happened so fast....I tried to stop it........ ~I tried to stop the bleeding......the bullet much blood.... ~Dad died in my arms......he bled to death.....I came back later that day drenched in his blood.... ~The hate...the yelling...the tears didn't matter......the people still fought.... ~The world went black that day.....I never found who shot that gun........... ~Mom cried when she found out, I'd never seen or heard her cry until then....... ~My world fell apart....tried to kill myself......... ~Yet, when Dad died, only me and Mom really cared, No one else, not even his friends or one cared.... ~NO ONE CARED!!!!!

"Miss, Miss......." a stewardess said gently shaking Marin on the shoulder and jostling her out of her thoughts."We've landed on Yggdrasil......" "Oh thank you...." Marin said getting up shakily ,grabbing her bag and skating out the ramp. When she reached the bottom of the ramp she erased those thoughts she had allowed to accumulate and was confronted with a huge building she assumed to be the base. She skated in and soon found her way to the main office. With no further hesitation, and a deep breath, she walked in.


ten minutes later.....


Marin stepped out of the office and leaned against one of the walls...ok...but still jittery. Normally she'd wouldn't be nervous at all, just report in, get your uniform, and get your room number and that's it. That's what happens... nofuss,no problems, no jittery nerves.....She had done just that and she wasn't nervous at all, it was what happened AFTER this that made her a walking bundle of nerves. Considering how she had tripped skating out of Commander Maxwell's office and crashed into the secretary..............oh boy........It wasn't totally HER fault it's not like the huge box of paperwork in front of the door was in full view.....unfortuneatly the secretary,what was his name??oh yeah...Sorata, had been a little upset by it and all afterwards... he'd probably get over it....maybe...she could hope.....also..she could've sworn the commander found that funny........

"Well.....let's see what room I'm in....." she reached into her pocket for the slip of paper that told her room number.....which wasn't there........"Crap..." She searched her other pockets....."I must've dropped itin the office......" She skated to the door. "This is just not my d-oomppff!" She was cut short because at exactly the same time Sorata stepped out the door, and walked into Marin. Sorata glared at the doctor for a while,being the fact that this person had crashed into him not ONCE but TWICE...

~oh geeze.....deep shit now Marin....

"Looking for this??",he simply said handing her the paper,and walked back into the office,glaring at her slightly over his shoulder.

"Er.....thanks......" Marin said as the door shut. Not the backlash she was expecting....luckily.. This was definitely NOT her day.......

. She started skating,"At least some good came out of this day...I have my own if I can find it -ompff!!" At this point it is safe to say Marin wasn't looking at all at where she was going, as she crashed into someone again and was sent sprawling at which gravity claimed her as its new friend....

"Ow!" Marin cried falling on her keester, after which she began cursing very colorfully in Japanese and Filipino.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't see you!! Are you OK??" A girl with silvery blonde hair said helping Marin to her feet, her amethyst eyes dancing with concern.

"Thanks..yeah..." Marin said getting back on her feet and silently cursing her short stature, because it was probably true that the other girl didn't see her.....

"You must be one of the new doctors!",the girl said brightly,"My name's Aisuru Junsei. Nice to meet you!!!"she said extending her hand for a handshake.

"Marin Yamakawa...Hai, I'm one of the doctors...",she said shaking Aisuru's hand back ,surprised by how strong the girl's handshake was....then at how much a REALLY strong handshake can hurt.....

"Oh! Sorry again," Aisuru said again with a look of horror as she released her grip on Marin's hand and thus returning blood circulation.

"It's you by chance know where this room is??",Marin said showing the slip of paper.

"Oh Yeah! I'm going to pass by that way. I can show you," Aisuru said grabbing Marin's hand again, but being careful not to cut off the circulation again.

"Gee..thanks..I think...",Marin said as she was being pulled along.After a few minutes of silence Aisuru decided to break the silence."So where are you from?? I'm from earth..."

"Oh I lived on Earth for a while, then we moved to the colonies, but after I graduated Med school, my Mom moved back to Earth..and me? Well, I came here."

"Wow! How old are you??"


"I'm 16! You must be REALLY smart if you've graduated Med school already..."

"Not really......"

During this Marin spied a lounge were she saw some ensigns hanging out. She also noticed a piano, so she decided to keep that location in mind....

"Do you like video games??" Her bouncy guide asked.

"Oh sure..I've haven't gotten to play with em for a while though.....I haven't had to much time to with my work and all....I have one of those old twentieth century ones....what's it called?? Yeah, a playstation....and some games for it....maybe I can get my Mom to ship it here......"

"I've played them before! The graphics weren't as good as they are now, but they had some neat games.....didja play the one that was called Final Fantasy 8??"

"Oh geeze....that was a pretty good game.....I absolutely love those old RPGs!!!!"

"So do I! Well, I like all video games! Here we are! This is the room number you were assigned right??",Aisuru stopped at a door.

Marin inspected the number,"Hmmmm...Yep! This is the one! Thanks a lot for helping me out."

"No problem! Hey I'll probably see you in the infirmary! The doctors seem to like doing tests on me," the girl joked and then made a mock sour face.

"Yeah, you probably will!But probably not for testing!",Marin said laughing.

"Ok! Bye!",and with a bright grin ,Aisuru left.

"See ya around Aisuru!Drop by the infirmary any time!"Marin called out to the girl, smiling, as she turned around a corner.

"Here's "Home" for a while",Marin said to herself as she opened the door.


Marin stepped into the room and was assailed by dust bunnies. Coughing slightly, she dropped her bag and surveyed the room ....not bad.....there was a bed and a dresser in a corner with a mirror. She opened her bag and removed its contents...and placed them around the room. Satisfied with the placement of everything, she flopped onto her bed. She stared up at the ceiling for a moment contemplating her day.

~It wasn't too bad.....sure some stuff happened that shouldn't have.....but look on the bright side, I'm here and I made a new friend...

With a small grin on her face Marin shut her eyes and went to sleep.


Segi ╣(sp??)=Filipino for "Ok"