Title: Somebody New
(an Alex type of a fic)
Author: Kuriyamimizu
Date: 6/14/01
Copyrights: Hane is the property of her player, `Lex is mine, there
these are done 

Timing of the fic: After Akai, before Swim and Naiteiru.. smack in
the middle of Akai and Swim. Al is a busy gal, she's making lots of
new friends. 

      Alex stretched, shaking off the last lingering remnants of
the nightmare that had danced across her mind as she slept. That
always seemed to happen when she went to new places. The nightmare
itself was of small consequence. Beside her pillow her music player
was still going softly, an old Fugees song spilling out and into the
silence of the room. She had been listening to the player before
she'd fallen asleep.

//Man, what time was it anyway? I'm still so tired…//  Alex peered
groggily over at the little clock near her bed and noted the time to
be around six o'clock, AM in the morning. Outside her window, light
was beginning to show in the sky. Alex shook the last vestiges of
sleep from herself and sat up, throwing her feet out from under the
sheets to touch the floor.

//Whatever. It's time to get up.//

      There was already activity out in the hallways. She couldn't
honestly think of a time when there {wasn't} activity out in the
hallways. Everyone always seemed to be awake around this base.

//There's so many people that it would make sense to have people up
at any given hour.// She slowly got dressed, attending to the needs
of the morning and then sitting down on the bed again.

//I don't think breakfast is going be served yet. It's almost an
indecent hour of the morning. I think I have time for a shower before

_ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Breakfast came, breakfast went. Alex said hello to Flynn in
the mess hall before the female pilot excused herself to someplace
else. Alex understood. Everyone had places they had to be on base and
she was needed elsewhere. She had yet to be told exactly where
Computer Sciences was exactly, and wasn't sure who to ask so she
figured she might as well get to know the facility so she wouldn't
get lost in the future. After breakfast she took and opportunity to
walk around a little and get familiarized with everything around her.

      Eventually she came to the gym. It figured they would have
someplace for people to work out. She stood and looked at the little
sign for a moment more before realizing something.

//Hold it.. gym equals…..pool?//

      Alex smiled, this place was beginning to hold a speck of
interest to her. She really didn't like to work out heavily, but if
one did not perform some sort of exercise one tended to become fat
and lazy. Or at least the former. She swam as a way of keeping in
shape. She had gone to a local fitness club before she had been here
with the lions. She figured they ought to have a pool. The large
complex seemed to have everything.

//A miniature world for the doomed//, she mused morosely. Something
about being a soldier really struck a chord of fear in her. She had
never signed up for any type of military service before and had felt
no inclination to do so in the future. She sighed and then stepped
forward into the doorway of the gym. She was completely and utterly
unprepared for the sight that greeted her.

      A young woman, yelling obscenities and running rather quickly
around what appeared to be a gymnastics floor mat. The strange thing
about the whole scene was that behind the young woman, following like
heat-seeking missiles were weights. Of all sizes and shapes, from a
barbell to the small five-pound hand-weights.  The girl was running
but they stayed perfectly in time with her, air-borne and following.
The strangeness of the scene was enough to suppress the first,
instinctual spike of fear that shot through Alex's mind upon looking
at it all. Common sense told her to run down the hall. The look on
the girl's face said `help me'. She found herself talking before she
put too much thought into it.

"You alright?"

      Looking back at her question a second later Alex could calmly
surmise that was an extremely stupid question. In the meantime, the
girl, startled by the question aimed her way stopped, only to have
the barbell slam into her back and pin her to the floor with a dull
thud. Alex's eyes went wide as she stepped forward, avoiding the
floating weights. The girl, now quite pinned under the large weight
of the barbell, looked to her and wheezed out an answer to her

"Yeah…just peachy."

      The elder woman couldn't help it. It was a person shorter
than herself, pinned under a heavy piece of weight-lifting equipment.
Bracing herself and lifting from her knees Alex attempted to get the
weight off of the girl. She succeeded in moving it up just slightly,
but enough so that the little girl could wriggle free of it just
before Alex dropped it again, having it land on the ground with
another *thud *.

      Now that the little gal was free Alex felt free to ask her a
couple of the questions that were careening around wildly in her
head.  "Could you tell me.. what just happened there? Why were the
weights air-borne?" Alex paused momentarily, looking and feeling more
than a little nervous.

"Is this normal? I just got here yesterday.. oh yeah.. by the way..
my name's Alex," she said, smiling down to the little gal on the

      The girl waved up, from her prone position. "I'm Hane. Heh,
my fault 'bout the weights. They should stop eventually . . .And
thank you!! I think my ribs were about to acquire a permanent dent."

      The red-head nodded, peering at the weight she had just
dropped. "DANG! That thing's heavy." She paused to offer a hand down
to the prone Hane. "I was happy to help, but how was that your
fault?" Alex had yet to make any sort of connection between Hane and
the floating weights that were still drifting lazily about in their
general vicinity. She ducked to avoid a passing twenty-pounder.

      Hane nodded, agreeing about the weight of the barbell. "Try
having it across your back! Hold on a minute and I'll make them

      Alex blinked, trying to process what the girl was saying. Was
{she} the one doing that? With a  nervous smile she looked to Hane
again. "Er, should I move or anything?"

      The little gal contemplated the weights. "Well, you might
want to duck.." she turned and smiled to Alex. "Don't worry, I won't
zap you or anything."

      The red-headed woman watched, a little afraid and a little
awestruck as the smaller girl concentrated and in a flash of what
seemed to be electricity brought the weights down to the floor again.
Suddenly the flight of the weights made sense. Electricity was linked
to magnetism. Very slowly this was beginning to make sense. The
weights crashed all around her, she had been well advised to duck.
Poking her head back up she stared fascinated and a little
intimidated at Hane.

"How is it that you can do that??" Her curiosity had started to run
rampant, this was almost as interesting as trying to crack a code on
a computer, though not at all of the same nature. This was slightly
scary and very new.

      The girl in front of her looked a little abashed, and when
she spoke, she sounded slightly nervous. "Probably could have done
that without the fireworks." She turned back to face Alex
completely. "I'm electrokinetic. It's a real pain in the arse around

      Alex blinked, slightly confused. "You mean, you can make
electricity and static and stuff do what you want with your mind?" It
was a good thing she had paid attention in English class, otherwise
the word might have gone right over her head.

      Hane nodded shyly. "You're not gonna…y'know, flip now,

      Alex almost laughed. The time to flip out had long since
passed. She was willing to take this with a cool head and an open
mind. The scene moments before had been beyond weird, but she had
been told she might see some strange things. "I'll admit……your…
talents… do make me a little nervous. However, you didn't zap me and
you seem nice. I'm willing to give everyone a fair first-chance."

      She paused, a small smile creeping onto her lips. "I think
it's kind of interesting besides the giant strangeness factor, to me
anyway. I was told when I came there were umm.. let me think.. what
was the word? Oh yeah! Newtypes around the base. Are you one of

      Hane smiled back, some of her tension fading away. "I'm glad,
and yeah, I'm a Newtype." By way of demonstration she held up her
hands and Alex watched as electricity crackled and danced across her
palms. "It's most definitely strange."

      Alex thought on what she had just seen a moment before
laughing quietly, and smiling to Hane. "That must be useful during
power outages."

      Hane laughed as well. "Yeah, but never can get the static
outta my hair." As she watched Hane concentrated again, and brought
the weights up, presumably to put them away. Wanting to help, Alex
grabbed a few of the smaller ones and walked back toward the rack
with the younger girl.  "Must be a pain to have static-y hair all of
the time."

      Hane's tone turned ever-so-slightly mischievous. "Yeah, but
it does come in handy when camping. Don't need a power outlet."

      Alex laughed again, already finding this young lady good-
tempered and nice, not really all that frightening at all. "I would
guess. So where do you work in this giant maze of a complex?"  Her
smile had clicked firmly into the `on' position as she replaced the
smaller weights around and on the rack.

      Hane was floating one of the barbells up and into place and
it didn't want to go back, and instead rested against her hand. "I'm
in R and D. So far I haven't managed to find it." She gave the weight
another shake. "You?"

      Alex reached over and guided the floating object to its
place, not staring, aware that the younger lady was slightly
embarrassed. "I'm in Computer Sciences. I haven't even TRIED to find
it. I got a map of the complex when I arrived here though. I got
really lost just getting in to talk with the Commander Maxwell ."

      The smaller woman brushed he hair back out of her face and
spoke on, embarrassed about something. Alex could figure that it was
the untoward display of her powers that had suddenly occurred. She
could rationalize that perhaps the young lady would be a smidgen
embarrassed. "I got told that the base was a big circle. I spent most
of the first day going around and around the edge."

      Alex could remember very well her first day, being that it
had only been a day or so. She rolled her eyes, remembering the
confusion. "I got SO lost.." She found herself grinning at her own
exploit. "I went this way, that way, wandering into places I probably
shouldn't have gone and ended up outside somehow. A pilot, Flynn's
her name, she showed me to where I was supposed to be."

      Hane nodded, completely understanding what the red-headed
woman had gone thought. A tentative smile touched her lips. "I
actually walked into my room by accident."

      The Irish woman laughed, looking amused and put upon at the
same time. "Not me, I couldn't find anything. The commander's
secretary told me where I was supposed to go. I have NO sense of
direction." She laughed at herself gently. "Yet it seems you had a
stroke of luck there."

      Hane giggled gently, beginning to loosen up around the
friendly Irish lady. "I was SO relieved." She paused, curious. "Did
you find anything interesting while you were wandering around?"

      Alex thought back and couldn't remember anything interesting
beside the location of the men's bathroom (which wasn't all that
noteworthy in the first place). "Well, at the time I didn't know if,
but I found the Den. Flynn told me it's where a lot of the officers
hang in their off-time.  Ahh.. I passed by the gym to.. I'm hoping
the have a pool.." she paused for a moment to think about her
swimsuit. "That's about it. It was dazed and confused, and trying to
get wherever it was that I was going at the time and I really didn't
pay attention. I didn't even have the sense to read the signs."

      Hane bounced slightly, beginning to look like an excited
child. "Oh hey, maybe you could show me the Den sometime?" She paused
reflectively. "I've never heard anybody mention a pool, but we seem
to have everything else, so it's probably around here somewhere."

      Alex smiled to Hane. "I wouldn't mind showing you at all.
I'll show you it later today. I heard someone mention a pool, I'm
sure of it.  Wait…"  Alex peered over the only person on the base
that she had met yet that was shorter than she and saw a sign. It was
above a door, and it read: POOL.

"COOL! It's through that door."

She grinned, already making plans for a swim at some point. "C'mon,
I'll show you the Den, Flynn said it had everything."

Hane was rather hyper about the whole situation, acting more like a
child than her actual age, whatever it might have been. She grinned
back at Alex brightly.
Yeah! Sounds cool!"

      Alex smiled. This little gal reminded her of some of her
little friends in the neighborhood she had used to live in. They were
all good kids too.

"Alright, let's go."

~ To be Continued ~