Yes! Woohoo! I finally get to put up Sorata's song fic. I personally think it could be better,
and I hope it's not confusing for anybody. Anywayz, here it is. Nice little random fic, but definatly before basic.



Sorata walked down to his room slowly, the paper's and files held in front of his chest as any girl might carry something. He frowned at the random leer's he got from security guards or scientists who had yet to pull themselves from their holes in the ground. All they saw was an attractive female was'nt it? How dare they. Closing his eyes tightly as he walked he was careful not to lash out at them, not to kill them.

Duo needed these beasts didn't he? A shame. He walked the hall to his room with his eyes closed, knowing his way by heart now and opened the door slowly. At least he had some refuge Not much of one perhaps, but better than any he'd lived in before. Anything to get away from Lance, Tatakai and the rest of the assholes on this base.. he truly had no idea why Duo kept them around.. Tatakai just moped around, Lance may be a useful piece of scrap metal with machinery, but he had a particularly annoying ego with his hanger, not to mention he could hardly talk straight most of the time.

Khamryn was a GIRL for all the way he acted and he cared not to even think about the other's he disliked in this shithole. Aisuru and Duo seemed to be the only one's who really brightened his day, not to mention Michael's antics which quite often were hilarious. Tossing the files on the desk and pushing the play and repeat button's on his CD player he sat down at the edge of the bed as the 20th century music started it's swaying and seductive tune what had people once called this sort of music? "Gothic.." he thought yes that was the word.. Gothic.. He lowered his face into his thin hands as the soft voice of Siouxsie flowed with the music..

"Face to face" Images of himself in the mirror flashed through his mind. His mother had stepped up behind him that day..

"My lovely foe" His mother. She had been lovely hadn't she?..

"Mouth to mouth" That woman's mouth to his. He visably shuddered.

"Raining heaven's blows.." He frowned deeply he'd been happier when he was beaten than he was when being touched.. Heaven's angels even scorned him.

"Hand on Heart.." Drawing one hand from his face he let it fall down to rest on his chest lightly. He could already feel his heart beat harder in response to his memories..

"Tic Tac Toe.." His eyes clenched together tighter. They'd made him act.. smile.. when they were around people. As if the three were a happy family.. faces can lie so much.

"Under the Stars.." The stars his only witness to it all. They were born of violence too, weren't they?

"Naked as we flow.." he simply cringed at those words..

"Cheek to Cheek.." One thumb gently brushed over his cheek.. he felt more like he was always on the brink of sanity.. cheek to cheek..

"The bittersweet.." Bittersweet memories. No, just bitter..

"Commit your crime. In your deadly time" he smirked faintly at that line Their deadly time.. they were dead for their crime against him..

"It's too divine.." The thought of killing them had been divine so very divine...

"I want to bend.." Bend their bodies in half yes..

"I want this bliss.." He twitched faintly. Something was loosening..he almost welcomed the sweet darkness that claimed him when this happened.

"..But something says I must resist.." He shook his head slowly and held to his conciousness.. he always had to resist something..

He opened his eyes slowly and stood from the bed at the small break of singing and walked towards his mirror, hips swaying in time to the music What else do you do in an asylum? Sit and stare? No.. he danced.. he swayed.. he climbed and squirmed from the jacket's they put him in..

"Another life.." he looked up into the mirror and carefully took one of his gold colored contacts out. He had no reason to remember his old life.. the painful one..

"Another time.." It had been long enough.. he could let it go.. couldn't he?

"We're Siamese twins writhing intertwined.." He looked in the mirror slowly.. One eye of gold, one of brown.. his face slowly became angry.. He hated his mother's eye's.

"Face to Face.." To his mind, the image in the mirror had changed.. without the golden contact, the right side of his face was no longer his.. but his mother's visage. Side by side with his.. He literally snarled at the mirror and looked away quickly.

"No telling lies.." Lies all of them told lies.. except Duo-sama. He loved that man's motto..

"The masks they slide to reveal a new disguise.." Masks.. that's what he wore is'nt it? No.. there was a difference between not telling and hiding right?

"You never can win.." Yes he could he'd managed so far.. "This danger thrills.. and my conflict kills.." He smirked once more.. danger was a thrill to anyone, or so he thought.. right up until they died perhaps..

"They say follow your heart follow it through.." Heart how does one follow their heart anyway? He was'nt sure of such things.. he didn't think most people had them honestly.

"But how can you.. when it's split in two?" Split in two yes, that's how he felt.. Something was always out of place.. mething was always lurking just out of his reach in the shadows of his mind, and it was something that shared his shattered mind and heart.

"And you'll never know.. you'll never know.." he tapped one heeled foot on the floor slowly at the repeated chorus. Of course they'd never know.. he would'nt tell them such things. He simply wouldn't.

"One more kiss before we die.." He smirked lightly, his head jerking in a quick single spasm. He had seen them for an instant had seen her before she died.. He stood above her and laughed at her terrified face, just before it had all faded away again.. No no more kisses for that wench..

"Face to Face.. and dream of flying.." Dream of flying he had often.. didn't everyone? Mayhaps for different reasons than his though..

"Who are you?" His eyes trailed up to the mirror once more and his smirk faded. He had wanted to know who killed them he wanted to thank him.. or to have that person teach him.

"Who am I?" He raised his thin right hand to cover his brown, exposed eye and stared hard at the mirror Shinomori he was death of the forest.. death of this walking forest of human deciet..

"Wind in wings. Two angel's falling.." Again he smirked, slowly reaching down to replace the removed contact. Wind gave the fire wings to lick at the sky.. and he heard them screaming as the house fell about them in flames.. he loved their screaming.. two black angel's engulfed in fire.. two demon's gone. "With a last kiss.." The kiss of fire had been their last, and the only one they deserved....

"It's falsehood's flame.." Falsehood's flame.. how very true.. the fire raged and purified their lies, turning them to ash..

"It's a crying shame.." Crying? No laughter joy.. no tears.....

"Face to face The passion's breath.." The passion's.. the muses breath.. those were his muses now..

"I hate to stay but then I hate to leave." Stay.. leave.. killing.. life.. People contemplated such things every day didn't they? To stay on this world, or rid themselves of it.. and something kept them here something kept that the shadows, here too..

"And you'll never know you'll never know.." Finally replacing the contact and leaning back in his chair he stared blankly at the ceiling, listening again to the repeated chorus and the music slowly fade There was always something never to know.. Those outside, would never know him truly.. and he, in turn, would never know what it was that hid in his shadows.. no one else saw it. He would never know who had burned his home, no.. that house.. and he would never understand what or why he felt like he did.. something always at conflict with him. Again, his head jerked in an odd spasm and he slowly closed his eyes must be a headache.. yes.. a headache.. that was it.