This fic takes place at the same time as Mushoku, parts I II and II!
Only warning here is that you may get cavities!


It was late, but she had just been so busy today that there simply hadn't been any time till now. Stepping up to door of the infirmary Aisuru took a deep breath. Medical test were NOT something she enjoyed. But Commander Duo had told her to report to the infirmary and that was what she would do!

Toggling the switch that was next to the door she waited for the mechanism to open. And when she peered in, the area was brightly lit. And though people were moving about, doing their tasks, no one was in a hurry.

Aisuru stepped through the door and tucked herself in an out of the way spot besides the wall. For a moment she just watched, her amethyst eyes cataloging what she saw. The area was clear, spotless, but that was to be expected. However there was something different about it, though the girl couldn't put her finger on it. On the surface it looked like any other medical facility but...

~It's not intimidating~ she realized.

That in itself was a wonderful thing. Granted there wasn't anything in the universe that could intimidate the ever smiling girl but it was a nice change!

When one of the personnel, a thin man in a lab coat, walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder she smiled brightly at him. "Can I help you, Ensign?" the man asked.

With shining eyes she nodded at him. "Hai! Commander Duo wanted me to come and have some tests done." The thick, serviceable braid her silver hair had been twisted into, bounced with the motion.

The doctor tried to hide a wince at the piercing sound of the first word. He must have been successful as the girl didn't seem to notice. There was only one person the man knew who was scheduled to have been given tests. "Are you ensign Junsei?" The girl was nodding again, still with that big smile plastered on her face!

"Yes sir," the girl crowed, "That's me!"

The doctor's eyes widened at the girl. Was it possible for anyone person to have so much energy? And at the end of the day no less! But where such speech would otherwise grate on the man, he found the girl's behavior rather endearing. There was such a guileless light in her shining amethyst eyes...

[LA: Yup! She tends to have that effect on people!]

"So what am I supposed to be doing," Aisuru wanted to know. The inoccent question was underscored by the cute expression of curiousity on her face.

The doctor shook off the slightly dazed feeling in his head and ushered the girl into an office set in the wall to one side. Mutely he indicated that the ensign should take a seat. As Aisuru sat (though she was anything but still) in the utilitarian seat the doctor stepped behind the desk, settling himself in his own plush chair. Reaching out a stubby hand the man grabbed the folder that had been waiting for him. It was the ensign's medical history and he had already gone over it...a couple of times! But still there were some things that he needed to clarify...

"Ensign...what was the cause of your multheria cusimism?" The doctor asked as he flipped to the relevant part of the file he was holding.

Aisuru stilled a little, the question giving her something to focus on. She just shrugged her shoulders before she opened her mouth. "No one knows," the girl explained. "They couldn't figure out what was causing it so there was no way to head off the condition before it became full blown and incurable."

The doctor nodded. The fact that Aisuru Junsei had survived the disease was well know in the medical community. As was the name of the man who managed to cure the incurable; and his quest to duplicate the feat...

Dr. Shousan had been to stabilize the drug he had used on young Aisuru but so far it had little to no effect on any of the other patients that had been given the opportunity to participate in sanctioned human trials. Nor had any of the other patients experianced the side effect Shuosan's first patient had-well, suffered wasn't the correct word.

So far the prevalent theory as to -why- it happened to Aisuru, it was a freak accident. A reaction to the drug spurred by her genetic make up. But there was no way to prove that...

Flipping to the next page he quickly scanned the contents. "Has anyone ever tested the limits of your strength?" There was nothing in the file to indicate that is had been done formally but someone might have done -some- tests.

The girl just shook her head empathically. Well they would just have to arrange a battery of tests then. And some blood work should be done as well as a physical examination. The doctor scribbled some quick notes on the pad of paper in front of him.

* * *

As the doctor wrote silently, Aisuru shifted in her chair. She was anxious to get started, sitting still was not what she wanted to be doing. Eventually though the man tucked her file under his arm and stood up. He briskly motioned that she should follow. The girl did so but her attention was quickly taken by other things they passed. People, electronics...some odd orange tape hanging off a metal bar....

Eventually she was ushered into a mid-sized room that looked like a mini-weight room. It was packed with a variety of weight machines. Aisuru walked in the room looking curiously at the machines and the instruments attached to them. She barely noticed that doctor had walked into a glassed in control booth.

The first machine she came to was a bunch of weights connected by a pully. The max amount that could be used was 200kg. The apparatus was hardly remarkable....

Turning around she spotted the doctor in the control booth. Beside the first doctor were three other people in lab coats, two men and a woman. "So what do you want me to do," Aisuru addressed the doctor and his colleagues brightly.

One of the other men in a lab coat come out of the booth and approached her. "Well...ensign...we need to put these electrodes on you." He was holding out two little suction-cup type things, each sporting a small, blinking light. Aisuru held still as the man approached her and quickly pressed the items against her temples, a sticky substance holding them against her skin.

As the man stepped back she heard the first doctor speak, his voice coming through a speaker set up in the corner of the room. "We just want to establish some basic parameters Ensign. Could you please take a seat at the weight machine to your right?"

Aisuru glanced over and there was indeed a machine there. From the looks of it this one was meant to be used to strengthen a person's leg muscles. With a big smile on her face she sat down and placed her feet on the pedals, easily moving them. Someone had left the machine set so that only half the weight was being used. Getting up from the seat she walked around to the weight's and changed the setting. Taking the pin from the original setting of 80kgs and put it all the way down to the bottom which happened to be 200kgs.

Taking her seat once more she again pushed against the pedals but the change in resistance was almost unnoticeable. She was completely oblivious to the shocked looks the observers shared among themselves.

Again the silver haired girl stood up. For a quiet moment she just stood there regarding the weight machine. Before the doctor's could figure out what she was about, the girl bent over and grabbed the corner of the weight machine. With an abrupt motion the girl hoisted contraption up into the air as though it was nothing more then a cardboard box. The astonished on-lookers watched as the girl carried her burden a couple of meters across the room to the next weight machine. There she bent down and grasped the second machine. As with the first she lifted it up into the air.

Now holding one in each hand, the girl calmly marched over to a third such apparatus. Though it wasn't humanly possible the doctors' slack jaws dropped even farther as they watched the girl's actions.

Experimentally Aisuru hefted the one in her left hand. The weight wasn't too bad....and she thought she'd be able to compensate for the thing's odd balance. Glancing up she judged the rooms ceiling. ~It should be high enough~ The girl barely thought about it before her slight body tensed and then the contraption in her left hand went flying straight up into the air.

Moving so quickly that the stunned doctors weren't quite sure how she managed it, the girl picked up the third weight machine with her free hand. There was a timeless moment as the doctors watched the girl watching the other large contraption she had seemingly so carelessly tossed into the air. In slow motion everyone watched as the steel construct came drifting down...and landed on top of the other two such objects that she already held.

Asides an audible grunt and a slight stagger the girl gave no other signs of stress as she strove to find the correct balance for her unlikely burden. Quickly the doctors tried to tally up how much weight the ensign was supporting. Oh course they also had to remember to figure in the weight of the apparatus' frame....

Aisuru didn't really think anything of her accomplishment...she knew that she had done more in the past. But it was the best she could do in the cramped room. May be she should suggest to the doctor that they go to the hanger...surely they could find something -there- that would be more of a challenge.

For a moment she toyed with the idea of juggling her burden. The thought made her grin but she decided against it. Juggling was not something she had ever been very good at, and the commander probably wouldn't appreciate large dents in the floor that would result from her dropping the apparatus.

Instead she began to make her way over to the observation booth. But as she walked, something ...odd...happened.

/...fear...fear...fear...run away.../

The sudden need to flee hit her full force. It staggered her and she struggled to keep the weight machines balanced.


It hurt! Everything hurt! Her arms went limp.

/...fear...anger...ghost pain...anger...rage...fury..../

The blunt edges of the metal crashed against her, forcing her to the ground beneath the impossible weight she had been supporting moments ago. But even that wasn't enough to brake her free of the sensations and emotions that were ripping at her soul.


Aisuru wanted to be anywhere else! She had to run...to get away...she couldn't let them hurt her any more! But she couldn't move. The heap of metal saw to that. Feebly she struggled to get from beneath the mess of metal. Everything hurt...but that was only a minor concern. She HAD to get away!

Then it-whatever it was-was gone. And her mind immediately focused on the pain of her body. "Itai," she managed weakly.

* * *

The doctors watched horrified as the girl lost her grip on the apparatus and the whole pile came crashing down on top of her. In stunned immobility they just stood there. Then a weak whisper of sound floated to them.


She was still alive! As one they serged into the room intent on digging the ensign out from beneath the mass of metal. But as the group hurried to do just that they quickly realized that, even with them all working together, they barely managed to budge even one of the weight machines. They were going to need help!

However...before anyone could move more then a step or two towards the door the heap before them shuddered, the sound of metal scrapping metal reverberating off the walls of the room. The three men and one woman watched as the pile shifted. Then, with a crash, the three items were thrown off, revealing one very distraught looking girl who promptly collapsed to her knees and just concentrated on breathing.

* * *

In the small examination room, Aisuru sat on the paper covered table and compliantly let the nurse poke and prod her. She just didn't have the energy to make a fuss. In fact more then anything she wanted to find her bed and just collapse into it!

"You are a very lucky young lady," the nurse proclaimed as she stood up and regarded the sliver haired ensign before her. Actually, that was a serious understatement! "You'll be turning some every interesting shades of blue and green. But other then bruises you seem to be fine. I would suggest though that you go back to you quarters and rest."

The nurse looked hard at the girl. The ensign looked ready to drop. Perhaps she should call for a wheelchair...or else insist that the girl stay over night in the infirmary. But before she could voice either suggestion the girl was slipping on the examination table and standing on her own, if shakily.

The nurse hurried to steady her patient. "Sit back down Ensign!" Aisuru gave the nurse a peculiar look but gave in and took her seat on the table once more. "Now you are going to stay there and not move while I'm gone," the nurse admonished the girl. "I'm just going to double check your x-rays and ask Dr. Mathers what he wants to do with you." The nurse gave the girl a hard look and Aisuru just nodded as she studied her hands...she was really to tired to do much else.

Satisfied that the ensign wasn't going to up and disappear on her the nurse let herself out of the room, closing to door behind her so that the girl would have some privacy.

* * *

Aisuru barely noticed when the nurse left. It would have been real nice to just collapse and go to sleep for a couple days. But as she sat there her heard sounds coming through the wall at her. Idly she focus what little was left of her thoughts on the sounds.

"Get the fuck away from me!"

The words where vehement and forceful. And that was the only reason that had reached her. Aisuru slowly slipped off the bed and carefully approached the opposite wall but what she heard was distorted at best.

"Serial # ...RNA catalyzation...successful enhancements...five point three normal human...human; pain tolerance, unknown...skull and all large bones; aural...resistance satisfactory...rated failure--"

~What was that all about~ she wondered, as the words made no sense to her.

"...file for your health, you can go..."

~File?~ She pressed her ear to the wall but it didn't help much.

"...don't have to play any games...terminate me..."

~Terminate!~ the girl thought aghast. But the voices were hushed again.

"...I don't even have a fucking name."

"You are Michael."

~Michael?~ She tried to recall a face to go with that name. Granted, she hadn't been on the base long...but she seemed to remember someone pointing out to her a young man with shocking blue hair.

"...I am nothing. I mean nothing."

The suffering and self-recrimination in that voice-the one she had concluded was Michael-made Aisuru's heart ache. No one should be in that much pain!

"I'm not your brother, I'm not your friend, I am a complete stranger."

"You're my partner."

~Partner?~ The girl racked her brains for the name of Michael's partner. Had she met the woman? From the sound of the voice, it was a woman. But Aisuru couldn't think if she had or hadn't. She was so tired.

Before she could really think of much else she moved shakily back over to the bed and gratefully stretched out on the flat surface. Her last conscious thought was ~He's hurting...I don't want him to be hurting...He needs a friend~ And with that her body gave up the fight and gratefully sank into the depths of slumber.

* * *

Dr. Mathers followed the young nurse back into the examination room. He had been there when the girl's accident had occurred and it was a miracle she was still alive. So it was understandable that he was skeptical of the nurses report and wanted to examine the girl himself.

As they entered the room the man's eyes when habitually to table...and felt his lips twitch. The ensign was sound asleep, her breathing calm and even. According to the nurse there was no evidence of a concussion. But he was concerned nonetheless and quickly strode over to the table.

Placing a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder, he shook her slightly. After a moment the lids opened and he found himself staring at a pair of sleep fogged amethyst eyes.

Seeing her gaze focus on him he spoke softly but with conviction. "Ensign? Can you sit up?"

When the girl nodded and then pushed herself upright as she slowly swung her legs over the edge of the table the doctor sighed a little in relief. But it didn't escape his notice that that she continued to wince as she moved.

Quickly the doctor checked the girl's pupils but saw nothing to cause him concern. In short order he examined the girl but soon came to the conclusion that the nurse had been right. The was massive bruising but nothing else was wrong with the girl.

The entire time a steady lilac gaze regarded him. Finally, when he had stood back to look at her the girl asked, "Can I go to sleep now?" And before either the doctor or the nurse could think to say anything the girl was curling up on the table top once more and sank into the hard pallet with a contented sigh.

* * *

As she drifted off a second time Aisuru vaguely recalled that there was something she should be doing. But finally she gave into the demands of her body. Whatever it was could wait til she woke.



For the rrecord Ai is niether telepathic or empathic. What she picked up
was SOME of what Seimei was broadcasting.