Getting On With It

Pip's Intro Ficcie

By Sarah H.

During her lifetime, Piper Tay Ross had seen many things and been through just about as much. She'd seen fellow soldiers die in battle and friends from childhood grow cold and distant, regarding the short red headed girl as a murderer since she was now a solider. Piper had seen her own blood on the battle field and felt her own body scream with pain as she tried to escape the chaos of the battle field. She had watched as the gundams chopped down her friends and comrades.

And the supreme irony of all of it was that she was now going to be working under them.It was all of this that brought the slight mechanic out before the dawn, clad in her best slacks and white dress shirt, with a small offering of daisies. A carry sack was slung over her shoulder as she walked down the small road that lead between the granite memorials for the fallen soldiers. She stopped in front of the familiar worn face of a stone that had become too familiar over the past few months. Once she'd found the stone of her oldest friend, she'd made it a ritual to visit it once a week, confiding the secrets that she had once trusted with the living with the dead.

Kneeling, Pip placed the offering on the ground in front of the headstone before running her hands over the familiar name. Benjamin Tolye.

"Well, Ben," she said conversationally as she sat down and crossed her legs in front of her. "I won't be seeing you anymore. I've got a new job. A mechanic at for the Black Lions. It's some sorta group of covert operations people run by three of the former Gundam pilots." She gave a laugh.

"There's your irony, Ben. I'll be working for your killers. No, I don't hate them. It was war. We killed people too. We're to blame for deaths. Out hands are just as dirty." She shook her head, looking at the sun as it slowly peeked over the horizon. "I'll miss talking to you though. You've been the only person who knows all my secrets and they all died with you. But I know that they still would be very safe if you were alive." She rose, dusting off her slacks.

"But now, I've got to go. I already told Jake that I'd write him. And Cale and the others. They'll come to see you. The Beast is already on its way there since I dare not fly the things right now. I'm trying to fix the engine and its barely working at the moment. Take care. I'll visit you when I can and if. Wait for me on the other side, Benny dear."

Pip turned, grabbing up her carry sack and walking towards the road that lead towards the station and ultimately, her new home. Many bags of peanuts and miles later, Pip was walking up the last bend in the road to her new place of employment. She could just see the top of what she guessed to be a hanger over through the gaps in the trees as she walked.

Just swinging her bag, she continued down the path before her. Moments later, she was standing in the doorway of the open hanger, letting her carry sack of belongings drop before her. So, this was her new home? Trusting that her carry bag wouldn't be disturbed, she walked a few feet further into the hanger, looking at the mobile suits. They were unlike anything that she had ever seen and in beautiful condition. She whistled in appreciation under her breath, linking her arms behind her back as she walked.

"Nice suits," she said to no one in particular. The sounds of a monkey wrench made her look up, ears perking up to the familiar sounds of tools. "Hello?" She walked towards the sound, pin pointing it to a man with dusty brown hair perched at a machine. She continued to walk up, wondering who it was. "Hello? I'm new here and I was wondering if you could tell me where I'm supposed to go..." Pip trailed off, letting the hand she was waving fall to her side.

The man just looked up at her like she was as nuts as she felt at that moment. Not knowing what else to do, Pip just gave a huge grin and waved. "I'll leave you to fixing the suit there.." she said, turning and wandering back towards her bag.

"That's Lance," a voice said from above her. Pip looked up, seeing the backlit outline of a person. "He's the God of the hanger. Don't let him scare you." Her bag dropped and she could tell the person was grinning at her.

"Might wanna keep your bag with you. There are some people around her who enjoy pulling practical jokes and you're new sooo.."

"Thanks," Pip said, picking up the bag and hooking her arms through the loops. "No problem." The girl-she was now absolutley sure it was a girl now by the voice-slid to the ground. An auburn braid followed her path of decent.

Pip looked up at her, idly noting that everyone around her was already taller than her meager four feet and ten inches. "I'm Trinity, a mechanic. You?"

"Piper.. er, Pip. A hopeful mechanic. I just got transferred here."

"You checked in with the powers that be yet?" she asked, crossing her arms at the girl. Pip shook her head.

"Well, you better go do that." She uncrossed an arm to point in the direction of the offices. "Duo's probably in his office. You can check in with him and get a room."
Pip grinned. "Umm.. thanks." The slight mechanic turned on heel and
strode in the direction of the hallway, reading the names on the doors as she walked by. Finding an open door, she poked her head in.

"Hello? Anyone in here?" she asked the desk covered in a mountain of
papers. She peeked at the door plate, reading off the name to herself.
"Umm.. Mr. Duo Maxwell?"

A head popped up from behind the mountains of paper suddenly, making Pip jump.
"You're Duo Maxwell?"
"Oh," was the only response. She hadn't thought that the pilot of the
Deathscythe would look almost innocent.

"Well, since you know my name, can I have yours?" he asked, trying to find a clear space on the desk to lay his arms.
"Piper Ross. I'm transfered from the Preventers."
"Transfer eh?" he said mostly to himself, rummaging through the piles of paper for something.

"The transfer list has to be around here somewhere."
After a few minuets of rummaging, he produced a folder from the bottom of a
stack of papers, flipping through the files and muttering the names to
himself. He stopped on what Pip assumed was her page, reading it to himself before looking up.

"A mechanic?" Pip nodded. "We'll be needing one with all the new recruits attempting
to pilot the Scorpios. You'll be working with Trinity and Lance. Met them yet?"
"Briefly. I was walking through the hanger and Trinity pointed me in this direction."
Duo nodded, rising and extending his hand. Pip took it and gave it a hardy shake. "Welcome to the group, Piper Ross."

"Umm.. thanks. But just call me Pip."

The end of the day found Pip unpacking her meager belonging and trying to find proper places for them. Giving up for the moment, she plopped down at the desk and pulled out a notebook and a pen. It was time for some serious letter writing. She promptly set pen to paper and---

-discovered her pen had absolutely no ink.

Grumbling to herself, she pulled the bag towards her, rummaging towards the bottom corner where all her pens and pencils seemed to gravitate. Her hand hit a solid box that she didn't recognize. Cocking and eyebrow, she pulled out a box wrapped in paper bag. On it was a quickly scribbled note that addressed it to her from her friends from the Preventers mechanics section.

"And I didn't get them a darn thing," she said to herself, unwrapping it and discovering her first true love under the paper. "POCKY!" She screeched to herself, hugging the box and jumping around the room before she sat down to dig out a pen and write a thank you note.

Dear fellow mechanics-
*THANK YOU!!!!!* for the Pocky! You guys are the best (even if you did
constantly taunt me for my vertical challenged nature...). I'm at my new
port of location and once I get some free time I don't know when that will be
>:| ), I'll write all of you a proper letter. Send my love to everyone here!


Folding the paper and pulling out another one, she wrote a letter to her oldest friend.

Well, I made it in one piece (mostly) and there seems to be a lot of work to do here. I know this isn't a proper letter and Lord knows that it will probably never reach you, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm okay and that I think I'll be doing just fine here. I might even end up liking this job (be still by fluttering heart). Benny boy, they'd better give you a pair of wings.

-The Kid
Pip folded it into a paper airplane and sent it floating out across the terrain. The breeze picked it up and sent it in the direction of home. The petite mechanic watched the spot where it disappeared for a long time.