Hey everybody... I figured I should do a tiny follow up fic.
It's really short but I'm figuring nobody'll mind that.




Ryence removed some more clothes from his duffle bag and shook them out, hanging them up in the closet. It'd been a long trip from L5 and he was tired but it was best to get unpacked he knew. He didn't want to be doing double-duty for having an untidy room. He paused before hanging up a shirt; it hung limply in his hand.

"What am I doing here?" he thought after a moment. He absently hung the shirt on the hanger and put it in the closet, going to repeat the action with a pair of pants.

"You're here because it's the chance of a lifetime," he said out loud. He rummaged around in the duffle bag and pulled out two pairs of boots, two pairs of sneakers, and a good pair of dress shoes for his uniform, setting them in the bottom of the closet one by one.

"I'll be able to let my creativity go," he continued in his mind. "Work on all the designs crammed up in here, have that complete freedom, unlike before."
The duffle bag was getting empty. He pulled out a stack of books, setting them by the shelf above the bed. He looked over at the kitchen a moment and frowned. "Like I'm ever gonna use most of that stuff," he murmured. He had been completely surprised when he had first walked in the room. It was huge, stuffed to the max with storage and decent furniture. With a military setup like this he was sure he'd have a hole in the wall.

He walked over to the desk, setting his laptop case on it and opened it up, removing the wires from the case and crawling under the desk to plug them into the power strip. He crawled back out, bumping his head in the process and flipped open the laptop, turning the power on as he rubbed the back of his head. The screen clicked to life and it began the boot-up process. He turned back to the duffle bag, pulling out a extra large graph-block sketching pad and fold-up stand, and set it up in the corner. He flipped through the pad a moment looking at some of the crude designs he had sketched out before the trip. Nodding, he smoothed down the paper and walked over to his jacket that hung over the chair by the desk. Folding it in his arms he walked over to the closet and hung it up as well.

"This is too normal for where I am," he murmured. Picking up the duffle bag, which was now empty, he turned it over and shook it. One single paper fluttered out onto the floor. He leaned over slowly and picked it up. Standing there a long moment looking at it, he smiled sadly and leaned it against the books on the shelf. Peace smiled up cheerfully from the picture holding a small teddy bear in her hands as Ryence shut off the light and slowly crawled into bed.