Beleive it or not I wrote humour! Granted...I'm not very good at it! But it was fun! Let me know what you think!
And this on is rated G!



Once more Aisuru was in the infirmary. But thankfully the tests were finished for the time being. At the moment she was quite happily chatting to one of the duty nurses. It was still early and she just didn't feel like going back to her room. Then a hand was on her shoulder and she was being draged backwards.


The girl flailed off balance. And felt a couple of hands steadied her. Turning around she saw a pair of familiar gold eyes. A big smile split her face at the sight of the pretty secretary. "Oh...Hi!" She squealed, then the squeal was cut short by another startled "Eeep"as the man in the too short mini-skirt dragged her into the hall.

They didn't go very far. Aisuru finally found her voice when they came to a stop before the door of one of the personnel quarters. "What are we--" When the door was opened for her she saw that the room was small, smaller then the one she shared with Ariana. Her eyes went immididtately to the CD player that was in a small stand, shoved against the wall. She couldn't wait to see what kind of music her friend had!

The rest of the room looked pretty normal. There was a dresser and night stand next to the bed. A large mirror addorned the desk that was strewn with verious nick-knacks. The other thing the girl noticed was that the room was not paritularely clean as many articals of cloths had been thrown haphazardly on the floor.

Sorata pushed the confused girl in before her, a Machiavellian smirk on his face. "We're going out," the man explained, in his light tenor voice. "And I'm sure I can find you something appropriate!" With that the man whipped open the door to his closet.

"Out??? I....Oooooo!" The squeal the girl issued as she peered into the closet was enough to make dogs wince.

The secretary grinned at the girl's reaction and as he watched she all but dove into the closet. Sorata was in there beside her a second later. With a grin on his face the man dug into the back of the closet. He knew exactly what he was looking for! Some idiot had washed some of his stuff in hot water!

~Okay...So I was that idiot...never mind!~

And as a result a number of his things had shrunk to an impossibly small size. Granted he liked tight things but those items were now way beyond his tall frame! But he had a feeling some of it would be perfect for the sliver haired girl.

From the very back of the closet he pulled out a short Chinese style dress patterned in pastel blue, pink and lilac. He held it up to the girl, who was oblivious with her head buried in the closet. Oh yes! The dress would be perfect. The soft colors would bring out her eyes nicely.

Sorata tapped the girl on the shoulder and unsuccessfully hid a smile as he noticed her guilty expression. "Oh! You'll look sooooo good in this!" With that he handed her the dress, which Aisuru took gingerly.

Fingering the smooth material she regarded it with large, saucer like eyes. "It's so kawaii!" She held it up to herself to judge the fit. "I've never worn anything like it!" Still clutching the dress she threw her arms around the cross-dresser and hugged him tight.

"Gak!" Was the surprised response as the man found himself in a crushing embrace. "Can't...breath..." It had been meant as a bit teasing for the girl but the statement quickly became reality! And he could have sworn that he had heard something cracking... The secretary nodded as he tried not to grasp for breath. "Course I am!" He smiled at her and placed his hands on her shoulder, gently turning her around to face the bathroom door. "Why don't you go and try it on."

Grinning from ear to ear the girl hugged the dress to her and ran for the bathroom in a display of her boundless energy.

Sorata snickered at the girl's infinite enthusiasm. It was no wonder the girl was always smiling. How could she stand still long enough to frown?! Turning back to the closet he begins digging through the rack of cloths looking for something to that would not only look good on him but accent the girl's attire as well...

* * *

In the bathroom Aisuru squirmed and wriggled her way into the dress. It was a very tight fit, just barely fitting over her bust. And it was very short on her thighs. She was awfully glad that it was a warm Spring or she would have been extremely cold indeed. The smooth fabric felt sensuous against her skin as it hugged her form. Zipping up the dress she stepped back out into the main room and coughed nervously, bringing the secretary's attention to her.

She noticed that the man had changed while she was inthe bathroom. Now he was wearing a long, slinky black skirt that was ankle length, but the slit up the left side showed a generous amount of leg when he moved. Above the skirt was a glittering sliver chinese style jacket much like the dress Aisuru had been given. On his feet were a pare of shiny black stiletto heels with spegetti straps.

~Geezes! He's so pretty!~ Aisuru thought to herself. It didn't bother her in the least that this man made the prettiest woman she had ever seen!

Sorata's eyes just about feel out of his head! Granted his taste didn't run to women but even he could appreciate the figure the girl cut in that dress. Of course having her hair pulled back in a utilitarian braid did -nothing- for her....

Walking over to the girl he watches her expression become increasingly curious as he reaches behind her and loosens the braid.

A smile split her face as she understood what he was about and finished the task quickly with practiced hands. Freed from it's restrictive bindings the sliver stands flows about her angelic, elfin face as though it had a life of its own.

"Much better," the secretary exclaimed with satisfaction as he took her by the shoulders and steered her once more into bathroom. Pushing the girl to sit down on the edge of the bathtub he quickly rummaged through his vast collection of cosmetics.

Aisuru stood up again and quietly walked up behind the transvestite and peered at what he was doing. When his hand closed about a smooth plastic compact she spoke up. "What's that for," she asked curiously.

Standing up to face the girl, Sorata chuckled to himself. Putting a hand on the girl he pushed her gently back down to the edge of the tub. "Silly girl," he chided gently as he got her sitting once more. "Close you're eyes" he instructed. The girl complied and he began expertly applying color to the lids, a glittering silver with a dark charcoal in the crease. "Open." Again the girl did as she was told and Sorata found himself amazed that she was actually sitting still.

Exchanging the compact for a tube of black mascara he began to patiently apply the substance but then had to stop as the girl kept blinking. "Look up," he instructed quietly, "and don't blink."

"Um...okay," was the response and he had to give the girl credit. She did a good job of staying still!

Finially he was done and put the mascara tube down. Now it was just a question of lipstick! Digging through the drawer beneath the sink he decided that what Aisuru needed was a real royal a shimmering jewel tone of course! At length he found what he was looking for and handed to tube to the girl who, amazingly enough, was still sitting on the rim of the bathtub.

"Here you go!" the secretary sang happily. "Put this on and I'll see what else I can find for you." No sooner did the bewildered girl take it then he was off, heading for the closet again.

Regarding the little tube the girl stood up and walked over to the mirror. She had never worn lipstick in her life! couldn't be that hard!

* * *

While the girl was putting on the lipstick the secretary had been applying his own make-up. The eyeshadow and mascara was silver, charcoal and black like the girl's but instead of purple the man had opted for a rich wine color for his lips. His shoulder length black hair had been twisted up into bun as was customary for Japanese woman and secured with a pair of delicate silver chopsticks.

"Like this?" came the softly spoken question.

Sorata turned around and looked at the girl in the doorway of the bathroom, his eyes going a little wide. ~I'll bet she's never used lipstick in her life~ the man thought to himself. Walking over to the girl he smiles at her. "You need a bit of practice but don't worry!" With that he grabs his little get's his little box of makeup tissues and cleans up the edges of her lips with one till the lipstick is in it's proper places.

Tossing away the used tissue, he pulls out another one. "Now you have to blot."

Aisuru was all grins again. "Okay!" she said brightly. Then, ""

Snickering lightly, Sorata takes the tissue and lightly places it between his own dark lips. He closes his lips together firmly, then releases the tissue. "Just like that," he said. "You do this so that your lipstick doesn't get everywhere..." The secretary pulled another tissue and handed it to his victim. "Now you try..."

Taking the tissue Aisuru repeated the procedure as she had been shown. Then she stood there grinning with her accomplishment.

Sorata applauded the effect. The girl was truely lovely! But something was still missing... Ah! With a snap of his finger he dove at the closet again and pulled out a pair of sheer, silvery tights. "Go put these on love!" he advised her, turning her girl back to the bathroom once more.

For her part Aisuru was just a little confused. "But I'm already wearing the dress," she said simply.

He smiled winningly down at the girl. "Trust me!"

That was all she needed. Bouncing happily the girl clutched the tights and ran for the bathroom. She was out again in thirty seconds.

Sorata grinned with satisfaction. ~Some hearts are going to break tonight!~ he thought to himself with a malicious delight. Now he just had to find some shoes for her...He just knew that his own would be far to big! With that in mind he glanced at the girl. She must be a 9 or 9 at the most. Hmmmm...wasn't that the same size as that mechanic? What was her name? Trinity?

"Stay here," he told the grinning girl as he dashed out of the room and into the hall. Aisuru just blinked after the man in his lovely evening outfit. Left to stand there all alone in the room she began to prowl the confines. And in doing so bumped into the night table beside the room's only bed. Quick hands caught it before it could fall but even so something slipped out.

The girl sighed with relief. It would have really sucked to have broken anything belonging to Sorata after the man had been -so- nice to her! Picking up the piece of paper she quickly skimmed it for lack of anything else to do.


On the letter head was the name Henderson Medical institute. Thinking nothing of it the girl replaced the piece of paper on the table.

* * *

Dashing down the hallway with a grin plastered onto his face, Sorata came to a sudden stop in front of Trinity's door. He put his ear to the door for a moment, listening carefully. Hmm.. He didn't hear anything particular, so he shrugged and burst into the room..

* * *

Aisuru heard something from the hallway. "AAAIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the sounds of crashing things could be heard and Sorata's playful laughter. "Gomen, Gomen Trinity! I'm just borrowing some shoe's!! Don't mind me! OW!!!!"

After a few more moments of this he dashes out of the room, a pair of lilac shoe's with ribbon straps in hand.

"Sheesh...women are so uptight when you see them in the buff.. " the man exclaimed with mock exasperation.

Aisuru's attention was riveted on the lilac shoes with their deep purple ribbons. "Where'd those come from," she breathily asked as Sorata handed them to her. As she waited for a reply she sank bonelessly to the floor and began putting the shoes on.

Once more Sorata's eyes popped out of his head. ~It's a good thing I had her put those tights on!~ "Uh...I...uh...borrowed them from Trinity."

The girl nodded at that. Trinity was such a nice girl! Quickly she slipped the shoes on. Like the dress they weren't like anything she had ever worn before. But they fit well and when she stood up they didn't pinch her!

Sorata grinned at his little silver haired protege. She looked wonderful! An idea struck him and he disappeared into the bathroom. When he returned to the girl he quickly braided a lock of silver hair at her left temple with an indigo ribbon. There! Now it was perfect!

"You look divine Ai-chan!" Sorata grabbed the girl's wrists and dragged her after him towards the door.

Aisuru eeped and stumbled after her friend. "Where are we going," she asked innocently.

"To show you off of course!" And with that the secretary managed to get her into the hallway. The young Ensign grinned happily and followed her friend.

At length the two of them came to the hanger. But as they went through the door the secretary pushed the girl behind her. "Um...Sorata? I can't see."

"Shhhhh!" The transvestite lead the girl to the small gathering in the midst of the hanger. Michael, Kham, Lance, among others, where there.

When all eyes had gravitated to Sorata, he pulled the bemused Aisuru out from behind him. And was delighted to see every male jaw in the room hit the floor. And all of the woman were looking both approving and appreciatively at the girl...and some...well....

He looked hard at Onyx, who had a down right hungry expression to her face. Glowing with pride the man displayed his protegee to the group. "Allow me to present, Tenshi..."

Aisuru stood there confused why everyone in the room was looking at her. It wasn't exactly...uncomfortable... A smile quickly slipped across her face as she walked towards the gathering. This evening was going to be -so- fun!