Broken Angel

It seamed like a good idea at the tome to Shin. Take his little protégé out to see her families holdings and get a taste of life outside her home. Not that she had much of a life in the home either. He sighed and looked down at her prone body in the stretcher. How did he allow that to happen? How could he not see that once again, his little Angel had gotten into trouble. One of her azure eyes cracked open and a small smile appeared on her face. He smiled back, if only to try and keep her from going into shock.

Flynn sighed, remembering the same incident that her mentor had written in a journal. She wasn't supposed to be reading it but Flynn was attracted to the thoughts of her mentor. And what else was she supposed to do on the weeks long trip through space anyway? She losened the straps in the cockpit and closed the book, remembering everything clearly.

She had been playing near one of the mining mechas in one of the mines in the Vega system. She wasn't listening to her mentor and regretted the action. A mining charge, lit by another troublesome child, went off, setting off several others. Shin had yelled at Flynn to come back to him but she didn't move fast enough. Creaking mettle, rocks and shrapnel flying everywhere and the sounds of men yelling weren't enough to drown out her screams as the mecha slammed on top of her.

The breath had been knocked right out of her and pain moved unbidden around her small frame. The world vanished in a flurry or blond hair and gray mettle. The sky disappeared and all she could hear was Shin yelling her name.

Flynn looked at her right hand, seeing past the skin that was always bruised, past the façade of life clinging to the machine that was once her arm.

The entire thing.

She had lost her entire arm to that accident. Not to mention her lower left led, parts of the cerebellum and occipital lobe and her innocence to the world. She ran a hand through her blue hair and sighed. It had been seven years since that day. Not long enough for her likings.

Seven years since the operation that made her as much of a mecha as that which fell on her.

Seven years since she left the Masters' home and lived with Shin.

Seven years since she started over. Not much longer after that she became a pilot.

Flynn sighed, flexing her hand and cursing the parents that only saw her as an object. Only wanted her as a new bobble to show off. Discarding her like a broken toy after the accident. Shin had been there the entire time. He had stayed her friend and her only true family. Paladin was also family. They both traveled all over, never staying in one place more then a few months.

"But now you will have a permanent home, Flynn. You will be able to be with people your own age and with the same interests." Shin had said while packing up her things. Flynn just sat on the edge of the bed, playing her guitar.

"It wont be home without you or Paladin."

"Home is where the heart is, Flynn. You will always be here no matter how far away you travel. No matter where you go we won't be too far either. You will make us both proud. I know it."

"Shin is right, Angel. You will make us proud and you will not faultier. Come back to us with your shield...."

"Or on it." she said. Her accent fluttered around the small cockpit of her Jitte class fighter. "Pull yourself together Flynn. They wouldn't approve of you being a coward now. They also would reprimand you for talking to yourself." she reminded herself. "Saa, they, well Shin at least, would understand your nervousness. This is a big jump from being a freighter pilot. Never even liked the military and yet Shin let me join these Black Lions. Paladin didn't want me 'wasting my talents on a senile old fart like him'". She shook her head. Shin had no idea she had taken one of his poetry journals. He also had no idea she had taken her old fighter instead of the transport. "He worries too much."

"You will remember to give this to each of the commanding officers right?" Noin had said, handing Flynn three data disks.

"Hai. I'll remember to give them these. Anything else?"

"You are still going to try and put in a request as a field medic right?"

"Yosh. Its a valuable trade not to mention useful in this line of work."

"I trust you have had training."

"Yup. Read nearly every single medical book I could get my hands on and done a fair amount of actual work. You'd be surprised how many people goof up working with those loaders."

"A doctor and a pilot. You don't sing to do you?"

"Yes I do."

Noin chuckled. Her face grew stern again." You are going in that?"

"Always. The only way to fly." Flynn had said, looking over at the fighter.

"This is the fighter, Usill, requesting permission to land. Repeat. Black
Lion C&C this is the fighter Usill requesting permission to land."
"Copy that Usill. Permission granted. Runway 4, over."
"Yokai. Number 4 it is. Out." Flynn shut off the comm. and brought the
fighter in for a smooth and flawless landing. She taxied towards a hanger,
following the flagman's instructions. She shut Usill down and opened up the cockpit.

/None of those damned Ramp Rats is going to touch Usill or move it from this spot!/
A man, easily one of the higher ranking people Flynn surmised, walked over
to where she had parked. He wasn't looking all that happy. He looked
Japanese and vaguely failure. She looked him in the eyes and nearly slapped
herself in the head.

/Can I actually be this dense?/
"Good evening Lt. Commander Yuy, sir." She said as calmly and militaristically as she could.
"Hn.. who are you?"
"Ensign Flynn Masters." she said, hopping down off the wing of Usill. She straightened u pand saluted.
"Reporting for duty sir."

Heero glowered at the newest arrival. He looked at his watch and sighed.
"You have 20 minutes to get this thing into a different hanger, into your
uniform and in the lecture hall. Dismissed."

"Wait, sir. I have something for you." She pulled out one of the disks.
She handed it to Heero and her read the tag.
'To Heero from Quatre, Trowa and friends.' He smiled inwardly.
"On your way, you have 19 minutes now." he said, turning and walking away.
"Dozo yoroshiku to you too." Flynn muttered, getting back into Usill and yapping at C&C for a new place to park.