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Mission Reports:
Thinking [Khamryn]
Shi-no-mori [Sorata]
Getting On With It [Pip]
The Doc Makes An Entrance! [Marin, Aisuru]
Higashi Part 1 [Michael, Aisuru]
Alone [Onyx]
Omoide [Pip, Trinity]
Broken Angel [Flynn]
Welcome to the Lion's Den
Yuusen 1 [Tatakai, Jordana, Winter]
Yuusen 2 [Jordana, Winter]
First Night [Duo, Black Lions et al]
Tryouts [Jordana, Flynn]
Then the Morning Comes [Lynx, Flynn]
Shisai [Tatakai]
Untitled [Winter, Vasya]
Mugon no Sakame [Winter, Michael]
Taiketsu [Tatakai, Michael, Marin]
Untitled [Khamryn, Michael, Tatakai, Sorata]
Affirmation [Khaiya, Seimei]
The Winds Speak: Fusion [Seimei, Lance]
Head Games [Tatakai, Liaden]
Black and Blue [Flynn, Onyx]
Checkmate [Seimei, Vasya]
Mission Impossible [Michael, Seimei]

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