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Mission Reports:
In Dreams [Khamryn, Tatakai] [L]
Enthusiasm [Aisuru]
Seimei Makes Friends [Seimei, Tatakai]
Cleaning Up [Michael, Khamryn, Kali]
A Long Trip Home [Winter, Michael]
Enter Artemis [Jordana]
. . . [Khamryn, Tatakai]
The Winds Speak: Alone [Lance]
A Quiet Moment [Aisuru]
Making Friends [Aisuru, Onyx, Trinity]
Too Much Information [Onyx]
Tyr's Intro
Lazy to Hectic in 60 Seconds Flat [Just about everyone...]
Untitled-Gamin [Antoine]
Conditioning [Khamryn, Tatakai]
Beginnings and Endings [Khamryn, Tatakai]
Desolation [Khamryn, Tatakai]
The Attempted Corruption of Aisuru Junsei [Ai, Sorata, Onyx]
Kemutai [Tatakai]
Field Trip [Aisuru, Onyx]
Mushoku 1 [Michael, Seimei]
Mushoku 2 [Michael, Seimei]
110.42 Degrees C [Michael, Winter, Seimei]
Mushoku 3 [Michael, Winter, Seimei]
Higher Power [Seimei]
Hiso Hiso [Aisuru, cameos]
Crash and Burn [Khaiya, Michael (kind of)]
Homecoming [Jordana, Khaiya, Michael, Winter, cameos]

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