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Thank you to Shin and Kida for being patient with me. And now we have
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intro story :)

Title: Akai
Alex Intro (Part One Version 1.5)
Author: Kuriyamimizu
Date: (who the hell cares?) 5/29/01
Warnings: Shouldn't be any ^^;
Copyrights: `Lex is mine

// I'm on a ship off to God-knows where, with all of my personal
belongings, and a laptop and a hardy "Good Luck" from my former
employer. Somehow I just don't feel reassured. Where is it that I'm 
going anyway? //

The red-headed woman sat quietly on a transport shuttle bound
to a destination she was unaware of, left to her own thoughts and the
sounds coming out of her music-player. Her head rested against her
palm and her gaze was universes away from where her body resided. 
Her inquisitive violet eyes roamed restlessly over the stars that
were shifting past her at colossal speeds. She had no idea where she
was or where she was going and it was damn exciting. She took a deep
breath as he thoughts shifted tracks for a while. Had it just been a
week ago?

Howard had told her that she had a new job. That was all he
had said, and wouldn't say anymore even upon threats of poking,
prodding and other mildly unpleasant things. Now she was going
someplace new and interesting. She looked around the small transport
shuttle she rode in, hoping to see if anyone seemed to know where
they were going or even if there was someone that looked like they
wanted to chat. She saw neither of either type of people. Resigning
herself to a boring flight she sat back in her chair and turned her
music up just a little bit more and felt her eyes beginning to close…

It's okay, you can go now..}

The whispering voice on the CD she listened to her lifted the
thin veil of sleep off of her with a start. She turned the volume
down slightly, trying to figure out where she was and who was
whispering in her ear. The moment of disorientation faded and she
realized that she was almost to wherever she was supposed to be
going, they were beginning landing procedures.

The landing, was, to put it kindly, a tad rough. After all
was said and done Alex walked off the shuttle, shaken, not stirred.
Following the crowd she came into the port and waited. What she had
been told just before coming, was, rather vague. Get on the shuttle.
Get out of the shuttle, wait for someone to come and get you. She had
no idea where she was supposed to go, where she was supposed to be
going or who would be picking her up. She sighed again at the
inconvenience of it all and went inside. She found one of the hard
plastic chairs that were glued onto racks for passengers to sit in
and made use of them. Sitting quietly and staring `round her,
observing the room and people going about her. It was a long wait.
People came, people went. It got darker outside. The air-conditioning
hummed steadily in the background, adding to the buzzing
conversations around her and the sounds of moving bodies.

Several hours and three CD's later someone finally decided
that he had the right person. After observing Alex for a while he
realized she was the person he was here to pick up. He was one of the
lower ranking officers on the base, he had been assigned to come and
pick her up and drop her off so she could be shown around. He had
encountered a bit of a problem finding the red-head at first and then
he wasn't entirely positive that she was the person he had been
looking for. He was sure now, he'd bothered to check the picture he
had been given for the second time to confirm her. He wasn't having
the greatest day, it was late at night and he was tired, he'd had a
long shift. He stepped through the crowds and over to the woman
sitting sprawled over two chairs, her feet up and her gaze lost
somewhere outside a window, not paying a bit of attention to what was
going on around her.


Alex turned and dropped her feet off the chair as she looked
up to a young man standing in front of her. He was wearing a black
baseball hat and normal clothing. He seemed to want something. She
blinked her expressive purple eyes once and then found a friendly

"Can I help you?"

He looked down at a data-pad. "Um… are you Alexandria?"

She smirked slightly. //About damn time..// "Are you my ride
to destination unknown?" she queried back. He nodded, pale hair
falling about his dark eyes.

"Yeah. If you'll grab your stuff and come this way please?"

She stood, picking up a duffel bag, seriously doubting the
safety of her situation but crazy enough to keep going forward.

"Mind telling me where we're going?"

He looked at her apologetically. "I'm sorry, I can't do that,
I can just drive you."

She shrugged again, shouldering the said bag and picking up
the case that carried her laptop. `The Machine of Doom' as it was
affectionately dubbed. "Fair enough."

They walked out of the port, finally beginning to calm as it
got later in that particular planet's time cycle. Alex found another
question on her mind. "Well.. if you can't tell me where we're going
can you at least tell me what planet we're on?"

He thought about it a moment before answering. "I can tell
you that. We're on Yggdrasil."

Alex blinked. "That's a mouthful."

He smiled roguishly. "Try spelling it."

She shook her head. "Nah, don't think I'm going to."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: Akai
Alex Intro (Part Two Version 1.0)
Author: Kuriyamimizu
Date: (who the hell cares?) 6/13/01
Warnings: Shouldn't be any ^^;
Copyrights: `Lex is mine.. Flynn is Shin's, not much to put here :)

Alex stared out of the window, looking past her reflection
and into the scenery whizzing by. There was lots of greenery on this
planet and it was terribly hot. The person driving had the air-
conditioning all ready set to a high setting as he drove along
quietly. Her companion in the car had not had much to say as they
went about getting to destination unknown.

"I don't suppose you could tell me exactly what's with all of the
secrecy could you?"

The person in the black baseball cap shook his head. "I
can't. I really am sorry Alexandria."

She shrugged, having not really expected an answer. "You can
call me Alex," she commented drolly. "Just about everyone else does."

"Fine then, Alex."

They were coming up to a body of water. She could see lights
glittering off of it in the distance. Here and there a sea-bird (or
at least what she presumed to be water creatures of some shape or
form) hung about in the foliage, sleeping. She shifted in the seat,
still leaning against the window.

"So, when we get wherever we're going, where do I go from there?"

The cadet thought about  his answer a moment before replying.
"You should be going to see Commander Maxwell, he'll explain things
to you and tell you what you're going to be doing. And from there I
think you go to your room."

"Ooh, I get a room." She said, feeling mildly sarcastic. The cadet
ducked his head lightly, flinching at her sarcasm.

"Geez, don't shoot the messenger. It's late and we're all tired, I
would tell you more if I could."

She nodded absently, attention off of him again. They drove
for a while longer and then he stopped the car. He got out and looked
to her, motioning that she should do the same. She raised a brow and
did. They were standing in a harbor. She blinked, not quite believing
her eyes.

"Don't tell me we're swimming the rest of the way?" She asked
jokingly, staring out into the quietly lapping water. The cadet
simply laughed, shaking his head indicating that they would not be
taking a late-night dip.

"Nah, we're not swimming. We're a little more lucky than that. We get
to take a boat. Hope you don't get sea-sick."

Alex shrugged. "I don't know. I've never been on a boat in
large bodies of water. I'm a spacer type of person."

The cadet just smiled.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
After a short and slightly nauseating boat-ride Alex found
herself very happy to be standing on solid ground again. She turned
and followed the cadet, toward a lighted and {very large} complex. He
took her inside and reiterated that she was to go and see Commander
Maxwell and took his leave of her right then and there. She blinked,
confusedly, not at all sure of where it was that she was supposed to
be going. She couldn't blame him for his quick departure however, it
seemed to be very late wherever she was. Still there were people in
the halls that looked as if they had very important places to be and
things to be doing. She didn't bother to stop and ask, she just
walked down one of the hallways, figuring that she would find her way
around eventually.

"Now…. Where did that kid tell me to go?"

After a maze of halls and doors that were completely and
utterly foreign, Alex opened another door. And to her chagrin she
found herself back outside in the very unpleasant heat.

"Oh my God. I'm outside… no.. I was not born with an innate sense of
direction." By this time she was getting thoroughly fed up with the
whole place and its largeness.

She was about to go back inside and ask one of the people in
the halls for directions when she stopped. There was someone out
there. Faintly she heard the strings of an acoustic guitar. She would
know the voice of that particular instrument wherever she heard it.
Cautiously she turned around the corner that stood between herself
and the person with the musical instrument. Along with the stings of
the guitar a voice accompanied, singing in Japanese and tinged with a
slightly Australian accent. Her curiosity was piqued. She slowly
peered further around the corner.

A young woman was sitting there on the ground in a pool of
light generated by one of the outside floodlights, her blue bangs
falling about her tanned face as she stared intently into nowhere in
particular, her lips moving gently as she sang. The notes were sweet
and soulful, and Alex could tell that the singer, whomever she was,
really and honestly was putting herself into her music. That kind of
a musician, Alex had always found deep respect for. There were pages
of sheet music sitting in front of the girl, presumably guiding her
in what she was supposed to be playing. Alex noted that she only
glanced at them from time to time, mostly caught up in what she was
doing. After a moment she stopped, the guitar protesting slightly as
the girls' tanned fingers stopped their ministrations to the strings
that made them want to sing.

"No.. that's not it." She paused for a moment to look at the sheet
music on the ground in front of her.  She smiled, realizing her
mistake. "Right… umm…" And again she started, fingers moving deftly
over the strings of the guitar as she moved into her practice once
again. Alex smiled, loath to interrupt her, but needing to get some
help. Before she could speak the girl paused, opening her eyes for
the second time and peering in her direction.

"Oh, G'evening."

Alex stepped further into the light, knowing it rude to be
hidden in shadow where the girl couldn't see her as clearly as she
herself could see the girl. She found a shy smile curling onto her

"Hello, I'm new here... and really lost. I was supposed to be in
section." She paused to read off of a data-pad the cadet had given
her, "and somehow I ended up outside."

The girl, as of yet unnamed, stood, grabbing her guitar and music. "I
understand. I got myself lost too on my first day. Name's Flynn. I'll
help ya back ta where your supposed to be mate."

Alex smile grew a bit wider, a sense of great relief flooding over
her. FINALLY someone who knew where they were going in this crazy
place. "Thank you very much."  She extended a hand to Flynn. "My name
is Alexandria, Alex much preferred, a pleasure to meet you."

Flynn fumbled around with her music momentarily and then shook the
proffered hand. "Dozo Yoroshiku to you too Alex. Pardon the gear..
Had a chance to play but.. too crowded inside, needed some air."
Alex nodded, shifting her duffel bag to a more comfortable position
on her shoulder. "That's fine.. I liked your playing. You're

Flynn grinned slightly, slinging her amp over her right shoulder.
"Thanks. It's been a while since I've gotten time to play, but with
this small break going on its not too bad...I like playing for
others. Just no one wants to listen to old tunes from Macross."

The redhead's eyes glittered as her smile grew just a little
more at the mention of a familiar anime. "No one, 'cept for me, I
just happen to love old music. I'll sing along to just about any old
anime song you throw at me, that does not mean it will be on key or
will sound good, but I'll sing along."

Flynn nodded, smiling widely. "Hey that's great! Sometimes
its hard to find someone who loves the classics, even if they are
form something as cheesy as Maze or Card Captor Sakura or Macross...
So where was it your supposed to be anyway?"

Alex stared at the data pad that was turned on happily,
displaying information that did not  mean a thing to her. "You see
that, is where I'm not sure. I was told: get on the ship, get off the
ship when it stops and someone will pick you up. Okay, so I got all
the way here and now I have no IDEA what I'm supposed to be doing.
The guy who drove me there gave me this," she said holding up the
data pad, " but I have no sense of direction, can't read signs and
don't know where anything is here, so this doesn't help me."

Flynn nodded laughing slightly. "Okay, let's see… where was
that?… First off you need to report to Commander Maxwell and then get
your room assignment from Klinger; I mean Sorata..."

Alex nodded, processing the information that she had already
been given once that day. "Alright.. Commander Maxwell.. then.. what?
What's the story behind that nickname? And who's Sorata?" Alex
managed to look perplexed and interested at the same time.

"I just call her that is all. I'm not even sure anyone else around
here knows what M*A*S*H* is. I'll take you to the Commander's office
then I gotta bug out before someone finds something constructive for
me to do."

Alex smiled, nodding to Flynn. They were finally getting
somewhere. "That's fine with me."

"So you don't know who you are under?  As in the Lt. Commanders...
just wondering. I'm not exactly well known around here and I like it
that way I guess; but your a bonza person.. much more cheerful then
half the others around here." Flynn said, walking inside after Alex.

Alex shook her head slightly. "I'm not sure at all. I didn't
really ask, and I'm not sure where I'm working either. I was told
NOTHING. You people are really secretive."

Flynn looked her up and down and spied the laptop. "Unless
you're aiming to be a pilot or a soldier, they probably brought you
in as a techie, your lucky. They aren't bad guys I guess.. just..
umm.. weird I suppose. Let's see, we should go this way."

She said as the turned down another hallway. "I can drop you off at
the Commander's office then haul it to the Den. We'll see if they can
listen to Planet Dance now." She said with a slight chuckle.

Alex thought a moment and then turned to Flynn, smiling as
they walked along. "You said techies are weird, but, do I strike you
as weird?" Flynn paused briefly to read the t-shirt that the red-
haired woman was wearing. It read: You call me a freak as if it were
a bad thing! in white letters across her chest. Before Flynn got a
chance to reply Alex posed another question. "Umm.. is the commander

Flynn smiled, replying. "I have one like that. `Some days its
not worth chewing through th e leather straps'. Yeah Commander
Maxwell is a fair guy,  not as intense as he used to be form what I
have found out there on the net but;  he is a man to respect and not
tick off.  I mean it! Do NOT piss this guy off... but then again you
could say the same thing about Yuy and Wufei."

Something about those names sounded very familiar. The
familiarity of the name Maxwell in particular had stuck with her all
evening since she had heard it. She took a minute to think back and
try and dredge those names out of her memory. "Heeey.. they were
pilots at one point." She paused, musing aloud as she walked.  "I was
in school back then, and if they're the same people I'm thinking of
then HELL NO I'm not going to piss them off," she came to that
conclusion very clearly. She smiled a little, switching topics to
another area of interest. "So what's the den?"

Flynn chucked, absently waving to a fellow pilot as they
passed them in the halls. "The Den is my realm one could say.  It's a
hang out for all the people on the base. Music, non-alcoholic bar,
video-games, all that wonderful stuff. One of the Sr. ensigns put in
this KILLER sound system. It's a musician's dream. One I don't want
to wake up from. I am a Basara and a Isamu at heart."

Alex nodded, remembering the Macross characters that Flynn
had compared herself to. "That's interesting, I might even find
somewhere that I can play my flute."

Flynn nodded pleasantly. "I'd be glad to play with you. Even
have a grand piano."

Alex chuckled, something occurring to her. "We shouldn't be
pilots and soldiers, we ought to be an orchestra. An orchestra toting
mecha and machine guns." She trailed off and laughed quietly at her
own joke.

"I'd die without flying, or my music. So they go part in parcel with
me. Though one day I want to write a song and hear it on the radio or
on the interstellar radio station. That's all I want in life I guess,
besides a  loving partner and a pound of my Papa's fudge before I

Alex found herself lightly touched by the sincerity of the
tanned young lady walking beside her. "Sounds like you've got your
goals set.. me.. I'm after a person to share their life with me, and
I want a child," she paused for a moment, laughing quietly at
herself. "I'm getting to the point where that's almost not possible,
I've got a career ahead of me and I'm only getting older,  however..
there is still time. And this place, all the new people around me..
it's an adventure." She finished with a confidant smile.

Flynn nodded, guiding them down another hall with the ease of
one that had traversed them before. "Life is a roller coaster.. some
are just along for the ride.. others throw their hands in the air and
scream out-loud.. those people know how to live."

Alex grinned. "I'll scream myself hoarse. I kinda like the roller
coaster, you're Flynn right? I want to make sure I remember your
name. I like you, you're interesting."

The Australian girl's grin became just a little bit wider. "Yeah
Flynn... Interesting.. hmm never been called that before. Bloody off
my rocker loony yes, but not interesting." She paused a moment,
before replying to Alex's earlier roller-coaster comment. "And
confidently I scream too. One can never find my hands gripping the
safety bar on any roller coaster. I just end up singing the theme to
Gorge of the Jungle."

The red-head's grin matched that of the girl walking with
her. "I go by Al, 'Lex, Old Lady.. that's a joke 'tween me and a
former employer.. and Alex.. and I just happen to like that song..
George of the jungle."

Flynn studied the woman walking next to her. "Nah. You aren't
any old lady. Well, here's his office.  The one behind the desk is
Sorata. Be nice, she's kinda testy `round other women. I'll let you
figure her out I guess."  She stopped in front of the open door and
winked to the woman sitting behind the desk. "See ya later Al!"

The red-head readjusted her things for the umpteenth time
that evening, smiling and waving her good-byes to her newfound
friend. "Bai Flynn!"

Swallowing and taking a deep breath she prepared herself for
the next part of this interesting night. "Here we go… "

Stepping forward with a smile she knocked lightly on the

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: Akai
Alex Intro (Part Three Version 1.0)
Author: Kuriyamimizu
Date: (who the hell cares?) 6/14/01
Warnings: Shouldn't be any ^^;
Copyrights: `Lex is mine, everyone's favorite secretary Sorata is
Kida's child.

Stepping forward with a smile she knocked lightly on the
door. It was halfway open, looking inside she saw a woman, sitting
behind a neatly organized desk. The usual things that were expected
to be in an office were there, filing cabinets, coffee maker, half-
eaten box of doughnuts with a few unlucky pastries still sitting
uneaten in the box, a potted fern sat quietly on a counter, not
moving as ferns tend to do. The woman herself was of a very striking
quality. Alex found herself musing that she was very pretty.

Brilliantly golden eyes were currently trained on a computer
screen as she tapped away at a file or something, well-kept nails
dancing over the keys of the keyboard.  Her face was formed
gracefully. Those same golden eyes held an oriental look, her
cheekbones were high, as if sculpted by some divine artist.

//Stop staring at the secretary and talk doofus! It's late and she'll
probably be wanting to get to bed sometime soon!//

Clearing her throat slightly, still with a smile she spoke

"Excuse me?"

The woman with the golden eyes looked up. Alex scanned her
desk and found a small tag with the woman's name on it, Sorata.

//We're being stupid today aren't we Al? You already were told her
name and you still had to see it… not doing to great today are we?//
Sorata was talking to her, she zoned back in again.

"Can I help you with something?" Sorata asked with a patient and
cheerful smile. It bordered on disinterest, but it was a smile

Alex nodded. "Yes, actually. I'm new here, I just got in
today. I was told that I was supposed to come and talk to Commander
Maxwell and get my room assignment from you. I think, if I could just
get the room assignment now I'll come back tomorrow. It's late and I
think you both probably want to go to bed." She said with a smile.

Sorata thought on that one for a moment. "The Commander is a
busy person, I'll have to give you a time to come in, but I can give
you the room. Could I have your name?"

"Alexandria O'Conner."

Sorata tapped the name into the system and was given the
information that the new woman would need. She scanned it quickly and
printed out a copy for Alex. Before handing it over she wrote down
something on the top of the paper, presumably the time that Alex was
supposed to come in.

"Here. Your room is down three halls, take a left and it's the first
on the right, you have no roommate at this time. Come back tomorrow
at the time on the sheet and you'll get filled in. Welcome to the

Alex nodded, taking the printout thankfully. "Thank you very
much, have a good evening."

Sorata waved absently as she windowed back to what she had
previously been doing. Alex walked out of the office and followed the
instructions she had been given to a t. Opening the door she was
greeted by blackness. Fumbling momentarily around for a light switch
she turned on the lights to be greeted by a simple, but functional
room. She put her stuff down with a sigh of relief. The duffel bag
had been slowly but surely digging into her shoulder and cutting off
the feeling in her arm. The laptop went down on the bed too and she
sunk down, relieved.

"Well, here I am, home sweet home. Wonder what's going to happen

She paused in her bit of monologue and looked out the window
and into the dark sky. "It's certainly new and different here I

Fumbling around a bit with the components in her laptop, she
got it plugged into the wall and started tapping away. // `s not like
I'm going to get anymore sleep tonight then I would usually.//

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Alex was back the next day, just a few minutes early of the
time that she was given to be back at the Commander's office. Sorata
was at her desk again, writing something or other. Alex stared at a
clock that was lounging on the wall, she wouldn't go in until the
time she had been given, on the dot. She had figured that punctuality
was something to be appreciated rather than scorned. For the occasion
of meeting (presumably) one of the highest ranking officers she had
dressed nicely. She didn't have a clue about military hierarchy so
she figured she ought to present herself in a positive light. She had
dressed in a professional manner, rather than the jeans and tee-shirt
she had come in wearing. Her hair was brushed, she wore no-nonsense,
flat shoes, a black shirt that didn't show anything off and a set of
black silk pants that hid more than they showed. She looked
professional. At the time she had been given she knocked on the door.

Sorata looked up, glancing quickly at the time on her
computer to make sure that Duo had gotten well out of the phone-
conference he had been in. The new woman was right on time. She
smiled to Alex, stopping what she was doing for a moment. Alex could
almost swear there was a little bit of venom in those eyes. She
wasn't going to dawdle.

"You're right on time, he can see you now."

Alex smiled. "Thank you Sorata." She replied to the secretary
with respect and a friendly tone, rather than sounding detached. She
had found over the years, (and from working as a secretary for Allen
for a while) that one ought to always treat the secretary with
respect and courtesy. They could help you when other people would
not. The golden-eyed woman nodded and went back to her work. Alex
walked past her, knocked quietly on the Commander's door and heard a
cheerful voice from within answer.

"It's open! Come on in!"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Alex walked out a little while later, much informed, sporting
a map of the complex and much more assured of her position. Once she
had gotten in and talked with Commander Maxwell `Duo', his name-tag
read, she had lost some of her fears and preconceived notions and at
the same time had developed a healthy respect for the man very
quickly. He was friendly outright, talking with her as to why she had
been chosen, what she would be doing and whom she would be working

Her division, the Computer Sciences Division was fairly new
and in its fledgling state had no Lt. Commander. She and the other
person in Computer Sciences would report up to the next person in the
chain of command until someone proved themselves worthy of the job. 
She would be expected to make sure that all of the systems were
running smoothly, didn't come down with any sudden `bugs', and to fix
and help things as they went along. It seemed easy enough.

She was also informed that she would be doing basic training
with the rest of the new recruits. At that news her heart had sunk
slightly. She had never been a strong person, and she wasn't sure
exactly what basic entitled. If it was anything like the boot-camp
type things she had seen in vid-clips, she was going to die. That was
something to ponder and fret over later. More immediately there was
the thing she had to go and get. Uniform. More than anything else in
the world that Alex could think of in that moment, she hated

"I really don't want to do this," she grumbled to herself, trying to
find a way to escape the reality of the uniform. And basic. Both
factors looked terribly unappealing. But if she got through basic she
would be good to go and would be able to stick to what she was
actually there for. Or so she hoped.

"Right," she commented quietly to herself, walking down the hall
toward her room at a leisurely pace. "So, get the uniform, get
acclimatized, get ready for basic, stay out of trouble, get to know
people this is your new family."

She paused for a moment in the hallway, staring down and past
some of the ensigns and different people that passed by her. "Easy?

After another pause she laughed. "No, not easy not at all.
Hard, very hard, and kinda scary."

Squaring her slim shoulders she walked the rest of the way to
her room, turning in and booting up her laptop.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

~ owari ~

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