This takes place shortly after Hectic. And I'm going to rate it PG-13. I think it's pretty sweet myself!

"Gottfluch es!" the young recruit yelled, punching a wall. A pair of green eyes flicked up to him. The dark hair boy had just entered their shared room, and was having an all out bad day. Khamryn didn't so much as glance at his roommate. The assassin pondered whether or not he should approach the boy.

The boy stalked moodily over to his portion of the room. "Warum ich?" he asked softly, flinging himself face first onto his bed. A head of brown and red hair peered around the edge of the devider. "What's wrong?" Tatakai asked.

"Lassen Sie mich allein..." Khamryn muttered. His partner reached the bed in less then two strides and sat down on the bed, then proceded to pick him up by the hair. "Ow!" the young German says, glaring as much as he could at the green eyed man. Tatakai looks back at him, a rather cool expression on his face.

"Speak English." he instructed Khamryn, receiving a purple glare in return. Moments later he felt himself being released and he flops back down into the bed. "What's wrong?" his roommate asked, so he sat up. ~Do friends confide that much in eachother?~ he wonders to himself. One look into endless green eyes told him the answer.

"I have no idea...just...angry. Damn secretary..." he states. Tentatively the older boy reaches out for him. Khamryn blinks, and at the other man's hesitation wraps his arms around Tatakai. ~No questions or strings attached...~ Khamryn thinks to himself, then looks up at his roomate. A slight smile graces his lips. What the boy did next surprised the hell out of him.


Tatakai didn't mind it so much when the boy wrapped his arms around him. What the boy did next shocked him. He went rigid as a board as the feminine man kissed him. Full on the lips. His arms dropped to his sides, eyes remaining open and wide. An image of Cho flashed through his mind as a dexterous tongue traces his lower lip.

Khamryn remained persistent, almost completely relaxing against his rigid body. ~Oh god.~ Tatakai thought to himself, shuddering. He felt his lips part slightly, allowing the questing tongue entrance. Green eyes closed as he wrapped his arms about the boy and returned the kiss, deepening it.

At the image of his dead lover, he tries to shove the younger man away. But some part of him wouldn't let it happen and only tightened his grip on Khamryn. He kept his eyes closed as tears threaten. The boy's lips leave his own, and he opens his eyes to stare into odd ones. A confused look adorns the boy's face, mixed with fear.

~Please...I don't..oh god...Cho.~ Tatakai thinks to himself. His body moves of its own accord, much to his horror, and places a hand on the young man's cheek. "No.." he gets out in a small voice, looking away. Silent, Khamryn moves away and off the bed. Moments later he heard the door close, and curls up. "Cho..." he whispers, trying not to cry.


One gloved hand remained on his lips as he walks mechanically toward the lounge. ~I just...gods...~ he thinks to himself, completely lost in his own world of thought. Khamryn didn't notice when Michael and Seimei wave to him, then gave him an odd look as he completely passed by them. Gold flecked eyes note his entrance to the room, and he gets off of autopilot.

There were a few people in the room. One of whom he recognized to be Kali. He shrugs, not caring, and moves out the bench of the piano. Moments later his fingers dance over the ivory keys, playing -his- song. He closes his eyes, letting the haunting music remove all thought from him but the music. There were a few murmurs, probably people wondering what he was playing.

It did need a name. The piece he'd been writing since he'd...the memory is batted away from his mind by a few notes. Khamryn continued to play past the point where he'd last written, committing the new keys to memory. Green eyes cling to his mind. His roommate had looked...confused. Lost. Afraid. All the things he himself had felt.

A name...he smiles. ~Ballad.~ the young recruit thinks. No one was likely to find out its secrets, just the way he wanted it. Still playing, he pondered the possibility of adding lyrics to his music. It occurred to him he'd lost track of time as he feels a pair of hands rest on his shoulders. He fumbles on the keys and stops playing.

His eyes open and he craned his neck to see who it was. His heart nearly pounded out of his chest. "Tatakai..." he trails off. The man takes a seat next to him on the bench, staring at the ivory keys. The boy frowns and quickly slides off the bench. Or rather, tries to. A hand clamps about one of his wrists in an iron grip, stopping him from going anywhere.

"Play," came the soft, demanding voice. He stares at the green eyed man for a moment, then places his gloved fingers above the keys. Hesitating, he glances at Tatakai. The other man glanced at him, there was steel in those green depths. He jumps slightly and starts to play. A soft sigh, barely audible over the notes, passes through his roommates lips.

~Awkward...~ the young German thinks to himself. He closes his eyes, frowning. After a few moments of silence from his partner and his music he slammed his fingers on the keys, startling the man next to him and some others. He stood up and opened his eyes, then exits the room. Khamryn -knew- he was turning a deep shade of red, but didn't particularly care. ~People can just think I'm mad as all hell...~ he decides.

One glance over his shoulder showed him no one was behind him, so he stopped and stood there. ~What am I trying to accomplish?~ he asked himself, then turned on his heel and headed back. Tatakai was sitting there at the piano still. The other few occupents quickly go around him and exit the room, probably having heard that the new recruits were violent.

After a few moments of standing there he strode back over to the seemingly stupefied man. "About earlier...I'm sorry. I don't really know why I did that, and I shouldn't have done it. So...I'm sorry." he says in a rush. A hand raises, silencing him, while the other points at the bench. He blinked, then obediently sits down.

Silence consumed the room. Without thinking about it too much he put his gloved fingers back on the keys and started playing his song. This time a hand causes him to fumble. He blinks, confused, and looks into green eyes. Those eyes were a mirror of his own confusion, if not more so. Once more the room is dead quiet as they stared into each others eyes.

Khamryn found himself wanting to take the man into his arms. Rather then kick the thought away he performs the deed. At this action Tatakai starts to shake. This only strengthens his resolve to maintain a gentle grip on his roommate who about then went stiff again. "Tatakai...I.." he starts, then loses his words.

He removes his arms from about the other man and stands, offering the confused Tatakai a hand. With a somewhat shaky hand his roommate reaches out and takes it, pulling himself up. Without letting go of the now limp grasp Khamryn heads out of the lounge and back to their room. If anything was going to happen he would prefer it, whether it be a fight or not, be private.

Once in the semi-private space of their room he lets go of the green eyed man's hand and shuts the door. After leaning his forehead against the door, he speaks softly. "I umm...don't know what to do," he starts out. "...I've been having weird feelings...but I'm afraid of them. When I do things like what I Tell me what I should do?" Khamryn asks Tatakai.


Tatakai could hear the boy perfectly fine, but what he said just didn't click for a minute. When it did click his eyes widen some at his partners back. ~Oh god...oh god...I don't know...don't ask me.~ he thinks to himself. The assassin found himself wanting to sit down, and after spotting the chair at the single desk he does so.

Images of Cho flash through his mind. Green eyes closed, even though he knew it wouldn't help him escape. Part of him wanted what the German boy seemed to be offering, and another part of him was absolutely terrified. If he let Khamryn in it would be acknowledging his emotions but also letting a world of pain have him. ~Oh god...Cho.~ he wailed to himself.

The pain was to near the surface. He couldn't do this... Not now... Slender arms slide around him from behind, wrenching him from those thoughts. "I...I think I need you," the young boy whispers in his ear. He shudders at this. It reminded him too much of Cho. The black clad arms tighten around him. ~I can't...but I...oh god.~ Tatakai thinks. Something nags at his mind. What his young roomate had told him once in a cell.

It had to be just as hard for the boy to do this. He turns his head slightly back, finding gold flecked eyes watching him. ~Please...I..~ he starts to think to himself. Moments later his eyes widen considerably as he found Khamryn's lips on his. And again he couldn't stop himself. He closes his eyes, shuddering, and returned the kiss.

Abruptly Khamryn backs off. The assassin opened his eyes, then stood. Fear was written all over the boy's face. Without a word he heads back for his bed, not caring that the boy didn't follow. He flops onto the bed and sighs. ~What a mess...~ the assassin thinks to himself. A few moments later the bed creaks. Hands start to massage his back gently.

A somewhat muffled groan escaped him, and he rolled over. In the process he almost knocked the shorter man off the bed. Something seemed odd. He realized what it is and his jaw nearly fell open. The boy had removed his gloves. He took in scarred hands and sighed. No wonder the boy wore them all the time. Khamryn had an odd look on his face, as if he were naked and totally vulnerable.

~Weird..~ he thinks. Without thinking about it he reached out to take the boys hands in his own. Gold flecked eyes became about as big around as saucers at the touch. ~Has it been that long since he started wearing gloves?~ he wondered. Something caught his eye. Numorous scars adorned both the boy's wrists. The boy winces with good reason. He probably looked mad.

"When did you do this?" he demands. Purple eyes tear up as Khamryn shakes his head. "When?" Tatakai asks again. "I don't remember..." came a somewhat hoarse reply. The boy's eyes had closed. He realizes he had unknowingly tightened his grip on the slim feminine hands. ~Oh god..~ he thought, releasing one of the boy's hands to touch Khamryn's face. A single tear manages to find its way down the high cheekbones.


~I don't believe this...I'm crying...~ the German mused to himself. He hardly noticed the other man's hand on his cheek until Tatakai's other hand grabbed his uniform by the collar and brings him down into a tight embrace. A muffled sob escapes him before he chokes back the tears. He finds himself comforted somewhat by his partner's grip.

Frowning he pushes himself up a little and looks into the other man's eyes. "I-!" Khamryn starts, quickly cut off by Tatakai's tongue invading his mouth. His eyes widen considerably as the grip on him tightens. ~Is this what a woman feels like?~ he wonders, then tentatively starts returning his partner's kiss.

The deathgrip his roomate had on him loosened some as their kiss ended. Dark green eyes gazed into his, seeming to have resolved something. He opens his mouth to say something and is silenced as Tatakai instead spoke. "Don't say anything..." says his partner. "But I...Tatakai.." Khamryn starts. Tatakai again cuts him off.

"Shhh," insisted the assassin. His roomate frowns and shakes his head. Strong arms tighten round him. He sighs, not quite realizing he was a dark shade of pink, and attempts to wrap his arms around Tatakai. A small smile touches his lips. ~I wonder...~ he starts thinking to himself. The smile widens as he remembers a song similar to Greensleeves. ~I wonder as I wander...~ he sings in his mind.