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The Black Lions are the brain child of the Katsu no Miko and the Mikagami no Miko, the weirdos that run the Duo Mailing List. Basically, it's an rpg that's played out in story format. Everyone has a character in the Black Lion Squadron, and the characters interact with each other as well as cannon characters of Gundam Wing. Stories can be written alone or in groups, as long as they follow the basic rules:

  1. You MUST to be a member of the Black Lions ML! [This mailing list is for official Black Lions business ONLY, I.E. stories and the organization thereof, as well as official information posts and questions. Noise and conversation must be kept to a minimum.]

  2. All noise posting and OOC RP will be on the Black Lions Message Board. [All noise, conversation and such go here. This is the place for unapproved characters as well. Or, you can go take a look at it if you just want to see what is going on.]

  3. Your character must comply with the history of Gundam Wing.

  4. No non-cannon character may have a relationship beyond friendship with any cannon character. [This rule is in place for the protection of the cannon characters...we can't have five million people jumping Duo. ;) Also, while we're talking about relationships, the following pairings will be used: Duo and Heero, Trowa and Quatre. The rest are up for grabs until we say otherwise. One comment on Wufei--neither of us are big fans of Treize x Wufei relationships, but we're not going to say no to it...just realize that by the time the Black Lions are formed, Wufei is going to be over Treize's death, so no big weeping scenes for his lost love. ^^]

  5. All characters will be reviewed by Kitsune (the primary screener) and then Katsu no Miko (if they make it past Kitsune) before they are posted as official. [We are going to be the nitpickers from hell...your characters background and personality cannot have ANY holes, because it is just that demanding to write into this story...since other people WILL be using your character, you need to make everything clear. So, the reviewing process will be tough. If there are any problems, we'll mail you back and let you know what's wrong, and then you can fix it and try again.]

  6. If you create a character, use them! [Don't just make one to make one and then never write anything with them. If you send in a profile and then let it sit for two months without writing anything, I'll delete it.]

  7. No one but the original five pilots may have a Gundam. [Everyone else needs to use a mobile suit, either the old ones from the series or Endless Waltz, or the new, souped up MS Scorpio. Any customizations need to be referred to Lance, lord and master of the Hanger.]

  8. This is more of a suggestion than a rule, but communicate with the other Black Lions! [Please, use as many characters as you want in your story, but please communicate with the owner of the character so that they can give you suggestions on how to write them! :) ]

  9. When you send your character in, I'm going to assign them to a Pride and a roommate/partner. [If you don't like the assignment, let me know and we'll talk about it. I started doing this because I got tired of waiting for everyone to do it on their own.]

Got all that? If so, and you still want to join our psychotic little band, let's get cracking and create your character!

Character creation is a process that takes a great deal of time and creative effort, so don't be shocked if you have trouble creating one off of the top of your head. We build our characters with a number based profiling system, similar to what is used in GURPS or basic D&D...the main difference is that our system is much simpler and more flexible, because it is only used for profiles! We don't use dice, and we don't have combat or movement systems, so things tend to stay pretty easy to deal with.

Before you start your character's profile, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the profiles of the current characters for help and inspiration. Keep in mind that most of them will have more skills at higher levels and better attributes than you'll be able to start out with...they have the advantage of experience. Your character will gradually improve and grow as you participate in stories/missions.

With that said, it's time to get started! I suggest you take your time doing this and think everything through, since once the profile is accepted, you will NOT be able to change it--changing a profile mid-stream greatly disturbs any past stories that have been written, and also isn't terribly fair. I also suggest that you have a pen/pencil, paper, and a calculator handy.

There are 12 steps (does anyone other than me find this ironic?) to create a character:

  1. Basic Character Information
  2. Race Selection
  3. Profession Selection
  4. Physical and Mental Attribute Distribution
  5. Personality Attribute Distribution
  6. Special Abilities
  7. Emotional Stability
  8. Basics: Advantages/Disadvantages
  9. Advantages
  10. Disadvantages
  11. Basics: Skills | Skill List
  12. Background

Once your done creating your character, all you need to do is send it to Kitsune and wait for it to be approved.

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