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Given Name: Unknown / Previous designation: Project serial #62104-A

Alias Name: Winter

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Shiva

Profession: Combat Pilot/spy

Rank: Senior Ensign

Date of Birth: Exact date unknown, age-typing and sequencing estimate late October/early November AC188

Age: 15

Blood Type: Genetic cross-matching indicates a base of O + with a number of additional elements of unknown origin and purpose

Height: 153 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Nationality: True ancestry unknown, but again cross-typing and referencing suggestions American extrapolation

Place Origin: Unknown *see Note in Background/Origin*

Race: GAH

Strength: 27 Dexterity: 39 Endurance: 22
Intelligence: 35 Creativity: 23 Wisdom: 26
Physical Description
*** What follows is reconstructed from all remaining Foxfire Project documents *** Serial subject designated 62104-Alpha stands 153 cm tall and weighs in at 40 kg. Her skeletal structure is typical of a normal human teenager, yet has been altered and enhanced in accordance with the goals of the project specifications, as has her metabolism and nervous system. Serial designation 62104-A has long black hair which falls to her knees, usually worn in a loose tail, wide-set violet eyes, which lend an air of innocence, very pale skin that burns quite easily, and the requisite serial identification tattoo at the base of her neck below the hairline.

*NOTE* the kanji 'fuyu' (winter) on her left shoulderblade... added after Foxfire Project termination

Newtype Abilties
Telepathy: T8 Empathy: E7 Clairvoyance: C0 Telekinesis: K10 Pyrokinesis: P11 Electrokinesis: L0

Advantages Disadvantages
keen senses
accelerated healing
resistance to disease
language: Japanese
high pain tolerance
adaptability (1) ambidextrous
double jointed
photographic memory
night vision
Social stigma (2)
Food Allergies(2)
  • penicillin
  • *olives
Amnesia (1)
Past Abuse (2)

Emotional Stability: -5
Willpower: 31 Charisma: 19 Honor: 25

Winter is a quiet person, most often found watching her fellow officers from a distance unless directly spoken to or intentionally involved in discussion with others. She has a highly advanced aptitude for learning and absorbing knowledge and often displays evidence of her genetically engineered background from her time with the Foxfire Project. She is generally soft-spoken, yet strong-willed, and determined, and very nearly single-minded to a fault.

Background Info/Origin
*information taken from available FoxFire project records*

Serial subject designated #62104-Alpha is the final product of the Foxfire Project's attempts and efforts to manipulate human DNA to create a Newtype capable of utilizing multiple talents without the cumbersome side-effects known to exist in natural-born Newtypes and previous efforts to achieve this result. In the last 6 months of the ongoing experiment, serial subject designated #62104-A has shown remarkable aptitude in the empathic and telekinetic regions of mental manipulation. The subject's personal history is unknown prior to AC August 4 192, upon the date of her arrival at the Foxfire Project facility on L2 colony. It is believed she was orphaned as a result of an Federation raid on a nearby open-air market where her guardians are believed to have perished. In recent months serial subject designated #62104-A has become increasingly unstable within the confines of the laboratory and it would seem as though some of the pyrokinetic abilities associated with Newtypes are beginning to surface.

*** End available Foxfire Project reports and data summaries ***

Winter was discovered shortly after AC December 25 200, hence her Alias, outside a ruined facility that was later discovered to be a secret human genome project facility known only as Foxfire. Later records and investigation indicate that the facility and staff had been funded by Dekim Barton in his ongoing effort to produce his own line of human evolution which would combine the best qualities of both human and Newtype. The facility was ruined as a result of a large and disastrous fire, Winter was the only known survivor. Material remains found at the scene account for a laboratory personnel of 24 individuals. No other records of this project exist within impounded files. Due to Winter's inherant instability and unknown abilities, strenghts, and level of danger posed, she was taken into the Black Lions on Commander Maxwell's authority. Shortly thereafter, her previous training, skills, natural abilities, and accelerated learning ability made her a valuable asset to the organization.

Apparently unknown to the Foxfire scientists, Winter was indeed born with inherant Newtype abilities that were altered and augmented by her introduction to this project. The effect of this genetic tampering to introduce Newtype abilities on a child already possessing Newtype abilities is unknown.

NOTE: Blood-typing and genetic cross-referencing reveal Winter is most likely of American extraction.

Sessions in the available physical training facilities and shooting ranges, chess, horseback riding, playing piano (although, she must be coaxed to play for others), Duo, Heero, Michael, green tea, bubblegum

spinach, flat soda, reminders of the Foxfire Project disaster, scientists, doctors, wet socks

Specific Enemies/Friends
Aside from anyone who might have been connected with the Foxfire Project, Winter has no specific enemies. She considers anyone with the wherewithall to try to get to know her a potential friend, but that does not guarantee a reciprocal gesture. She views Heero and Duo as father figures, and Wufei as a respected mentor. She has a very strong connection and tie to Michael (often dislaying qualities of being nearly symbiotic), and also has strong ties with both Jordana and Khaiya Sevayin.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:
Space Piloting

Level 7 Skills:
air piloting

Level 6 Skills:
small arms and guns
ground piloting
martial arts
basic survival
Level 5 Skills:
deep space survival
beam weapons
lip reading

Level 4 Skills:
basic ms repair

Level 3 Skills:
tundra survival
first aide
comp sci
free fall
mech affinity

Level 2 Skills:
improvised weapon
desert survival
jungle survival

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
throw improvised weapon

MS type
Scorpio (Kali)


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