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Given Name: Trinity Jehanne Dawson

Alias Name: Jehanne (Family Only) T.J. or Trin (Anyone Else)

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Jehanne

Rank: Ensign (First Stripe)

Date of Birth: October 31, AC 181

Age: 22

Blood Type: AB-

Height: 143 cm (5'5")

Weight: 64 kg (142 lbs.)

Nationality: French-American

Place Origin: Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 23 Dexterity: 23 Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 36 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 25

Physical Description
A petite young woman with almost regal features, she carries the grace of royalty yet the down to earth, city girl looks and personality. Her body is average of build yet cut and lean, because of working in the hanger and banging it out in the gym to burn up her excessive energy. Trinity's face is soft and has high cheek bones, giving her a bit of an etheral appearence. Her eyes are a blue-green in color and are very expessive. It's quite easy to tell if she's lying or not or if she's hurt in any way. Her nose is slender and small, not pointy but not too rounded either. Her hair is a soft auburn brown, highlighted with blonde to accent her ivory-porcelain complexion. Her hair is usually in braids, tails, or just tied up and covered by a bandanna when she works, but during play time she lets it go free. Trinity has a few piercings, two in each ear and her navel is also pierced. She also has a scar on her left shoulder blade (where she was shot) and another one which is on the back of her left theigh. To cover (or not cover) these up, she usually wears a pair of shorts (khaki or blue jean) tank tops or even a sleevless t-shirt. She loves loose fit clothes and more comfortable ones overall.

Advantages Disadvantages
Language [French
Higher Education
Military Background
Good Balance
  • -Penicillan
  • -Dust
  • -Sulfur Drugs
  • -Bee Stings
Past Abuse*2
Phoiba [of needles]
Sleep Disorder (Insomniac and a Hypersomniac)

Emotional Stability: +2
Willpower: 25 Charisma: 25 Honor: 25

Trinity, though she seems quirky and upbeat in her own weird way, is a very insecure young woman. Not to mention she's afraid of loosing everything all over again. This often makes it seem like she's possessive, but in all truth be told, she's just holding on to the stability she has. On a lighter note, Trinity is extremely intelligent and is quick minded. She's also good on her feet and can get things done quickly and efficiently with all of her work being of top quality. She's good at problem solving and fixing things, whether they be engineering, mechanical or even personal problems of fellow officers. She can also be extremely competitive, stubborn and always has to get the last word in. It sometimes can be hard for her to keep a cool head with people, especially when she has to repeat herself. Other than that she is emotionally stable, but sometimes can get depressed and broods alot during her mini-bouts of depression. Trinity's best talents are those that are not seen on a daily basis around the base, but these talents are what allow her to relate to other people and to help them with their problems (even if she can't help her own). She cares very deeply about everyone and would as quickly give her life for theirs and she would also sacrifice her own happiness for others.

Background Info/Origin
Trinity's past up to now is one of one tragedy after another. Due to her unplanned entry into the world by two unwedded parents, and the early death of her mother for advanced lukemia at infancy, Trinity was then taken into the care of her mother's father. Her mother's younger brother Christoph had become her closest friend that she'd allowed to come near her in years. All was peaceful until her widowed Grandfather remarried the one whom both Chris and Trinity referred to as 'le bitch'. And le bitch she was. Sophia was cruel, vindictive and manipulative, and was equally so towards both Trinity and Chris since they were not her children. (Much to their relief) From the age of eight until she was thirteen, Trinity was ridiculed by Sophia for every little thing. If there was even one mistake in her manners, she was punished harshly. Her Grandfather finally caught on to the fact that Sophia was verbally and physically abusing her. Out of concern and in hopes to find a peaceful sanctuary for Trinity, he sent her to the Lake Victoria Military Academy so she wouldn't have to endure such trials any longer. Lake Victoria was a godsend and Trinity -finally- had room to breathe and could relax for once. During her three years at Victoria, Trinity met the two people who would become her closest friends in the world, Donovan and Kjeldora, who were both four years her senior. She graduated with honors from both high school and junior college at the age of 16 with astounding testing scores that ranked in the top ten of the entire academy. Chancing the idea that things were better, Trinity then moved back home to France and much to her relief, Sophia had kicked the perverbial bucket. Between the years after she graduated and joined the Black Lions, she was involved in a few things she regrets and wishes to forget, but once she got over the bad things that'd happened in her life, such as one run in with the law (which she hopes she can forget), she just let them go. Eventually, she got down to working in her Grandfather's company as the junior Vice President (which had a contract with the Preventers to manufacture their mobile suits and weapons). And since not only was she a great engineer (she learned from her grandfather when she lived with him), she was one hell of a mastermind when it came to suit mechanics and enhancements, and ability which was earned or more in a way released when she went to Lake Victoria. While working on site at a Preventers base on a series of suits, she impressed several people with her skills and she was propositioned by a rather imposing man of Japanese origin (Yuy) to join their group. Suprised at the offer, Trinity thought it over before accepting.

Music (It reflects her current mood), shooting hoops, watching or doing gymnastics, kickboxing and other fighting styles (helps her to cool down), Reading (Suspense, horror, sci-fi or fantasy) Cooking (very good at it), swimming, the ocean (says it calms her restless spirit) and most of all, Chocolate.

Disorganization, not getting enough sleep, being alone (although she likes to be alone, but absolutely hates it) weird foods (ie. Jello, Escargot, caviar, etc) People who aren't being clear in what they are saying, Romance novels, and insects.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Since she's not really a people person, Trinity has very few friends. Aside from her uncle Christoph (her mother's brother), Donovan and Kjeldora, there's not really alot of other people aside from them, for now.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Speed Typing
Small Arms

Level 4 Skills:
Machine Repair
Air Piloting
Beams Weapons

Level 3 Skills:
Mobile Suit Repair
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Basic Survival

Level 2 Skills:
Computer Science
Knife Wielding
Lyric Writing
Free Fall

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
First Aide

MS type


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