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Given Name: Shinomori Sorata

Alias Name: Sora

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Secretary

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: October 29th, AC 184

Age: 19

Blood Type: A+

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180

Nationality: Japanese

Place Origin: L1

Race: POH

Strength: 26 Dexterity: 40 Endurance: 25
Intelligence: 20 Creativity: 20 Wisdom: 20
Physical Description His eyes are brilliant gold (due to colored contacts) however, without the aforementioned contacts they are a soft and endlessly deep brown. His hair is something he takes pride in, having grown it to the small of his back where he usually leaves it to hang in loose wisps around his thin, lithe body. Despite this slender appearance, he is finely muscled like the gymnast he is. Because of this, he is no weakling in comparison to a normal person. His face is very effeminate, with slanting oriental eyes, delicately set features and high cheekbones. His nose is slender and rounds out gently, and his lips have soft curves, which add to the all around feminine look. He is often seen in a feminine Black Lion's uniform, consisting of a formal military skirt and jacket, but wanders about in thigh-high boots nonetheless. When necessary he does own, and will wear, a full male uniform as well. As is sometimes common to persons with MPD, his voice tends to fluxuate now and then... When in his more feminine persona it will be happy, bouncy, perhaps higher pitched and cute, but always soft... In a more male state of mind, it will retain the soft overtone but lower in pitch and lose that good, friendly nature.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Pain Tolerance
Kung Fu Grip
Good Balance
Languages (Japanese)
Past Abuse (3)
Multiple Personality Disorder
Hot Temper

Emotional Stability: -21
Willpower: 33 Charisma: 27 Honor: 15

Being that Sorata is a MPD case, he has two personalities. However, he is close to being reintegrated so you won't see his second personality much. His first personality, and dominant one, is Sorata. He's friendly and bouncy for the most part, offering delighted squeals when happy. However, no one with good sense trusts him. Not even Duo trusts him completely. If you get on his bad side, he'll make a point of it to get you, one way or another, and he won't care if it's honorable or not. But he's a good clerk, answers the phone pleasantly, makes sure the shipments get in on time and makes the best coffee on base. He hates people who he deems cold or uncaring, comparing them to his father in ignoring others. For the most part, he hates women with a passion as well. He's stubborn to a fault, and will push an issue until he gets in serious trouble if he feels he's in the right by doing so. He's very sensual, always flirting with other's in a playful manner and leaving it open as to whether they take it serious or not. He has no care as to what people think of him for the most part, being confident in both his looks and abilities and he's willing to admit to what he can't do. He takes his position in the Black Lion's seriously, but can just as easily drop into a wild party. He has a biting and caustic sense of humor that some might find offensive, whether it was meant that way or not. Kuro is much more violent than his "other half". He is a basic, cold and unreasonable psychopath. If he's decided to try and kill you, he won't change his mind. He's also very flirtatious and will flirt with either sex with reckless abandon, if he finds that person attractive. Kuro has differing opinions on Sorata's job, and the Black Lion's, feeling that the squad is "a pointless military installation and waste of cash".

Background Info/Origin
Sorata's background consists mostly of long abuse, beginning at the age of 9 with physical and verbal abuse, escalating into molestation and more violent physical abuse. This continued to the age of 13 when Sorata's personality split due to the situation and trauma involved and he murdered both his abusive mother and neglectful father in a fire that he happily threw the match too. When authorities arrived, he was found laughing and giggling on his front lawn, basking in the glow as the scream's had long since faded away under the roar of the flames. He was arrested, and being that the evidence of his most recent abuse was still fresh he was declared insane and placed in the care of a mental institution. After 4 year's of long sessions with psychiatrists and many tests he was released as sane and placed in a group home for his remaining year as a juvenile. During his time in the institution they enlisted the assistance of a gymnastics instructor, believing that a positive reinforcement to what Sorata himself could do would help suppress the more volatile and angry personality that had been the cause of the disaster. He also received some basic schooling, and some clerical training as well. During the year in the group home, he continued his gymnastic exercises and still does as a focus and mean's to keep his looks as good as they are. He was recruited into the Black Lion's after an interesting night at the bar, though fairly simple. Sorata went to the bar one night. He ended up running into a nice looking man dressed neatly and with long blonde hair. They ended up talking in-depth, the other man asking more question's than Sora thought were really necessary but he answered them all anyway. After awhile, Sorata decided to leave and as he was nearing the door, ended up getting harassed by some yokel's who thought he was just another "pretty piece of ass shoved in a tight skirt" and attempted to get more than what Sora was willing to offer. The man, who had previously introduced himself as Milliard, thankfully came to his defense. After a short tussle, as the drunken moron's were easily dispatched, Milliard offered Sora a basic secretarial job, to which any specifics would be given when he arrived in Yggdrasil. After another long discussion in hushed tones, Sorata decided to give it a shot and go to Yggdrasil.

Gyoza, Most people in general usually when in the first personality, Calamari, Strawberries, Fire, Lacy Underwear and tights, Velvet, Long sexy skirts and dresses, Body Piercings, Long Hair, Leather, Cats, Pornography of ANY kind, older j-pop music, dancing, lilac perfume, and small light blades (similar to nail files) or ninjato, staring at Duo.

Wasabi, abusive perverts, anyone who gets to close to Duo EXCEPT for Heero, and most females {there are a select few he doesn't hate on sight.}

Specific Enemies/Friends
Duo, Michael, Khaiya, Jordana, and Aisuru.
Dislikes: Seimei and WuFei, so far.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:
Coffee Making

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:

Level 4 Skills:
Note Taking
Fighting Dirty

Level 3 Skills:
Throw Improvised Weapon
Nail Filing

Level 2 Skills:
Vocal Music
Improvised Weapons

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:

MS type


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