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Given Name: Tengoku Seimei

Alias Name: Chinmoku

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Silence

Profession: Combat Pilot, Assassin

Rank: Senior Ensign

Date of Birth: June 23, AC 186

Age: 17

Blood Type: Unclassifiable

Height: 135 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Nationality: Chinese

Place Origin: Mars Colony

Race: GELF

Strength: 43 Dexterity: 33 Endurance: 25
Intelligence: 39 Creativity: 21 Wisdom: 35
Physical Description
Seimei has a small frame, making her appear frailer than she is. Narrow hips and small bust combine with a slender waist on a body well toned with lean muscle. However, her figure is in no way 'boyish'. She has small well-callused hands with long fingers and short cut nails and habitually keeps her waist length, ink black hair pulled back in a neat braid. Seimei could be mistaken for a child if not for inscrutable dark brown eyes that stare from an unlined face that plainly shows her oriental genealogy. Her body has few scars, all of them faint and barely noticeable. Hato (dove) is tattooed on the back of her left shoulder

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
High Pain Tolerance
Self Control
Adaptability *2
Photographic Memory
Night Vision
Accelerated Healing
20/10 Vision
Sensitive Touch
Good Balance
Fame/Infamy *1
Past Abuse *2
Bruises Easily
Social Stigma *3
  • Musk Perfumes
  • Talc (in makeup)
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Drug

Emotional Stability: -11
Willpower: 43 Charisma: 18 Honor: 15

great deal of who Seimei is, intertwines with what she is. Created to be nothing more than an efficient killing machine, she appears to be cold, logical and without any feeling. To most people she is extremely self-contained, highly intelligent, analytical and dedicated to her job in the Black Lions. In fact, if questioned she will deny any ability to feel at all. However, strong emotions do effect her, even though not in as obvious a manner as they would someone else. While she seems vehement in her insistence that she cannot feel emotions, she also conversely wants to be 'normal' more than anything else. She recognizes that a situation should effect her emotionally and is frustrated by the fact that it doesn't. Her lack of experience with the 'real world' makes her seem very innocent and causes her to be extremely literal minded. This can get her into trouble. She is fascinated by new experiences and explores them with an unnerving single mindedness. She is also very picky about her hair. While she was with PanDoRa, her head was kept shaved, when she escaped, she began to grow her hair out and now sees it as a symbol of her freedom from the people who created her. Seimei can be brutally frank in her opinions and has no patience for what she sees as stupidity but when performing a task that requires patience, she is fully capable of waiting until the end of time if necessary. She is very loyal to those she considers friends and protective of any she sees as 'weaker'. With those closest to her she seems more relaxed, willing to discuss private matters up to a point and physically affectionate. A side she shares with no one is the killer she's been trained to be. Ruthless and without mercy, she performs her art with perfection and a lack of remorse that is definitely inhuman. This is something she keeps to herself and only utilizes when absolutely necessary. Of course all these things are controlled by the emotion numbing drugs Seimei can't survive without. When she is forced to go without them, all the suppressed emotions swamp her in total chaos. She experiences violent mood swings, hallucinations, paranoia and hysteria. Self-destructive tendencies that are normally kept under control abruptly become overwhelming. This is something else she does not discuss unless forced to do so.

Background Info/Origin
The second survivor of PanDoRa (see Michael's profile), she was the final product of the experiments- considered to be the perfect soldier. Created by cloning a child from L5 and then altering gene coding during development to the specifications of the doctors in charge of the project. She was designed and trained to kill on command from the moment of creation. Professor Tengoku was the scientist who developed the idea of cloning and gave Seimei her name, came into the project late; unaware of previous experiments performed on human subjects. By the time he learned about it Seimei was 6 years old and was already a proficient killer who performed without question. The scientists used emotion suppressing drugs to keep her from feeling anything like remorse or initiative and she quickly became dependant on the drug, unable to go for extended periods of time without it. When she reached the age of 8 it was arranged for her to be locked weaponless in a room with a professional assassin as a final test of her training. Four hours later the room was unlocked and she was found standing in the middle of a blood and gore splattered room, one of the assassin's knives on the floor beside her. Her complete lack of emotion and the ruthlessness that the kill had been made with was enough to make the professor decide to start planning to escape, taking her with. Two years later, those plans were finalized and after destroying all the records on PanDoRa he could get a hold of, he took Seimei and began a three year run. They never stayed in one place for more than a week and never looked back, using the confusion of the war and it's aftermath to help hide them. Seimei acclimated to this lifestyle easily, but continued her personal training in spite of the professor's attempts to give her a more normal childhood. A sign that she had overthrown the brainwashing done by the scientists was her decision to grow her hair long. At 13 years old, they discovered that PanDoRA had been destroyed and all threat of discovery was gone. She and the Professor settled on a remote colony and he began attempting to reverse the effects of the drugs she needed. He was unsuccessful but kept attempting new ideas until she refused to participate any longer. She had been going off on her own, doing infiltration and spy work to keep herself entertained since she had escaped but at 15 she stumbled across "something"but was unable to discover anything concrete. She kept looking and following a sketchy trail, eventually ended up inside a base, perched on the end of Commander Maxwell's bed. Neither he, nor Commander Yui were pleased, but her interest in their organization prompted them to invite her to join. She chose to do so on the condition that her presence was kept secret until she wished to join formally.

Martial Arts, computers, poetry, painting, spicy food, music of all kinds, cats, Duo, Heero, Michael, Khaiya, the Professor

Bland food, psychologists, scientists, not being able to feel emotions, politicians, Pandora, weakness, bullies

Specific Enemies/Friends
All enemies of the Black Lions are Seimei's enemies and her past activities makes her the enemy of the Mafia organization who call themselves "the Family". Michael and Khaiya are her only close friends. The Professor, Duo and Heero are people she looks up to and sees as parental figures.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:
Weight Lifting

Level 6 Skills:
Space Piloting
Martial Arts
Level 5 Skills:
Ground Piloting
Air Piloting
Basic Survival

Level 4 Skills:
Small Arms Marksmanship
Special Weapons

Level 3 Skills:
Electrical Engineering
Machine Repair
Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Suit Repair
Programming Languages
Beam Weapons

Level 2 Skills:
First Aide

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
Improvised Weapon
Throw Improvised Weapon
Lip Reading

MS type


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