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Given Name: Ryence Alexander Williams

Alias Name: "Ren," Ryen Willis, Ryce (nickname used by Peace and close friends)

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A


Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: August 12, 181 AC

Age: 23

Blood Type: AB-

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Nationality: American

Place Origin: Alliance Military Installation in North America, Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 25 Dexterity: 21 Endurance: 24
Intelligence: 31 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 25
Physical Description
Ryence's build is average, toned but not bulging, slender but not wiry. His hair is a darkish brown, shaved short and spiked on the top with gel most of the time. His eyes are also a dark brown but they are so intense, the focus with which he'll look at a person speaking can be unsettling. Clean shaven most of the time with smooth skin he has a healthy tone, not too tan, not too pale. He also has a beautiful, "toothy" grin.

Advantages Disadvantages
Self Control
Good Luck
Adaptability *2
Street Smarts
Courteous *1
Plays Well With Others
Photographic Memory
Past Criminal Activity
NPC Dependent (Peace Williams - Relation: Sister)
Infamy *2

Emotional Stability: 0
Willpower: 25 Charisma: 28 Honor: 25

Ryence is an upbeat, sincere youth that enjoys having fun and conversing with others. He is highly protective of Peace and does his best to see that she's safe. He is very capable of taking charge and getting a job done, when it comes to more dangerous situations though, he is never truly fearless. Forced to grow up at an early age, Ryence has a lot of history, dark secrets of his survival; living through the ensuing wars, protecting his sister. He's always one to be optimistic but can switch to seeing the practical or threatening side of things; he's got a level head about him most of the time and a serious streak when times call for it. Enthusiastic about pulse technology he will spend enormous amounts of time completing a project or drawing up schematics for new prototypes. He can be very compassionate.

Background Info/Origin
Ryence was born in a military hospital on Earth, located in what was formerly known as Fort Wayne, Indiana. His father, Alexander Williams, was a military weapons designer for the Alliance. His mother, Patricia Williams, was a spiritually-minded (and actual new-type) woman who was a practitioner in metaphysics, or mind-healing. Alexander Williams was transferred to an Alliance military installation in Central East Africa shortly after Ryence's sixth birthday. He took his family with him. About a year later, Peace, Ryence's younger sister was born. After her birth some chromosome defects were discovered. Most were benign but did leave Peace with an unusual but serious growth disorder, the effects of which were uncertain at the time. Ryence was placed in school where he excelled greatly in math and science. He entered secondary school at the age of twelve having skipped two grades. After Operation Meteor commenced and the base was no longer a safe place for civilians Ryence, his mother, and sister were sent to a village in South Africa. Tragically, Alexander Williams was killed in Operation Daybreak when OZ troops attacked Alliance bases. Six months later, Patricia Williams was found dead from a bullet wound in the head, a suicide note on the bed next to her. Ryence was fourteen; Peace was seven. The two children disappeared before orphanage officials could take them into custody. After the suicide of his mother, Ryence, suffering from severe emotional trauma, took it upon himself to care for Peace. The effects of her chromosome defect had finally came to light when, from the point of their mother's death, Peace physically stopped aging. Fear of being separated drove him to flee with her. He managed to stow them away on a large cargo shuttle to L1. For the next three years Ryence and Peace lived as runaways, stowing away on any transport available as they bounced from Lagrange point to Lagrange point. Finally, in 198 AC the two settled in L5 where Ryence got a job working as a runner in an illegal arms-smuggling ring. An elaborate operation, set up by corrupt earth politicians to make extra money off of the outer colonies, Preventer forces wanted desperately to take down these illegal distributors. For the next five years, Ryence worked his way up in the ring's power ladder. Gifted with an extremely high IQ, creative imagination, and good understanding of physics and mathematics Ryence started designing his own weapons. Eventually he was given a place in the ring's development department. After the mysterious disappearance of one of the department's top supervisors, Ryence was promoted. Around 200 AC, a small crisis emerged in the developing L6 colonies as some radical colonists had gotten hold of what seemed to be primitive, yet powerful, pulse weapon handguns. The Preventers had a hell of a time getting the situation under control but all guns were finally contained and the colonists arrested. The designer of these weapons, an unidentified developer simply known as "Ren," was never caught. In 203 AC the ring, through Preventer espionage was finally taken down. Three very prominent members of earth's political arena were incarcerated with impending trials and all members of the ring on L5 were arrested. Ryence was caught at the spaceport, attempting to buy two tickets for earth and incarcerated. The ticket attendant, who had been handling Ryence's reservations, called for security after catching a glimpse of what appeared to be a weapon in his jacket when he had reached for his wallet. He was placed in isolation after resisting arrest and assaulting two officers with what appeared to be a pulse weapon handgun, similar to the guns in the outburst on L6 but far more advanced. It took three more men to subdue him. Ryence was held in the cell for no more than two hours before he was released. He was led to an office where he finds Jay Airy, undercover Preventer spy and friend. Jay, who tipped Ryence off about the ring's takedown in the first place, speaks on behalf of Ryence. It is revealed that just before Ryence's promotion the same supervisor who had disappeared caught Jay, who had been spying in the ring undercover, hacking into the computers. Ryence walked in on the two just before the supervisor killed Jay. Ryence, for a few reasons, killed the supervisor and saved Jay. After the cover-up, Jay and Ryence became good friends, even though they were obviously on different sides of the law. Ryence finds himself speaking to an official over the space channel; who grills him about his weapon. Learning that he is indeed "Ren," the L6 designer, he is offered a pardon as long as he accepts and maintains a position in the Preventers as a weapons designer. Ryence immediately accepts. Ryence spends the next year as a weapons designer in the Preventer's R&D department. He advances quickly, his designs impressive to his superiors and his ideas respected by his peers. He is quickly given higher positions on accounts of good behavior. He also begins to take correspondence classes, hoping to formalize his education. His reputation finally reaches the highest ranks where Lucrezia Noin takes notes of his accomplishments and good record. She recommends him to Duo for recruitment in the BL's.

math, physics, joking with his sister, had an interest for piloting mobile suits in his youth but has since been obsessed with pulse weapon technology, when relaxing he'll kick back in some comfortable, beat-up sweats and listen to some classic or hard rock, relieves stress by working out, lifting weights, likes soccer, kicking the ball around, likes travel books, explorers journals....

remembering his parents' deaths, leaving Peace alone for too long, people who are bad losers, mushrooms, small transport shuttles, dress ties, morning breath, techno music

Specific Enemies/Friends
can get along with most anyone, doesn't offend easily unless it has to do with Peace but he's not particularly favorable to those who have bad attitudes, Peace is his closest friend; Jay, a Preventer spy

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Beam Weapons

Level 4 Skills:
Computer Science
Small Arms

Level 3 Skills:
Basic Repair

Level 2 Skills:
Machine Repair
Speed Typing

Level 1 Skills:
Weight Lifting

Level 0 Skills:

MS type


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