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Step 9: Advantages

The following are advantages that you can "buy" for your character with your skill points. Remember, the more advantages you take, the fewer skill points you'll have to actually get skills with.

Some advantages don't have a tangible, point-based effect, but are useful all the same. (Connections, for example.) If you want your character to utilize an advantage in a story, you must buy it now or forever hold you peace. (There are times when the GM will award advantages for a story, but don't count on it.) Basically, if you don't buy "Ambidextrous" now, your character will forever be either a righty or a lefty. If at all possible, explain in your background how your character acquired a particular advantage. (Like with "Connections" who do they know and how do they know them, in general.)

There are some advantages that will be marked with a *1 under the "effect" column. What this stands for is that the advantage has three levels to it. For each level you buy (up to three), the advantage will become stronger, and any real point value associated with it will go up as well. To buy the first level of such an advantage costs 40, and each additional level after costs 20 skill points. (So the most you'll ever spend is 80 points.)

For instance, Adaptability has the *1, and it also has a +1 emotional stability associated with it. Level 1 (cost: 40) Adaptability gives +1 stability, and means that the person in question can handle new social situations pretty well, and doesn't get stressed by it. Level 2 (cost: 60) will give +2 stability, and means that the person in question can handle abrupt, but not drastic changes in social situation and environment...so you could dump them into the middle of a strange city, and they'll be alright. Level 3 (cost: 80) will give a +3 stability, and means that the person in question can handle pretty much any change you throw at them; you could toss them out in the middle of the desert, near a troupe of blood-thirsty raiders, and they'd still manage to come out on top (for the most part) without even turning a hair.

Name of AdvantageDescriptionTangible EffectCost
ConnectionsKnowing good people to know...people that can act as sources of information, people that have power and can bend rules, or people that know how to get things.None40
High Alcohol ToleranceThe ability to imbibe more alcohol than the average joe and not get drunk off of it.None40
Higher EducationGoing to a vocational school or college can teach you interesting things...+2 Intelligence40
Military BackgroundHaving previous military training can make adjusting to the discipline of the Black Lions a lot easier...and can also give you a little boost, since you been there and done that, though not quite as...fanatically.+1 Strength, +1 Dex40
FaithSimply put, having something to believe in, be it a person, or religion, or one's self.+2 Emotional Stability40
Keen SensesHaving better than average sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It reveals things that an average person might miss, and sometimes, littlest things are the most important.None40
LangaugeThe ability to speak one or more languages above and beyond Standard fluently.None40 per language
High Pain ToleranceBeing able to withstand more pain than the average person.+1 willpower40
IntuitionThe ability to predict the outcome of an event, the best solution to a problem through a leap in logic, or the possession of an inherent "Danger Sense." NOT as accurate or as powerful as clairvoyance, but a definite asset to a soldier.None40
Good LuckSimply put, good things tend to happen out of the blue, far more often than is normal. A great advantage for a gambler.None40
Self- ControlStronger than average ability to control one's own emotions and desires.+2 emotional stability, +1 willpower40
AdaptabilityThe latent ability to adapt quickly to new situations with a minimum of emotional and physical distress.*1, +1/+2/+3 emotional stability40-80 points
Street SmartsPractical knowledge and wisdom earned through a hard life.+1 wisdom40
Happy ChildhoodHaving mostly good memories left over from childhood, rather than emotional scars.+1 emotional stability40
AmbidextrousThe ability to use both right and left hand equally well for any physical task.+2 dex40
Double JointedHaving joints that are far more flexible than the average person's; being able to bend further with no trouble or too much extra effort.+2 dex40
WealthyHaving a large store of ready money on hand.None40
Financially AstuteThe ability to budget, invest, and spend money wisely.+1 wisdom40
CourteousKnowing how to be polite and how to use what etiquette.*1, +1/+2/+3 charisma40-80
Plays Well With OthersThe ability to play well with others and not poke anyone's eye out with a sharp stick.+1 emotional stability, +1 charisma40
Natural Resistance to PsionicsThe latent ability to be resistant to Newtype abilities even if you do not possess any real psionic abilities of your own.None40
Animal MagnetismThe ability to attract and be liked by animals. (Not a Newtype ability.)*140- 80
Photographic MemoryThe ability to remember anything perfectly after only seeing it once. The memories never fade and are never forgotten.None40
Night VisionThe ability to see in the dark better than the average human.None40
Kung Fu GripSomething silly I added just to see if anyone would take it.None25
Accelerated HealingYour character can recover from injury or sickness faster than the average person.None40
Resistance to DiseaseYour character doesn't get sick very often...guess they take their vitamin C every day.None40
20/10 VisionYour character has better than average visionNone10
Sensitive TouchYour character can feel things a little better than the average person...for example, they can feel the pins in a lock as they pick it.None10
Good BalanceYou character loses their balance more infrequently than the average person; they aren't as clumsy.+1 dex20

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