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Step 8: Advantages/Disadvantages

One thing to start with; Don't make the mistake of confusing skills and advantages. For the most part (there are exceptions) advantages are latent abilities, while skills are things that can be learned or improved through practice. Advantages also cost a lot less than skills. However, if you want your character to be able to do a lot of things, it's best to save the skill points for buying skills, rather than spending them all on advantages. It takes 63 points to get a skill up to Lvl 5, which is average ability, and 2047 points to get up to Lvl 10!

You have only 1000 skill points to start out with, so use them wisely!

Each new character gets two "free" advantages (they do not cost any skill points to purchase). Some races have automatic advantages or disadvantages. Natural advantages do not count toward the 2 free advantages or cost any skill points. Natural disadvantages don't give any additional skill points, or any additional emotional stability points; they are simply part and parcel of the character's makeup.

Keep in mind that if you take an advantage or disadvantage, it MUST be explained in your character's background (as in "Ok, so they have Claustrophobia...where did that come from?") if at all possible. (Some things, such as bad luck, don't lend themselves well to being explained.)

Unless stated otherwise for a specific item, all advantages have a set cost of 40 skill points to buy, and (unless stated otherwise) all disadvantages give you back 30 skill points. Also, some advantages and disadvantages have an effect on a physical or personality attribute. These are implemented above and beyond what you chose the attributes to be...so if you gave your character 30 points in wisdom and used up all of your other points in the other attributes, making your character "financially astute" (+1 wisdom) would give them a 31 in wisdom without taking away from any other attribute. Conversely, if your character is financially inept (-1 wisdom) their wisdom will go down to 29, and you will not be able to regain the point you lost.

Got it? Good! Time to figure get your character some advantages!

Onward to Step 9!