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Step 7: Emotional Stability

This factor is very important to go into before we start doling out advantages and disadvantages to our characters. Emotional Stability is basically how centered and grounded your character is. Emotionally unstable characters have a better chance of cracking under pressure or having psychotic episodes. They often have a harder time working with others. Also, there comes a point where the character is considered too unstable to pilot, and another cutoff where the character is considered to be too unstable to belong to a military organization such as the Black Lions.

Hopefully, as you went through the different races, you noticed that each one had a "Starting Emotional Stability Rating" associated with it. Some start at even (0) and some have a built in disadvantage (like GELFs start out with a - 10). 0 is considered to be stable, average rating. A person with a 0 in emotional stability is fairly well grounded. They can still crack, but circumstances have to be fairly extreme. In this case, a positive emotional stability rating is a good thing...that means that your character is more stable than most people, and very well grounded in reality. When you get into negative ratings is when there's cause for worry.

The cutoff for piloting is a rating of -15, and the cutoff for being in the lions is a rating of -25.

Disadvantages can give a character more negative emotional stability points, so be careful as you go through them. A few advantages will add positive points, but there a more disadvantages that effect things than advantages. Advantages can cancel out the negative effects of disadvantages...for example, if you character has low level amnesia (which is a -1) but they also had a happy childhood that they can remember (which is a +1), the overall effect is that the two cancel each other out as far as the stability goes.

Got that basic concept? Know what your character's starting Emotional Stability Level is? Great! Time to go on to the next step!

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